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Top-25 Week 10

Posted on: November 9, 2009 1:51 pm

Wow! Nobody except the top-5 want to remain consistent. What is up with that? Looks like 2 of the top-3 are going to play for the national championship. Texas vs. Florida or Alabama. More non-BCS team than ever knocking on the door. But I don’t think any one but TCU has a chance of getting in.

LW=Last Week Ranking

1. Florida - Looks like unless the Tebow angers the football gods we will see them in the NCG.
2. Texas - Peaking at the right time. LW-2
3. Alabama - These may be the football gods that stop Florida. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - UConn plays everyone close. No need to be alarmed. Nothing to see here. Move
    along. LW-4
5. TCU - As long as they keep wining the BCS chants are only going to get louder. LW-8
6. Boise St. - Your strength of schedule was already on life support. Stanford put it in the grave.
7. Georgia Tech - Almost got lost in the Wake Forest. Next time remember to leave bread
    crumbs on the ground so you can find your way out. LW-10
8. Pittsburgh - Oh for the love of all that is good and holy, 2 Big East times in the top-10! This is
    it Elizabeth I’m coming. LW-12
9. Iowa - Luck be a lady and she kicked you to the curb. LW-7
10. Houston - Rules for playing Houston. First team to 50 wins. LW-14
11. Oregon - Oooooh... defense where have you gone tonight? Why did you leave me here all
      alone. I searched the world over and though I found a defense. You met another and thppp
      you were gone. LW-6
12. USC - Below Oregon because they lost to them. Above Ohio St. Because they beat them.
      Simple. LW-13
13. Ohio St. - Feels good to have an offense doesn’t it? LW-16       
14. Miami, Fl - Still on their meds. Or may they didn’t need them to beat Virginia. LW-15
15. LSU - Just can’t quite win the big one can ya? LW-9
16. Utah - Kept New Mexico’s perfect season alive. LW-17
17. Arizona - Controls own fate in PAC-10. As much as having to play Cal, Oregon and USC can
     be considered as controlling ones one fate. By the way fate is defined as something that
     unavoidably befalls a person. How do you control something that is unavoidable. Good thing I
     don’t believe in fate. LW-19
18. Oklahoma St. - Okie Lite, less filling but tastes great. LW-18
19. Stanford - Running on lot of Gerhart and a little Luck. LW-NR
20. Penn St. - Lost. LW-11
21. Wisconsin - Could just finish 10-2. Not bad. LW-23
22. South Florida - At the beginning of the season there were no Big East teams ranked. Now
      there are three. We might finish with four. Maybe the Big East isn’t so least. LW-22
23. Virginia Tech - Georgia Tech thanks you for the new goal posts. Now go away. LW-24
24. Oregon St. - Typical Oregon St. Peaking in November. LW-NR
25. BYU - Why does this team play better on the road than at home? Strange. LW-NR

BASE jumped without a parachute: Notre Dame, California, Oklahoma.

Ready to take the plunge: Navy, Clemson, West Virginia, Temple, Auburn, Texas Tech, North Carolina, Rutgers.

Final thoughts. I know I’ll sound like a homer for saying this. But how do the polls get off ranking Oregon lower than USC a week after they embarrassed them. I know that the Ducks should not have lost to Stanford. But USC lost to Washington. Oregon beat Washington. And how do you rank Ohio St head of USC and Oregon. USC beat Ohio St. And Ohio St. lost to Purdue. Oregon beat Purdue.

All three have the same record. Simple logic dictates the order that you rank them. I followed the same logic last week keeping Boise St. a head of Oregon even though my heart said otherwise. To see what happens when you let your emotions get the best of you see AP and Coaches poll.


I will post The Best D@mn Poll In The Land when it becomes final.

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