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Top-25 Week 5

Posted on: October 6, 2009 2:34 pm
Edited on: October 9, 2009 5:36 pm

Now that we’re starting to enter the meat of the schedule the games get harder. In the next twoweeks lots of Top-25 teams play each other. Not the least of which of these is Florida @ LSU, Alabama @ Ole Miss, and on Thursday we have Nebraska @ Missouri. Putting together next week poll should be interesting.

Here is my poll enjoy. I welcome any and all comments.

LW= Last week.

1. Florida - Finally they will be tested! LSU appears ready for a dogfight. Is Florida? LW-1
2. Texas - Texas beats UTEP 64-7. UTEP beats Houston 58-41. What’s wrong with this picture?
     I’m sorry was I supposed to be talking about Texas? LW-2
3. Alabama - Florida plays LSU and Bama plays Ole Miss. It’ll take only one upset to shake up
    the top 3. LW-3
4. LSU - Mmmm. 1 vs. 4. Nice! LW-7
5. Virginia Tech - You struggled against Duke? Uh...check the calendar again. It’s not basketball
    season. LW-4
6. Cincinnati - Their upcoming date @ South Florida on the 15th is looming large. LW-6
7. Boise St. - They won 34-16 against FCS UC Davis with the starters in the whole game.
    Unacceptable! LW-5
8. USC - Note to Cals’ remaining opponents: sell out to stop run, win game. In that order. LW-9
9. Ohio St. - Winner of OSU - Whisky game gets control of Big-10. LW-10
10. TCU - Blocking with out a helmet on!? These guys are either crazy or crazy good! LW-11
11. Miami, Fl - This years official yo-yo team. LW-23
12. Iowa - Wish these guys would decide whether or not they want to be good. LW-14
13. Oregon - Bad idea of the week: Use you game against the Ducks to break in a new freshman
      QB. LW-18
14. Kansas - Jayhawks and most of the rest of the Big-12 took the week off. Yet another effective
      method of avoiding needless loses.  Bet the Sooners wish they would have too. LW-13
15. Penn St. - You know? I think Illinois absolutely sucks. No really! I’m sure of it now. LW-15
16. Oklahoma St. - Best team in Oklahoma. Snicker...snicker...HA HA HA HA HA!!! LW-16
17. South Florida - No Grothe? No problem. LW-24
18. Ole Miss - New plan. Beat Alabama save season. The flushing sound you hear is the Rebs’
      season circling the bowl. No I’m not talking about a BCS bowl. LW-21
19. Missouri - Uh...I got nothing. LW-19
20. Auburn - Hope the Tigers have enjoyed the season so far. It gets harder from here. LW-NR
21. South Carolina - Congratulations you are the 7th SEC team that I have ranked some time this
      Season. LW-NR
22. Stanford - USC says they are the Team to beat in the PAC-10 but they play @ Oregon.                  
      Oregon says they are the team to beat but they play @ Stanford. Stanford says they are the
      team to beat but they play @ USC. Nice little circle of love, don’t you think? LW-NR
23. Wisconsin - If they don’t beat the Buckeyes their time in the TOP-25 will be quite short
      indeed. LW-NR
24. Nebraska - Plays Missouri on Thursday. Winner stays in the Top-25. LW-25
25. Georgia Tech - Could still make a lot of noise in the ACC. Buzzing noise, get it? LW-NR

Stuck playing D&D with a bunch of dorks while there’s a great party going on next door: BYU, Oklahoma, Arizona, Boston College.

Slacker dropouts: Oklahoma (can’t rank a 2 loss team yet), Houston (Whoever you’re defensive  coordinator is needs fired. And bench the starters too), Georgia, Cal, Michigan.

Special mention: Idaho. They were my upset pick of the week. Idaho is 4-1. They beat
Colorado St. 31-29.

My upset pick of this week is W. Kentucky over Florida International. WKU is a 7 point underdog.

Final comments: Yet another non-BCS team, Houston, is a fraud. Figures. There are only Boise St. and TCU left to carry the torch. Note to non-BCS teams. You must actually field a defense to get to a BCS game. Boise St. and TCU are the only ones that seem to get that so far.

And Finally here is the Top-25 from The Best D@mn Poll In The Land
Rank           Team                Total Points
1         Florida                         3002 (80 1st place votes)
2         Texas                          2897 (3 1st place votes)
3         Alabama                      2882 (18 1st place votes)
4         LSU                             2580
5         Virginia Tech                2512
6         Boise State                  2459
7         Cincinnati                    2371
8         Southern California       2341
9         Ohio State                   2229
10        TCU                           2133
11        Miami (Fla.)                1836
12        Iowa                          1830
13        Penn State                 1621
14        Oregon                      1617
15        Kansas                      1529
16        Oklahoma State         1417
17        Nebraska                   1187
18        Auburn                      1128
19        South Florida              1091
20        Mississippi                 1001
21        Georgia Tech              913
22        Missouri                     855
23        Brigham Young           848
24        Wisconsin                   718
25        Oklahoma                  712

Some of the others recieving votes: South Carolina 551, Georgia 271, Stanford 250, Houston 123, Utah 96,
Notre Dame 94, Arizona 58

Have a problem with either poll? Tell Me.


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