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Top-25 Week 12

Posted on: November 23, 2009 2:56 pm
Edited on: November 25, 2009 4:16 pm

We are approaching the conference championship part of the season. Even conferences that do not have championship games are going to play defacto championship games in their conferences. In the PAC-10 the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon St. will decide who goes to the Rose Bowl. And in the Big East Cincinnati and Pitt will play for the Big East title, as long a the Panthers get past West Virginia. Now at least for a year everyone screaming that every conference should have a championship game can chill for a year.

Here are my rankings for this week. Enjoy...or not.

LW = Last weeks ranking.

1. Florida - Next up for the Gators is Florida St. Two teams that definitely have that warm and
    fuzzy feeling for each other. It’s so nice when people get along. Maybe they’ll trade eye
    gouges as a sign of affection. LW-1
2. Texas - Final tune-up at A&M before BIG 12 Championship game. How many tune-ups do
    they need? LW-2
3. Alabama - comes Auburn. Will they be able to knock off the mighty Crimson
    Tide? Will the tide finally have a blemish on their season? No. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Some are calling the Bearcats next game against Illinois a trap game. Illinois has
    about as much of a chance of trapping Cincinnati as Wile E. Coyote does in catching the Road
    Runner.  LW-4
5. TCU - Will beat New Mexico on Saturday. How’s that for a Nostradamus moment? LW-5
6. Boise St. - One more test this year. Nevada on the smurf turf. Nevada is on an 8 game winning
    streak. But beating the Broncos on the field of blue is a very tall order. LW-6
7. Georgia Tech - Georgia shouldn’t be to difficult for the Yellow Jackets to handle. The Dawgs
    season has been so disappointing that even their mascot has even given up on them. LW-7
8. Oregon - Everything’s coming up Roses...maybe. LW-9
9. Ohio St. - Now has a 41 day gap between their last game and the Rose Bowl. Their opponent
    in the Rose Bowl will have a 29 day gap. Will the Buckeyes be able to stay in game shape that
    long? LW-10
10. Pittsburgh - Biggest wins so far: South Florida, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. Lost to 4-7 N.C.
      State for crying out loud. It will take a win over Cincinnati in a couple of weeks for them to
      move up. LW-8
11. Iowa - The QB’s different but the winning ugly is the same.  LW-12
12. Oklahoma St. - No really good wins, no really bad losses = acceptable method of obtaining
      an at large BCS bowl bid. LW-13
13. Penn St. - Has no more games to play. LW-15
14. Oregon St. - Who says the PAC-10 has no championship game? LW-17
15. Clemson - This is what one Clemson fan said about their season. “Clemson has improved
      expodentially” By the way this is an exact quote. Don’t know what it means. But thought I’d
      pass it on. LW-24
16. Miami, Fl - In my poll they are the meat in an ACC sandwich. LW-19
17. Virginia Tech - Gobble, gobble. LW-18
18. Utah - BYU only loses at home. So the Utes have a good chance of winning. LW-21
19. California - Cal and Stanford play for the Stanford axe every year. Interesting considering
      there are almost no trees left in the Bay Area. Except for Stanford’s stupid mascot. LW-25
20. Mississippi - Winner of the game no one wanted to win. LW-NR
21. LSU - Loser of the game on one wanted to win. Bummer! LW-11
22. Houston - Will feast on Rice next week. Yum! LW-22
23. USC - Bye weeks are an excellent method of avoiding needless loses. LW-23
24. North Carolina - Beat Miami and Virginia Tech. Maybe they’re ranked to low. Wait, they lost
      to Virginia. Nevermind. LW-NR
25. Nebraska - Has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they indeed suck less than the rest of
      the BIG-12 North. LW-NR

Sitting on their laurels: Stanford, Wisconsin, Rutgers.

Unsure of what laurels are: Northwestern, Temple, Nevada, Navy, BYU, Central Michigan.

Final thoughts. Some might wonder why I haven’t ranked BYU yet. Go look at their schedule. BYU hasn’t beaten anyone but Oklahoma. And the Sooners are 6-5, so that don’t mean much anymore. BYU’s resume isn’t much better than Central Michigan and Temple’s. Yes Temple lost to an FCS team. But BYU got smoked at home. Twice!

Here are the results of The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.
1. Florida (11-0) -                 2599 Points        49 1st Place Votes
2. Texas (11-0)-                    2578 Points       21 1st Place Votes
3. Alabama (11-0)-               2544 Points       17 1st Place Votes
4. TCU (11-0)-                     2395 Points         2 1st Place Votes
5. Cincinnati (10-0)-            2315 Points
6. Boise State (11-0)-.          2210 Points
7. Georgia Tech (10-1)-       2139 Points
8. Pittsburgh (9-1)-             2022 Points
9. Oregon (9-2)-                   1919 Points
10. Ohio State (10-2)-          1918 Points
11. Oklahoma State (9-2)-   1701 Points
12. Penn State (10-2)-          1644 Points
13. Iowa (10-2)-                   1583 Points
14. Virginia Tech (8-3)-       1321 Points
15. Clemson (8-3)-               1265 Points
16. Oregon State (8-3) -        1253 Points
17. BYU (9-2)-                      1074 Points
18. LSU (8-3) -                       997 Points
19. Utah (8-2) -                       920 Points
20. Miami, FL (8-3) -              901 Points
21. Southern California (7-3) -712 Points
22. California (8-3)-                709 Points
23. Ole Miss (8-3) -                 687 Points
24. North Carolina (8-3) -        602 Points
25. Houston (9-2) -                  499 Points
Some other Receiving Votes: Nebraska  (8-3) 479 Points, Stanford (7-4) 310 Points, Navy (8-3) 191 Points, Wisconsin (9-3) 133 Points, Temple (9-2) 94 Points, Central Michigan (9-2) 77 Points, West Virginia (7-3) 62 Points, Nevada (8-3) 56 Points, Arizona (6-4) 32 Points, Northwestern (8-4) 30 Points.

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