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Top-25 Week 11

Posted on: November 16, 2009 4:02 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2009 8:23 pm

Biggest noise this week made by TCU with their spanking of Utah. But all of the Undefeated’s took care of business this week. PAC-10 is a bit of a mess. But if Oregon wins out it will all be moot. I think if USC were sitting atop the PAC-10 with Oregon’s record less people would be paying attention. People love chaos. Gives them something to talk about.

Here is my Top-25

LW-Last Weeks Ranking

1. Florida - Is it me or does it look like despite the close games, the Gators are always in
    control. LW-1
2. Texas - Forget the Big 12 championship game. What we need is a Texas State championship
    game. LW-2
3. Alabama - I think that Mississippi St uses cowbells to make noise because they’re too lazy to
    cheer. No doubt who was the better team this week. And the tide doesn’t use cowbells. Thank
    you. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Pike, Callaros same result. LW-4
5. TCU - Dominated Utah. Straight up unadulterated domination. LW-5
6. Boise St. - Smeared the Vandals all over the smurf turf in a paste. LW-6
7. Georgia Tech - While other teams in the ACC play like they need to be in straight jackets. The
    Yellow Jackets are for real. LW-7
8. Pittsburgh - A boot to the head for you for letting ND back into the game. LW-8
9. Oregon - I know what you’re thinking. Why is the PAC-10 messy? When those that rule go
    down. The rest scramble to fill the vacuum. Here is your new king. LW-11
10. Ohio St. - Weren’t you suppose to spank Iowa? LW-13
11. LSU - You know I’m still not quite buying what your selling. A 24-16 win verses Louisiana
      Tech? Wait don’t tell me, La Tech is the best 3-7 out there. LW-15
12. Iowa - Can’t punish them too much. Nobody gave them a chance to beat the Buckeyes and
      they took them to OT. A little more magic fairy dust and the Hawkeyes might have pulled it
      off. LW-9
13. Oklahoma St. - This team is willing themselves to victory despite adversity. Worthy of
      respect. LW-18
14. Stanford - Toby Gerhart #3 in the country in average rushing yards per game. Ah but he does
      it with more carries per game you say. Durable I say. LW-19
15. Penn St. - The 747 team. 747 as in plain. Don’t do anything flashy. Just keep winning.
16. Wisconsin - Have big red W’s on their helmet. LW-21
17. Oregon St. - If Oregon beats Arizona and the Beavers beat Washington St. then The Civil
      War will decide who goes to the Rose Bowl. If Oregon wins they go with the best record in
      the PAC-10. If Oregon St. wins they go already owning the tie-breaker with Stanford. LW-24
18. Virginia Tech - Slowly fading into the woodwork. LW-23
19. Miami, Fl - Joining Virginia Tech LW-14
20. Rutgers - So South Florida’s mid season meltdown isn’t finished. LW-24
21. Utah - Just didn’t have the offense to keep up with the Frogs, but still a good team. LW-16
22. Houston - Who said UCF stands for University of Can’t Finish. LW-10
23. USC - The Reign is over. Stick a fork in it. It is done. LW-12
24. Clemson - Not quite read to drink their cool-aid yet. They beat Miami. But who can tell what
      that means yet. LW-NR
25. California - Not quite dead yet. LW-NR

I’ll take teams not quite good enough to rank this week for 500 Alex: BYU (Barely beat a winless New Mexico. Sad!!!), Nebraska, Navy, Nevada, Ole Miss, Boston College, Arizona, North Carolina.

I’m Sorry. But thanks for playing our game. We have some lovely parting gifts for you: Arizona, South Florida, BYU

Final Thoughts: Not as many big games coming up this week. But there are a few that could be very important. Oregon @ Arizona will go a long way to deciding the PAC-10. LSU @ Ole Miss. Stanford @ California. And Kansas St. @ Nebraska will decide who wins the Big 12 North. That’s only important because I think Nebraska would have a chance to beat Texas in the Big 12 championship game. Not a big chance but a chance. Nebraska has a great D.

Here are the results of the The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.

1       Florida                       2716 Points
2       Texas                         2683 Points
3       Alabama                    2669 Points
4       TCU                           2507 Points
5       Cincinnati                   2421 Points
6       Boise State                 2315 Points
7       Georgia Tech              2238 Points
8       Pittsburgh                    2114 Points
9       Ohio State                   1998 Points
10      Oregon                        1924 Points
11      LSU                             1897 Points
12      Oklahoma State         1700 Points
13      Penn State                  1579 Points
14      Iowa                           1460 Points
15      Stanford                     1447 Points
16      Wisconsin                  1421 Points
17      Virginia Tech              1167 Points
18      Clemson                     1022 Points
19      Oregon State               993 Points
20      Brigham Young          942 Points
21      Utah                             720 Points
22      Southern California    672 Points
23      Miami (Fla.)                646 Points
24      Rutgers                       562 Points
25      Houston                      388 Points

Others receiving points include: North Carolina 345 Points, Navy 261 Points, Nebraska 233 Points, California 199 Points, Arizona 177 Points, Mississippi 140 Points, Temple 81 Points, Central Michigan 77 Points, West Virginia 51 Points, Nevada 47 Points


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