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Top-25 Week4

Posted on: September 28, 2009 3:28 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2009 4:11 pm

Lots of movement this week. And we still have 3 teams from non-BCS conferences that refuse to lose. Could this be the year a mid-major or Big East team makes it to the National Championship game. I love college football!

So far being ranked 4-6 has been a recipe for disaster. Will it happen again?

LW=Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Tebow’s not hurt. He just using it as a motivational tool for the LSU game. LW-1
2. Texas - Their game against Texas Tech must have woken them up. This weeks game was never in doubt. LW-2
3. Alabama - We now know that Alabama has a better D than Georgia. Wait...we already knew that. LW-3
4. Virginia Tech - Ok now, have we all finally decided that VT is the ACC team to beat? LW-9
5. Boise St. - Face it people. They're not going to lose. Next real opponent: Whoever they play in a bowl game. LW-11
6. Cincinnati - Quietly stating their case that they belong in an NC game. A Big East and non-BCS team in an NC
    game!?!  Whoa! That’s just crazy! LW-13
7. LSU - Remaining undefeated one ugly win at time. LW-7
8. Oklahoma - Play the Canes next week. Winner stays in the top-25. LW-10
9. USC - Bounced back by wiping it’s feet on a doormat. LW-12
10. Ohio St. - Beat a team that has been a colossal disappointment. LW-11
11. TCU - These Horned Frogs are gaining on Boise. LW-16
12. Houston - Just think how great they’d be if their defense came to their games too. LW-22
13. Kansas - This win wasn’t easy. But Southern Miss. is no slouch. LW-20
14. Iowa - All hail the Lion killers!!! LW-NR
15. Penn St. - ‘Playing Iowa sucked. Let’s go back to playing Cupcakes.’ LW-5
16. Oklahoma St. - Way to beat Grambling. Yippie kai yay! LW-15
17. Georgia - Who knew that Sun Devils could play in the rain? LW-17
18. Oregon - Working every week to prove the Boise St. loss was an aberration, deviation, abnormality, anomaly...
       (insert favorite synonym here) LW-25
19. Missouri - Not sure about Mizzou? The Nebraska, Okie St., Texas gauntlet should fix that one way or another.
20. California - The current state of the Cal program: ‘USC or bust!’ LW-4
21. Ole Miss - Sometimes you feel like a Nutt. Sometimes you play like one. LW-6
22. Michigan - So, is Indiana better than we thought, or are you worse than we thought? Hmm? LW-21
23. Miami, Fl - Put the Jekyll and Hyde potion down please. LW-14
24. South Florida - Lose QB beat Florida St. anyway. That too is an acceptable, but rarely used, method of gaining
       entry to the top-25. LW-NR
25. Nebraska - Bubble team. Ranked them here 2 weeks ago. Then pulled them. Probably pull them next week too.
       Or not. LW-NR

To be commended for their excellent bench warming capabilities: South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Stanford,
Auburn, BYU, Arizona

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