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Top-25 Week 14

Posted on: December 7, 2009 7:15 pm
Edited on: December 14, 2009 4:26 pm

Well we know who is going to be in the National Championship game. Alabama and Texas. At least they have it half right. I see Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow are Heisman finalists and C.J. Spiller is not. Sad. The B eauty C ontest S election way of doing things is infectious. Still its been a fun year and there are some great Bowl match-ups out there. I’ll do one more TOP-25 after the Bowl Games have concluded. Enjoy.

LW=Last Week

1. Alabama - Is there any doubt that this is the #1 team in the land? Yes I’m talking to all those
    out there that think that Texas is #1. Bama beat the #1 team in the land soundly. Texas beat a
    team ranked around 20 barely. Only cuz the refs gave them a second back despite some dismal
    clock management. Please. LW-3
2. Cincinnati - Why the bearcats? I like their resume better. They beat Oregon St. in Corvallis.
    They also beat West Virginia and came from way back to beat Pitt. All three of these teams are
    ranked. Texas beat Okie St. and Nebraska. The only two  ranked teams that the Longhorns
    beat. And we all know what kind of mess the BIG XII championship game was. LW-4
3. Texas - In the dictionary under the word luck you will see Colt McCoy’s picture. You may
    have won the game but you still deserve a facepalm. You want someone from Texas to win the
    Heisman. Try Hunter Lawrence the kicker that bailed ole McCoy out with a clutch field goal.
4. TCU - Should be playing Florida in the Sugar Bowl instead of Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl.
5. Florida - Even with the loss they have a better body of work than Boise St. LW-1
6. Boise St. - Should be playing Cincinnati in the Fiesta Bowl. No actually they should be playing
    Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. LW-6
7. Oregon - I Love My Ducks. But I don’t like that song. Embarrassing! At least the Ducks are
    going to the correct bowl. LW-7
8. Ohio St. - High powered BIG-10 defense verses high powered PAC-10 offense. I love it. This
    is a sweet match-up. LW-8
9. Georgia Tech - I think the 7.62 Full Metal Yellow Jackets inflict a serious triple option beat
    down on the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Orange Bowl. LW-10
10. Iowa - Sorry that’s just how I feel. (See above.) LW-9
11. Penn St. - Lions and Tigers in the Capitol One Bowl oh my! LW-11
12. Virginia Tech - Match up against Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl should be a good one.
      The Vols should be in this one all the way. LW-14
13. Miami, Fl - I have no idea which Pipolarrincane team will show up for their bowl against
      Wisconsin. LW-15
14. LSU - Penn St. could be exposed as a team with a weak schedule verses the Tigers in the
      Capitol One Bowl. Still I’ll take JoPa over Les Miles and his sweet clock management skills
      any day. LW-16
15. Pittsburgh - close. Note to self. Don’t miss extra points. They’ll come back to haunt
      you every time. LW-12
16. BYU - Play the Beavers in the Las Vegas Bowl. I’m not so sure BYU’s gonna be ready for
      the Rodgers brothers. LW-18
17. Oregon St. - Deserve better than the Las Vegas Bowl. Still it’ll be a nice match up worthy of
      watching. LW-13
18. Stanford - Toby Gerhart for Heisman. Nuff said. LW-20
19. Arizona - The Stoops brothers look like a couple of spazzes on the sidelines but they came
      within a hairs breadth of winning the PAC-10. But then again so did several other PAC-10
      teams. LW-NR
20. West Virginia - Enjoy abusing Bobby Bowden in his final collegiate game. LW-24
21. Oklahoma St. - Will play Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. This will be a battle of the
      disappointments in a bowl that is a shell of it’s former self. LW-23
22. Wisconsin - Abused Hawai’i. But then again so does everyone else nowadays. LW-NR
23. Nebraska - Note to the kicker. Kick out of bounds lose game. A boot to the head for you sir.
      Not going to punish you too much for losing by 1 point to a top-5 team. NW-22
24. Central Michigan - Has finally earned some directional love. LW-NR
25. East Carolina - Not only beat Houston. Did it like a veteran team used to winning conference
      championships. Here some directional pirate love for you too. LW-NR

Fallen from grace: California, Houston, USC, Utah

Stop calling me Grace: Utah, USC, California, Northwestern, Ole Miss, Clemson, North Carolina, Fresno St.

Final Thoughts: This has been a great year. I’ve enjoyed doing this blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Like you I’m just a guy who loves college football. Too bad the off-season is so long.

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