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Top 25 Final Poll

Posted on: January 10, 2010 9:40 pm

Is it me or did the National Championship Game seem a little anti-climactic? Not to take anything from Alabama. All they did was win. But the way things were going a game with Colt in the whole way could have been a game for the ages. Ah well...such is football.

LR= Last Ranking

1. Alabama 14-0 - Duh! Can anyone, using logic, really justify putting anyone else here? LR-1
2. Boise St. 14-0 - Undefeated and beat 2 teams that have spent a lot of time in the top 10 this     
    year. LR-6
3. Texas 13-1 - Can’t say they would have beat Bama with McCoy in the whole game. Can’t say       
    they wouldn’t have either. LR-3
4. Florida 13-1 - Sure they’re having Tebow withdrawals right now. Once they break the habit      
    they’ll be fine. Gators are sure fire pre-season top-5 next season. LR-5
5. TCU 12-1 - Dream season spoiled at the end. Bosie too much for them. Still a top-5 team.
6. Ohio St. 11-2 - Great Rose Bowl win. But that Purdue loss will keep them below the top-5 like     
    a boat anchor strapped to their waist. LR-8
7. Iowa - The Hawkeyes’ season is one of the Best proofs that the BIG-10 or 11 or whatever is
    still a strong conference. A strong conference with math issues. LR-10
8. Cincinnati 12-1 - Shame on you Brian Kelly. The Bearcats deserved better. LR-2
9. Penn St. 11-2 - 3 Big 10 teams in the top-10 at the end of the Year. WOW!
10. Oregon 10-3 - After the way this season started I’m not going to complain. Still PAC-10
      champions. And with all the craziness going on in Trojan land maybe the Ducks can repeat.
11. Virginia Tech 10-3 - Beat the’s not going to be enough to move you 
      higher. Next time play a tougher opponent in a Bowl. LR-12
12. Georgia Tech 11-3 - Those BIG-10 defenses are hard to run on huh? LR-9
13. BYU 11-2 - Jekyll and Hyde Mormans! LR-16
14. Pittsburgh 10-3 - 2 top-15 teams from the Big East. Not bad for a conference that had no
      ranked teams to start the season. LR-15
15. Nebraska 10-4 - Where was this offense all year? LR-23
16. Wisconsin 10-3 - Ran all over the Bipolarricanes. LR-22
17. Utah 10-3 - The Utes had to replace some key offensive players this season and still had a
      great year. This bodes well for their future. LR-NR
18. USC 9-4 - This was a bit of a rough season for the Trojans. Their biggest loss may have come
      after the season was over. The loss of Pete Carroll. Nothing lasts forever I guess. LR-NR
19. Mississippi 9-4 - I heard some say the Rebs had a terrible season and they don’t deserve to be
      ranked. Truth is they had a good season. It just didn’t live up to all of the hype and great
      expectations many had. They beat LSU and Okie St., both ranked when they played. They
      finished 9-4. And won their Bowl game. Really not too shabby. LR-NR
20. LSU 9-4 - This was one of the those teams I wasn’t too sure what to do with. They too had
      good season. There just wasn’t a signature win to inflate our opinion of them. LR-14
21. Texas Tech 9-4 - Played inspired football in their bowl game. But the transition to a new 
      coach may prove to be a painful one. LR-NR
22. Miami, FL 9-4 - This team is just plain unstable. Does the instability start at the top? Or was
      it one of the quirks of this particular team? LR-13
23. Clemson 9-5 - Lose C. J. Spiller next year but just about everyone else comes back. You’ll
      probably see the Tigers in my Pre-season top 25 next year. LR-NR
24 Stanford 8-5 - Stanford overall is a young team. Freshman QB Andrew Luck and sophomore
      WR Chris Owusu are back new year. That’s good. But how will they replace Toby Gerhart?
      The answer to that may determine whether or not The Cardinal in the running for the PAC-10
      title next year. LR-18
25. Navy - Absolutely handled Missouri. LR-NR

Kicked off the bus: Oregon St., Arizona, West Virginia, Oklahoma St. Central Michigan, East Carolina.

Bus just left without them: Central Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon St.

Final thoughts: Well that it for this year. It was fun doing this poll and I hope that at least some out there enjoyed it too. We’ll see if I do it again in 2010.

I will post the final Best D@mn Poll In The Land when it becomes available.

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