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2010 Way Insanly Too Early Pre-Season Poll

Posted on: March 13, 2010 3:47 pm
Edited on: March 15, 2010 5:30 am
I was roped into putting together this poll so early before the season. So... I thought I would share it with you.

By the way I put this togther before the suspention of Masoli. So no complaining. I would have put Oregon about
15th without him. Darron Thomas will have the entire pre-season to get up to speed and I believe he will be up to
the task.

So with out further ado. Here is my first poll for the 2010 season.

1. Alabama - Duh!
2. Ohio St. - This is finally the year that Prior lives up to some of the reasonable hype.
3. Boise St. - Will probably go undefeated again. And will probably again get to spend the next
    off season chanting ‘were the best team in America...that didn’t go to the national
    championship game’.
4. Texas - Doesn’t Garrett Gilbert have the most NC game experience for a QB in FBS college
    football right now? Well almost. Greg McElroy does. Wonder how well Gilbert do in a regular
    season game?
5. Florida - I’m just having a hard time believing that Florida will lose more than one game, in
    the regular season, next year. So this spot should be about right.
6. Oregon - Should win the PAC-10 again by default. Hey cool! USC is usually the one saying
7. Virginia Tech - This is the year! Or was that last year? Or the year before? I can’t keep it
8. Iowa - As long as they can get past E. Illinois in their first game they should be fine.
9. Nebraska - If their offensive output in last years bowl game is any indication of what is to
    come they could very well give the Longhorns a run for their money. I suspect that game was
    a bit of an aberration though.
10. TCU - I just don’t see any of the other MWC teams closing the gap on the Frogs this year.
11. Miami, Fl - They’ve had the off season to get their meds right. It’s time the Canes showed
     some consistency.
12. Wisconsin - If Run It Down Your Throat U. can improve on last year then the Buckeyes
      might not enjoy their visit to Camp Randall.
13. Pittsburgh - This is the year that Pitt wins the Big East. Or was that last year? Or the year
      before? I can’t keep it straight.
14. Penn St. - Mark my words. The day will come, in about 20 years, Joe Pa will finally pass
      on. But continue as the head coach of the Penn. St. Nittany Lions.
15. Oklahoma - This will be another terrible season for the Sooners. They probably will only
      finish in the top-15. For any other team this would be considered a success.
16. USC - I’m not really sure what to think about the things going on in La La land. Between
      Kiffen at USC and NeuWeasel at UCLA I’m starting to think people down there are
      throwing caution to the wind and drinking the water. Mmmmm...brown water. Ahhhhh.
17. Georgia Tech - Still a good team. And definitely the best team in Georgia. For what it's
18. LSU - The more time that goes by the more I think Les is less and not more. More or less. I
      thought at least Les would finally get smart and get rid of Gary Crowten. But much like his
      clock management skills he appears to be a slow learner.
19. Cincinnati - The bearcats lost their traitor of a coach and QB Tony Pike. But no Pike is no
      problem. Zach Callaros has already shown he can fill Pikes shoes. Zach might even prove to
      be the better of the two QBs. So the real question is the new head coach Butch Jones. But
      stealing Central Michigan’s coach worked when they got Brian Kelly. So why shouldn’t it
      work again. Don’t be surprised if Cincy wins the Big East again leaving Dave Wannstache
      and Pitt stuck again as a bridesmaid.
20. Oregon State - Ahh...back to the good ole days when they best they can do at QB is find
      someone to manage the game or at least stay out of the way of the Rodgers brothers. At
      least this is familiar territory and Mike Riley is the king of doing more with less. I said less
      not Les. LSU is stuck with him.
21. Clemson - They lose C.J. Spiller but get just about everyone else back. Dabo Swinney is  
      one of those coaches that doesn’t know just how good he is yet. Or maybe he does. VT & 
      GT better watch out.
22. Utah - The offense should improve this year. But not enough to knock off TCU.
23. Auburn - Could end up the runner-up in the SEC West.
24. Arkansas - Could also end up the runner-up in the SEC West. But only if they start fielding
      one of those novel things we in the biz like to call a “D”.
25. Stanford - They lose Toby Gerhart. But Luck is still on their side. And by golly that Jim
      Harbaugh can coach. Who wants to bet that Harbaugh and Kiffen end up having a few
      “issues”. Sound familiar?

Whatever teams: BYU, West Virginia, Florida St, North Carolina (Drank too much Tar Heel cool aid last year. Not buying it again.)

It was hard enough coming up with 25 teams this early. So if you think I should have ranked these instead...whatever. 

There it is. I know Some of you this think that Pre-Season polls are stupid. You're probably right. But it was fun and if it gets people talking about college football all the better. 
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