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Top-25 Week 7

Posted on: October 19, 2009 5:25 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2009 5:54 pm

If you love close games, this was your week. If you prefer top teams to dominate, might not have liked this week so much. Personally I like parity. There is nothing more annoying than knowing how every football game is going to turn out before it starts. So here it is my top-25 for week 7

LW= Last week ranking.

1. Florida - Complain all you want about these close games of theirs, but their a lot more fun to         
    watch. LW-1
2. Texas - Face it people they are going to keep winning ugly. So get used to it. LW-2
3. Alabama - Note to opponents. Sell out on run make McElroy beat you. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Mmmm...that’s some mighty tasty cool-aid. LW-5
5. USC - I think the Trojan’s kept it close on purpose because they don’t want Weis fired. They
    like playing a Weis coached team every year. Smart. LW-7
6. Boise St. - Is it me or are people searching feverishly for a reason to move Boise St. down?
    Yes they won a close game. So did Florida, Texas, Alabama, USC. Do we see a pattern?
7. Iowa - Guess they’re for real. Bet the Hawkeyes wish that Norther Iowa would hurry up and
    become an FBS team. LW-10
8. TCU - The only Top-10 team without a win against a ranked opponent. LW-9
9. Miami, Fl - Maybe the best team in the ACC. Huh?! That can’t be right. LW-12
10. LSU - (This space for rent.) LW-11
11. Oregon - People keep pointing forward to the game verses USC. As far as I’m concerned
      that game is irrelevant until they’re done with Washington. LW-13
12. Georgia Tech - Plays Virginia for the lead in the Costal division of the ACC. If you don’t 
      think their’s something crazy going on in the ACC please reread the previous sentence.
13. Penn St. - Next game verses Michigan should be interesting, kind of. LW-15
14. Oklahoma St. - Many left them for dead when they lost to Houston. Then again when lost
      Dez Bryant. But they just keep rising from the dead. LW-16
15. Virginia Tech - Lucky I didn’t move you down more. Someone should have told me that
      Hokies were allergic to Yellow Jackets. LW-4
16. BYU - How do Mormons feel about Frogs? Plague anyone? LW-21
17. Houston - Houston, Houston what to do with you. That Miner train wreck you had earlier
      this season is going hang around your neck like a boat anchor. LW-24
18. Pittsburgh - I’m confused. Exactly why did Pitt loss to N.C. St. N.C. St.’s only wins so far are
      Murray St., Gardner-Webb, and Pitt. So many teams this year with one very ugly loss.
19. Utah - The Utes are undefeated in conference play. They could still sneak up and snatch the
      Mountain West championship. LW-NW
20. South Florida - I’m not going to punish them too much for losing to an undefeated top-10             
      team. LW-17
21. Texas Tech - 5-2 with close losses to ranked teams. And frankly there were some very bad       
      calls in the Texas game. They could win the rest of their games. LW-NR
22. West Virginia - The Mountaineers have a great offense but have fumbled and lost the ball 11
      times this year. And have a turnover ratio of -5. Unacceptable! But they fumbled and lost it
      only once in each of the past 2 games. If they can control their own butterfingers then WVU
      will have a great season indeed. LW-NR
23. South Carolina - South Carolina is a good team that needs just a few things to make it to the         
      next level. They gave Alabama a great game. The difference in that game wasn’t Alabama’s          
      defense. It was Mark Ingram. No Mark Ingram and the Gamecocks might have won. LW-19
24. Ohio St. - Looks like the Sweater Vest has some chinks in it. Watch out! When a perennially
      good team shows some weakness teams start gunning for it hard. I.E. Michigan, Notre
      Dame. LW-8
25. Kansas - The only difference between Kansas and some of the other teams that won close
      games is they didn’t quite pull theirs out. Well I guess that’s a big difference. LW- 14

Teams I will rank when 19-25 loses next week: Arizona, Oregon St., Boston College, California, Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Idaho.

Slacker dropouts: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Notre Dame

Final thoughts: One of the biggest games of this week is in the Mountain West Conference, BYU @ TCU. Yep I said it the Mountain West. That’s how a conference knows they have arrived. People actually care about your inter conference games. Now if Boise St. would just join you...

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

Rank     Team                     Points   1st Place Votes

1          Alabama                   2970          61
2         Florida                       2950          39
3         Texas                         2859          1
4         Cincinnati                  2628
5         Southern California  2562
6         Iowa                           2435
7         Boise State               2411
8         TCU                          2335
9         Miami (Fla.)              2188
10         LSU                        2097
11         Oregon                  1974
12         Penn State            1966
13         Georgia Tech         1889
14         Oklahoma State     1741
15         Virginia Tech          1552
16         Brigham Young      1493
17         Houston                1213
18         Pittsburgh             1208
19         Utah                      1084
20         Ohio State             1030
21         West Virginia         842
22         Texas Tech            789
23         Kansas                   561
24         South Florida          530
25         South Carolina       461

Others recieveing votes include: Central Michigan 258, Nebraska 214, Oklahoma 181, Notre Dame 151, Mississippi 132,
Arizona 130, Oregon State 119, Michigan 105, Idaho 98


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