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Top-25 for week 1

Posted on: September 11, 2009 7:17 pm
Edited on: September 11, 2009 7:22 pm

There is a lot of movement this week with teams like BYU, Missouri, Boise St. and Okie St. coming up with great wins. So enjoy. Sorry it took so long to post this.

Ok here we go. This is my TOP 25. LW= Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Mmmmm. I must say that cupcake tastes mighty good. LW-1
2. Texas -  I too like cupcakes sir. May I have another. Yes you may have some Wyoming. LW-2
3. Alabama - Quality win verses VT. LW-3
4. USC - Barkley got the keys to the Ferrari and didn't run it into the ditch. LW-4
5. Penn St. - We too enjoyed our cupcake. LW-7
6. Ohio St. - Eww. Our cupcake didn't taste so good. Honestly I give Navy props for a well played game. LW-6
7. Oklahoma St. - So they can play defense in Stillwater. LW-14
8. California - Looks like it will have to be Cal that takes out USC LW-17
9. Ole Miss - Snead didn't look good. But the rest of the team did. LW-11
10. BYU - Not saying they will play for an NC. But they earned this spot. LW-19
11. LSU - Washington played well. Not going to punish LSU for that. Well...just a little. LW-10
12. Boise St. - Egads I hate blue turf. LW-12
13. Virginia Tech - Still plenty of time to put it back together and get back into the hunt. LW-8
14. Georgia Tech - They fumbled 5 times!? Seriously!? LW-13
15. Oklahoma - Can they even beat Tulsa w/out Bradford? We shall see. LW-5
16. TCU - Did not play. For shame. LW-15
17. Oregon St. - Don't forget us. We too like cupcakes. LW-18
18. Cinncinnati - Totally dominated Rutgers in their building. Pike was the man. Player of the week? LW-NR
19. Notre Dame - I said if they beat Nevada I'd put them in my top 25. I still hate 'em. LW-NR
20. North Carolina - We saw Florida enjoy their Citadel cupcake last year so much, we wanted one too. LW-21
21. Missouri - Made Illinois look like a joke. They were too busy shooting themselves in the foot to play football. I am
     officially now a Zooker hater. LW-NR
22. Georgia - Bet they wish they'd had some cupcake too. LW-16
23. Utah - Should have beat Utah St. by more. LW-23
24. Kansas - Like the rest of the cupcake beater did what they were supposed to do. LW-24
25. Nebraska - Almost put Miami here. LW-NR

Keeping an ever scrutinizing eye on: Miami, Oregon, Florida St., Tulsa, South Florida, & Baylor.

Here is the Top-25 from The Best D@#M Poll in the Land

1. Florida
2906 points (93 1st place votes) LW-1

2. Texas 2832 points (4 1st place votes) LW-2

3. Southern California 2704 points LW-4

4. Alabama 2571 points (1 1st place votes) LW-5

5. Oklahoma State 2411 points LW-10

6. Penn State 2369 points LW-8

7. Mississippi 2247 points LW-9

8. Ohio State 2184 points LW-6

9. California 2085 points LW-14

10. Louisiana State 1884 points LW-11

11. Boise State 1872 points LW-13

12. BYU 713 points LW-24

13. Oklahoma 1727 points LW-3

14. Georgia Tech 1676 points LW-15

15. Virginia Tech 1668 points LW-7

16. TCU 1216 points LW-17

17. Notre Dame 1012 points LW-NR

18. Utah 986 points LW-19

19. Nebraska 979 points LW-21

20. North Carolina 882 points LW-23
21. Georgia 869 points LW-16

22. Cinncinnati 866 points LW-NR
23. Kansas 696 points LW-25

24. Miami, FL 657 points LW-NR

25. Oregon State 639 points LW-22

Some of the others getting points: Missouri 362, Oregon 255, Michigan St. 251, Florida St. 184, Iowa 148, Pitt 139,
South Florida 139, Clemson 130, Texas Tech 98. I thinks that's far enough.

Hopefully I'll get the next installment done earlier next week.


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