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Top-25 Week 13

Posted on: November 30, 2009 6:46 pm
Edited on: December 3, 2009 7:35 pm

Ah...rival time. This is where teams that normally don’t have a prayer against a superior opponent do the unthinkable. Win! Alabama, Texas, and Arizona barely escaped. Clemson, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia Tech...uh...not so much. Lots of upsets this week. The one that really got me was N.C. State beating North Carolina. Wow! Just wow. Any way here is this weeks top-25.  

LW= Last Week

1. Florids - 3 words. Burn those uniforms! LW-1
2. Texas - Is it me or does Texas seem vulnerable? Yes I know Texas A&M was a rivalry game
    and not all superior teams survived their rivalry game. But come on. This game should not
    have been this close. LW-2
3. Alabama - Their game too was a little to close too. But Auburn is an above average team,
    unlike Texas A&M. Also I was impressed that Alabama overcame Mark Ingram being shut
    down. Other players on the offense stepped up. That bodes well for the Tide when they face
    Florida. LW-3
4. Cincinnati - Illinois a trap game? Give me a break. College football is exciting enough with
    out people blatantly manufacturing it out of nothing. Sad. LW-4
5. TCU - The C in TCU stands for cruise. As in Cruise Control. LW-5
6. Boise St. - The only thing worse than that blue smurf turf is wet smurf turf. I wonder if it
    smells like wet smurf too? LW-6
7. Oregon - Civil War! Civil War! Civil War! LW-8
8. Ohio St. - Stick ‘em in the stasis chamber. These guys have a month to kill before the Rose
    Bowl. LW-9
9. Iowa - Sneaking back into the top-10. LW-11
10. Georgia Tech - Will probably still win the ACC. But may have given Clemson a blueprint for
      the upset. LW-7
11. Penn St. - Twiddling thumbs. LW-13
12. Pittsburgh - Upcoming Cincy - Pitt game may have lost a little luster. Winner still wins the
      BIG East. LW-10
13. Oregon St. - Win and go to the Rose Bowl. Lose and probably go to the Sun Bowl. Are you
      getting deja vu Beaver fans? LW-14
14. Virginia Tech - Accidently ranked VT behind Miami, even though the Hokies beat them.
      Error corrected. LW-17
15. Miami, Fl - Nice pounding of South Florida. Though all South Florida losses seem lopsided
      these days. The Bulls must give up once they are down 10. LW-16
16. LSU - helmets. LW-21
17. California - This team is mainly known this year for it’s losses and concussions. It can be
      easy to forget that it’s one win over Washington away from a 9 win season. LW-19
18. BYU - Utah gave them all they could handle. This win finally convinces me they are worth
     ranking. LW-NR
19. Houston - 59 points in one half. Rice must be an FCS team masquerading as FBS team. LW-
20. Stanford - I’m actually confused as to why, with such a dominating running back and 
      offensive line they don’t crush every opponent. They have a great QB, receiver, and tight end
      as well. There must be a small piece of the puzzle The Cardinal is missing. Even so this is a
      good team. LW-NR
21. USC - They’ll probably beat Arizona just to make the fight for the number 2 spot in the PAC-
      10 even more messy. Or will Arizona winning do that? So hard to tell. LW-23
22. Nebraska - Good defense, bad offense. Don’t believe me? The Cornhuskers are ranked 11th
      in total defense and 3rd in scoring defense. Conversely the offense is ranked 92nd in total
      offense and 72nd in scoring offense. In short, if Texas scores more than 14 points in the BIG
      XII championship game the Cornhuskers are finished. LW-25
23. Oklahoma St. - Not the best team in Oklahoma. But the team with the best record. How does
      that work? Don’t ask me why I haven’t ranked Oklahoma. They are a 5 loss team. Nuff said.
      LW- 12
24. West Virginia - Win the Backyard Brawl, get ranked. Works for me. LW-NR
25. Utah - Could have put Clemson here. They did beat Miami but also lost to a now 2-10
      Maryland. Utah has the better record. They win. LW-18

* No top-25 for you! One year: Clemson, Mississippi, North Carolina

* Still waiting for soup: Arizona, Wisconsin, Northwestern

* My inspiration for this comes from Seinfeld. Don’t let it be said that I steal others work without giving due credit.

Final Thoughts: Lots of conference championship games coming up. Some defacto, some planned. BIG East game Cincy - Pitt is one defacto championship game. The other in the  PAC-10 game is Oregon - Oregon St. is a defacto championship game as well. Why does it seem weird to be typing this? Anyway I can’t wait for the Civil War. I’m impatient, anxious and scared at the same time. Say...isn’t that what college football is all about?

Here are the results of The Best D@mn Poll in the Land.

1 Florida (12-0) -              2493 Points            66 1st Place Votes
2 Texas (12-0) -                2416 Points            8 1st Place Votes
3 Alabama (12-0)-            2369 Points            7 1st Place Votes
4 TCU (12-0)-                    2273 Points             3 1st Place Votes
5 Cincinnati (11-0)-          2165 Points
6 Boise State (12-0)-         2113 Points
7 Oregon (9-2) -                1978 Points
8 Ohio State (10-2)-           1961 Points
9 Iowa (10-2)-                    1747 Points
10 Penn State (10-2)-         1728 Points
11 Georgia Tech (10-2)-    1618 Points
12 Virginia Tech (9-3)-      1513 Points
13 Pittsburgh (9-2)-            1466 Points
14 Oregon State (8-3)-      1400 Points
15 BYU (10-2)-                    1307 Points
16 LSU (9-3) -                      1245 Points
17 Miami, FL (9-3)-            1142 Points
18 USC (8-3) -                     978 Points
19 Houston (10-2) -             936 Points
20 California (8-3) -            869 Points
21 Nebraska (9-3) -             861 Points
22 Oklahoma State (9-3)-    715 Points
23 West Virginia (8-3) -       633 Points
24 Stanford (8-4) -               622 Points
25 Utah (9-3) -                     317Points
Other Receiving Votes: Clemson  (8-4) 255 Points, Wisconsin (8-3) 188 Points, Central Michigan (10-2) 164 Points, Navy (8-4) 59 Points, Arizona (7-4) 47 Points, Texas Tech (8-4) 29 Points, North Carolina (8-4) 28 Points, Oklahoma (7-5) 27 Points, Northwestern (8-4) 25 Points, Ohio (9-3) 24 Points, South Carolina (7-5) 21 Points, Rutgers (8-3) 18 Points, Ole Miss (8-4) 15 Points, Nevada (8-4) 10 Points, Georgia (7-5) 7 Points, Missouri (8-4) 6 Points, East Carolina (8-4) 6 Points, Temple (9-3) 6 Points


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