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Top-25 Week 9

Posted on: November 2, 2009 3:21 pm
Edited on: November 3, 2009 4:33 pm

Loved watching my Ducks pound USC. Sorry Trojan fans. But it felt good. Still the question raging nowadays is what to do with Boise St. And when does Oregon’s body of work eclipse the loss to Boise St.? Or can it ever? I’ll let everyone else fight over that. For now I still have Boise St. Ahead of Oregon.

LW=Last Week.

1. Florida - For those that think your number one team should dominate this was your week.
2. Texas - For those that think your number two team should dominate this was your week. LW-2
3. Alabama - In other news seismologists had the week off. Said one seismologist “With Mount  
    Cody not playing this week he wasn’t blocking field goals. When that guy lands seismographs
    all over the country go crazy. But this week there wasn’t nothing to do. Sigh.” LW-3
4. Cincinnati - So when Pike comes back, who do they play? LW-4
5. Boise St. - Beat one ranked team get credit for beating 4 ranked teams. The BCS way. I’m not       
    bitter. LW-8
6. Oregon - Wow! Just wow! No time to look back though. Their’s an ugly tree in Palo Alto that
    needs cut down. I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok. LW-9
7. Iowa - Now here is a team that plays tough hard nosed the 4th quarter. LW-6
8. TCU - Slowly but surely winning the non-BCS beauty contest. Really, the Frogs are playing 
    good football. Right now they deserve a BCS bowl. But which one? LW-7
9. LSU - With all this talk about the teams above is anyone paying attention to LSU. They will if
    they can pull off the mammoth upset of the Crimson Tide. Get it mammoth? Elephant?
    Oh...never mind. LW-10
10. Georgia Tech - ACC title is almost in your grasp. Be careful not to get lost in the Wake
      Forest. LW-11
11. Penn St. - I can see it now. At the end of the season we’ll have a three way tie. Iowa will have
      beaten Penn St. Penn St will have beaten Ohio St. And Ohio St. will have beaten Iowa. Then
      I can sit back and watch the Head to Head Means Everything Nazis get dizzy trying to figure
      out who to rank higher than who. LW-12
12. Pittsburgh - Have a tune up verses Syracuse next week. Big game at home against ND
      coming up after that. LW-15
13. USC - This time the Trojan Horse was empty. No knights left for Sir. Pete to stick inside. I
      think they still have enough left in the tank to win out and get an at-large spot in a BCS Bowl.
14. Houston - Keenum for Heisman? Time to start thinking about drinking the Keenum Kool-
      Aid. LW-16
15 Miami, Fl - The Psychocanes are finally back on their Meds. But they didn’t kick in till the 4th
     quarter. LW-19
16. Ohio St. - Ok, vacation in New Mexico is over. How’s the golf there? Beaver Stadium
      probably won’t be as hospitable. LW-20
17. Utah - Still winning with defense. Might want to send out a search party for that offense.
      Hope you locate it before you travel to TCU. LW-17
18. Oklahoma St. - Now let this be a lesson to you kiddies. Don’t do drugs. Be nice to your
      mother. But most importantly never, I mean never, lie to the Football Nazis we call the
      NCAA. LW-13
19. Arizona - Gets to take their turn at abusing the Whipping Boy State Cougers. LW-22
20. Notre Dame - I live on the Left Coast and I can already hear them chanting BCS from here.
21. California - Up coming the battle of the backs. Quizz vs. Best. LW-25
22. South Florida - Has the mid-season meltdown been halted? LW-NR
23. Wisconsin - Wisconsin beat Purdue, Purdue beat Ohio St., Ohio St. beat Wisconsin. Nice
      little circle of love huh? LW-NR
24. Virginia Tech - Posers! LW-14
25. Oklahoma - Please, no more ridiculousness about not ranking BYU while ranking Oklahoma.
      You’re beating a dead horse. You know like Florida St. and TCU beat them. LW-NR

Can’t find a date for the dance: Oregon St., Texas Tech, Auburn, Temple, North Carolina, Rutgers, BYU, Duke.

Kicked to the curb: West Virginia, South Carolina, Navy

Final thoughts: Wouldn’t it be great to see Duke win the ACC? Probably won’t happen But we can hope. There a lot of other ACC teams still in it. Idaho and Nevada still have a chance to win the WAC. Utah could still win the MWC. And Temple could win the MAC. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Get it? I love college football.

Here are the results for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.  
The Poll Results for the week of 10/31/2009

Rank  Team         Total Points 1st Place Votes
1       Florida            2780               64
2       Texas             2717               18
3       Alabama         2671              12
4       Cincinnati       2444
5       TCU                2390
6       Iowa                2287
7       Boise State     2278
8       Oregon           2233
9       LSU                 2034
10     Penn State      1967
11     Georgia Tech 1962
12     Pittsburgh       1657
13     USC                1552
14     Houston          1534
15     Ohio State      1472
16     Utah                1424
17     Miami (Fla.)    1383
18     Arizona            1036
19     Oklahoma St.  1022
20     Notre Dame     975
21     Oklahoma        865
22     California         771
23     Wisconsin       723
24     South Florida  485
25     Virginia Tech   481

Some other receiving votes include: Brigham Young 444, Clemson 155, West Virginia 110,
Oregon State 71, Rutgers 62, Auburn 56, Temple 50, Texas Tech 45, Central Michigan 43


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Posted on: November 3, 2009 1:15 am

Top-25 Week 9

Trust me I've been stuggling with the Body of Work verses Head to Head methods of ranking with several teams. The Oregon - Boise St. dilemma is the most difficult. Maybe because I'm an Oregon fan and I'm trying particularly hard to be unbiased. I will probably move Oregon above Boise eventually. But there is still more football to be played. So I'm not going to get ahead of myself.

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Posted on: November 3, 2009 12:43 am

Top-25 Week 9

I think Oregon already deserves to be above Boise St, and I'm not even an Oregon fan. Boise St's schedule is weak weak weak, and Oregon by my measure has a very tough schedule. IMO, if you want to play for national championships, or be in the mix, then you have to play a national championship type schedule.

The only way I wouldn't think that is ok is the 2 teams happen to rank right next to each other. If that is the case, then you have to move Boise St above Oregon. But, otherwise I think Oregon deserves to be atleast 2 spots above Boise St.

Playing such a week schedule and hoping to go undefeated while teams with tougher schedules have 1 loss and such is the equivilant of bidding $1 on the price is right.

The BCS is all kinds of screwed up. From how they determine SoS to how they are forcing ranks on the computer polls.

My computer poll(that doesn't have the BCS trying to dictate rankings) already has Oregon above Boise St. I have Oregon at #4, and Boise St at #7. It's all about the quality of wins, and Boise St only has 1, with a ton of non quality wins.

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