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Top-25 Week 6

Posted on: October 12, 2009 4:11 pm
Edited on: October 12, 2009 11:11 pm

Florida or Alabama? Alabama or Florida? What about Texas? To me the top-3 are interchangeable. No way I’m going to move a Florida team that beat a top-5 team down. And I’m going to give Texas another week at 2 and see what they do against Oklahoma. 20-25 at this point are a guessing game. Think I should have put someone else in at 20-25? Tell me. Other than that enjoy.

LW= Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Beat a top-5 team. Yea it wasn’t as pretty as some would like. You want a beauty
    contest go vote for Miss America. LW-1
2. Texas - Their next 2 games against Oklahoma and Missouri should answer many questions
     about them. LW-2
3. Alabama - Ready to step up if Florida or Texas falters. LW-3
4. Virginia Tech - Tyrod (Houdini) Taylor is ready to take his magic act on the road to play the
    Yellow Jackets. Do yellow jackets like magic? LW-5
5. Cincinnati - Ready to run with the Bulls. LW-6
6. Boise St. - Next game is one of the very few small tests left for the Broncos, @ Tulsa. LW-7
7. USC - Notre Dame fans say they’re ready for prime time. Here come the Trojans. Time to put
    up or shut up.LW-8
8. Ohio St. - It a good thing they have a good defense. 8 1st downs against Wisconsin!? Ugh!
    Even LSU had more 1st downs than that against Florida. LW-9
9. TCU - Sneaking their way up the top-10. LW-10
10. Iowa - As long as they don’t have any more easy games they will be fine. They’re great in the
      big games. LW-12
11. LSU - Nice defense. Now about that offense... LW-4
12. Miami, Fl - The Bipolarricanes have another cupcake on their schedule. Will they be manic
      or depressive. LW-11
13. Oregon - Went on the road without their starting QB and came up with a win. LW-13
14. Kansas - Dorothy and the Jayhawks were all most done in by the Cyclones. Next week
      they’re off to see the wizard. Not really it’s just the Colorado Nepotisms. No magic there.
15. Penn St. - Finished their tour of the teams of Illinois. LW-15
16. Oklahoma St. - Questions to ponder. Why do people lie first and ask questions later? Why
      would a young receiver want to hang with an old DB. Wasn’t it Dion’s job in the NFL to        
      make receivers lives miserable? LW-16
17. South Florida - Big East title goes through here. LW-17
18. Nebraska - If you only going to play 15 minutes of a football game. Make it the last 15.
19. South Carolina - Let’s if we can find a pattern here. All of the SEC teams I have ranked have
      smothering defenses and rely on them heavily to win. Yep there’s a pattern here alright.
20. Georgia Tech - Giving up 44 points to Virginia Tech next week, like they did with Florida St.
      ain’t gonna cut it. LW-25
21. BYU - You’re in the top-25 again. But you’re going to have to beat TCU if you want to move
       up much from here. I can still smell that rotten egg you laid at home versus Florida St.
22. Oklahoma - Properly ranked right behind the team that beat you. LW-NR
23. Missouri - Still a good one loss team. LW-19
24. Houston - You’re rotten egg smells even more. But nobody seems to want to be ranked here.
25. Notre Dame - I put them here to again experience the joy of pulling them off when they lose 
      to USC. LW-NR

Sir, we have 6 new contacts coming in fast: West Virginia, Oregon St., Auburn, Utah, Pittsburgh, and Arkansas.

Crashed and burned last week: Ole Miss, Auburn, Stanford, Wisconsin.

Final thoughts: This week we have on tap Oklahoma @ Texas, Cincinnati @ South Florida, South Carolina @ Alabama, Iowa @ Wisconsin, Missouri @ Oklahoma St, Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech, Texas Tech @ Nebraska, & Boise St. @ Tulsa. My friends there is going to be an upset somewhere in here. Maybe 2 or 3. Watch for a big shake up in next weeks Top-25.

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

Rank     Team                   Points   1st Place Votes

1     Florida                         2940         75
2     Alabama                      2860         23
3     Texas                           2809          1
4     Virginia Tech              2586
5     Boise State                 2418
6     Southern California   2403
7     Cincinnati                   2369
8     Ohio State                   2281
9     TCU                             2092
10     Iowa                           2008
11     LSU                           1944
12     Miami (Fla.)              1923
13     Oregon                      1707
14     Penn State                1651
15     Kansas                      1521
16     Nebraska                   1517
17     Oklahoma State        1374
18     South Florida             1215
19     Georgia Tech             1182
20     Brigham Young          1117
21     Oklahoma                    931
22     South Carolina            883
23     Houston                       486
24     Notre Dame                 458
25     Pittsburgh                    384

Some others receiving votes: Utah 303, Wisconsin 244, Missouri 242, Auburn 176,
West Virginia 159, Oregon State 74, Mississippi, 63, Arkansas 58



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"The Kansas Jayhawks r the best team in the BIG 12 N, but r overall the best in the BIG 12..Tex/Ok/Neb, r the others that r good in the BIG 12..But, Kansas has had really good outcomes wit our recievers & QB..Wish Sharp was in ruuning the ball, but were fine with what we got right now. (Media/people) will under rate Kansas, & will c in the end that we were & r BCS elilgable. I can't 4 the op. 2 play 4 National Championship...I know we r fully capable of a undefeted season & even if we lost 1 game, we still did good!!!What I think is funny is that, we should have 3 players noted 4 Heisman race, but media & voters that don't watch sports. Reesing/Meier/Briscoe, should b in the race..Reesing is crazy when he scrambles, & he actually has really good accuracy & speed..Meier should b in with no question, just 4 the simple fact that he has/is playing 2 different positions...He could easy ruin his spot as backup QB if he gets hurt playing WR..Who else is doing that, especially a QB..Briscoe will jump with the best in the NCAA & is more powerful thatn most WR's...Plus he's pretty CLUTCH when u need the points or yards...Anybody on our team has a strong MENTAL & good attitude towards the game...I know i can't wait 2 play MIZZU in the Border War....That's the most important game 2 me, not because of the level of play, because the level will b REAL HIGH... It is the BEST rivaly in sports...ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK

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