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Top-25 Week 3

Posted on: September 22, 2009 12:36 pm

So BYU is a fraud. Who else is a fraud? Not my top-3. I have had the same top-3 since my pre-season poll. USC has now had it's annual let down to a lesser team. Except is Washington not so much a lesser team? Was this just an upset? Or the rise of the Huskies?

LW= last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Tennessee played a great game. Oh wait...I’m supposed to be talking about Florida here. LW-1
2. Texas - Texas should probably call Mike Leach and thank him for that onside kick. It was the turning point of the
     game. LW-2
3. Alabama - N. Texas kept it close...for about seven minutes...because Alabama had to go 95 yards on their first
    possession for a TD.  LW-3
4. California - Jahvid is best. But I hope he has an off game this week. Probably wishful thinking. LW-6
5. Penn. St - They won’t get any extra points from me for beating a dead spotted Owl. LW-5
6. Mississippi - Finally, at South Carolina, we might get an idea if Ole Miss is the real deal or not. LW-7
7. LSU - Hmm...that win at Washington is starting to look good now..yes? LW-9
8. Boise St. - Thought Fresno had ‘em there for a second. Now, about that defense... LW-11
9. Virginia Tech - It took a play of the week to get ‘em here. But here they are. Great teams find a way to win. LW-12
10. Oklahoma - Thought Tulsa would give them a game. But it was just a high school scrimmage. LW-14
11. Ohio St. - I know I moved them down one. But Boise St., VT, and Oklahoma had impressive wins. Really 11
       is a good spot. It’s the spring board to the top-10. LW-10
12. USC - Give the keys to the Ferrari back to Barkley. Corp ran it into the ditch. LW-4
13. Cincinnati - Oregon St. is a good team. Pike and the Bearcats were just too much. Impressive win. LW-17
14. Miami, Fl - Didn’t have them ranked last week. Wasn’t sure they were for real. They are! This big jump for them is
      a poll correction. LW-NR
15. Oklahoma St . - Had Rice for dinner. Mmmmm. LW-15
16. TCU - People say you’re the real deal. Then for goodness sake play someone. LW-16
17. Georgia - This is one spot below where I had them in my preseason poll. LW-19
18. North Carolina - Finally a convincing win verses a worthy opponent. LW-21
19. Missouri - Nevada was going to be a good test for Mizzou. But no. LW-22
20. Kansas - Southern Mississippi will be their toughest opponent to date. No other good tests until week 7. Ugh.
      Way to go Boise St...I mean Kansas. LW-24
21. Michigan - Now that they are done with the directional Michigan teams, they play an undefeated Indiana in a
      clash of the titans. Did I just say that? LW-25
22. Houston - Poll correction time. The more I thought about it over last week I realized I should have ranked them.
      My bad. LW-NR
23. Florida St. - This Jekyll and Hyde team beat BYU like a red headed step child. Are they for real or running on
      Bobby’s fumes? LW-NR  
24. Washington - Seems weird typing this. I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it.  But they earned it. LW-NR
25. Oregon - Ended the longest winning streak in the country. Plus if I don’t put them here my wife won’t give me any
      peace. LW-NR

“I'm seein' stars, I'm seein' stars”: Pittsburgh, Iowa, Auburn, UCLA, & Indiana.

Just kidding about Indiana. But what if they somehow beat Michigan and go 4-0? What will people do then? Hmm? I know it won’t happen. But stranger things have happened this year.

Here is the Top-25 from The Best D@#M Poll in the Land

1. Florida
3107 points (96 1st place votes) LW-1

2. Texas 3010 points (2 1st place votes) LW-2

3.  Alabama 2873 points (5 1st place votes) LW-4

4.  Penn State 2730 points LW-5

5. California 2646 points LW-6

6. Mississippi 2593 points (1 1st place votes) LW-7

7.  Louisiana State 2395 points LW-10

8. Boise State 2278 points LW-9

9. Oklahoma 2124 points LW-12
10. Virginia Tech 2108 points LW-13

11. Ohio State 2061 points LW-11

12. Southern California 2001 Points LW-3

13. Miami, FL 1936 points LW-23

14. Cinncinnati 1809 points LW-16

15. TCU 1704 points LW-15

16. Oklahoma State 1336 points LW-18
17. Kansas 1202 points LW-20
18. North Carolina 1104 points LW-21

19. Georgia 1026 points LW-22

20. Michigan 984 points LW-24
21. Houston 582 points LW-25

22. Florida State 891 Points LW-NR
23. BYU 799 points LW-8

24.  Nebraska 685 points LW-17

25.  Missouri 399 Points LW-NR

Some others that received points: Georgia Tech 373, Pittsburgh 325, Washington 271, Iowa 203, Auburn 199, South Florida 152, Oregon 125, Utah 78, Notre Dame 60. There are others. But there are unimportant.

Some final thoughts: Some have been critical of Florida's offensive output against Tennessee. They won without having to show everything in their arsenal. They have more. Why advertise? See ya next week.

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