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2010 Top 25 Week 8

Posted on: October 26, 2010 2:36 am
Edited on: October 26, 2010 2:44 am

Well it's another week and another top team crashes and burns. Mizzou looks like the real deal. But, as we have seen, having teams like Oklahoma and Nebraska back to back could be a killer or a ticket to the top of the poll. This week a lot of top teams are on the road. Look for couple of upsets.

Here is my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - Still here. Don’t feel like going anywhere. The Ducks are averaging over 569 yards
    of offense. Trojans averaging 494 yards of offense. Should be a blast. Next: @ USC. LW - 1
2. Boise St. - The Broncos are finally getting near the part of their schedule they might actually
    need to break a sweat. Well except this week. (psst...that's a compliment) Next: La Tech LW - 2
3. Auburn - This team has a good a chance as any one to make it undefeated. Game at Alabama         
    still looms on the horizon. Might be one of the biggest games of the year.  NEXT: @ Ole
    Missoli Bear Rebel Thingies  LW - 3
4. TCU - Well Air Force made it a game for about a quarter and a half. TCU just too much.    
     These guys are allowing just 220 yard on defense. Crazy good. NEXT: @ UNLV LW - 4
5. Michigan St. - Faking their way to the top. Oh come on, you know what I mean. Fake punts.
    Fake field goals. It takes some brass ones to call this much trickeration. And some serious skill
    to pull it all off. Mark Dantonio has clearly been going to the Chris Peterson school of
    coaching NEXT: @ Iowa LW - 7
6. Missouri - Ok, fine. You beat the Sooners. You’re on the radar. But can you follow it up with a
    win at Nebraska? NEXT: @ Nebraska LW - 17
7. Wisconsin - Beat Ohio St. and Iowa back to back. Who believed they would pull this feat off?
    Come on. Be honest. I think the Badgers are the best one loss team right now. NEXT BYE
    (Whew!) LW - 10
8. Alabama - Heard a little initial criticism of the Tide for allowing the Volunteers to hang with
    them for a while. Not from me. Tennessee has pretty much shown they can hang with anyone
    for quarter and half. NEXT: BYE LW - 8
9. Utah - First test in a while at Air Force. Don’t get caught looking ahead. NEXT: @ Air Force
     LW - 9
10 Ohio St. - Shook off the cobwebs and easily derailed the Boilermakers. NEXT: Gopher for
      dinner. Probably taste better than badger anyway. LW - 12
11. Stanford - Gotta put teams away. Gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter to Wazzu. Made it
      look closer than it was. NEXT: @ The schizophrenic Huskies. LW - 11
12. Oklahoma - Another team with a good offense and a suspect defense that got exposed.
      NEXT: Home cooked Colorado Buffalos. Mmmm good.  LW - 1
13. Nebraska - Ah maybe the loss at home with Texas was a fluke. Just another example of how
       now matter how good you are to win every week you must be focused an ready to win. We
       will see how focused they are this week. NEXT: Missouri LW - 13
14. Arizona - Look at what the Wildcats found just laying around in Seattle. Of all things they
      found a ground game. Back-up QB Matt Scott looked good too. I guess the rumors of the death
      of the Wildcat season have been greatly exaggerated. NEXT: Tune up @ UCLA  LW - 14
15. LSU - The Bayou Bengals were in it right to the end. But Jarrett Lee was terrible. At least
      Jordan Jefferson can run. Yikes. LSU’s offense is like having a beautiful set of every
      Craftsman tool possible and then giving them to someone with late stage Parkinson’s disease.       
      How’s that for a visual. NEXT: BYE (Both LSU and Alabama will have 2 weeks to prepare
      for each other)  LW - 6
16. Florida St. - Not sure about the Seminoles. They might win out and represent the ACC in a
      BCS bowl. Then again they might lose all of them, and barely make a bowl. What does a
      schizophrenic Seminole look like? NEXT: @ North Carolina State  LW - 18
17. Iowa - Three words: FIRE YOUR KICKER. You played a heck of a game and it all got flush
      into the sewer by some bad kicking...oh and some bad clock management.
      NEXT: Michigan St.  LW - 15
18. Arkansas - Got everything they could handle from the Flying Masoli Rebel Bears. NEXT:
      Darth Vader Built Commodes.  LW - 21
19. USC - This team is two plays away from being undefeated. Unfortunately if their defense had
      rose to the occasion those two plays would not have happened. NEXT: Oregon LW - 24
20. South Carolina - Right now Jeff Garcia is probably hunched in a corner somewhere sucking
      his thumb with all the lights on. Hoping The Big Ole Visor Monster doesn’t get him NEXT:
      Tennessee. (This ought to be interesting) LW - 20
21. Oklahoma St. - The Cowboys are the perennial almost team. Seems like every year they wear
      their heads bald on the ceiling that is the next level. NEXT: Kansas St.  LW - 16
22. Miami, Fl - You know how Hurricanes are. One minute they’re threatening to wreak all sorts
      of havoc an get all coastal on you and next minute they fizzle out in the middle of the
      Atlantic. NEXT: @ Virginia  LW - NR
23. Mississippi State - You struggled at home against the U niversity of A ddle B rained?
      Seriously!?! Sigh. NEXT: Kentucky LW - 25
24. Nevada - I really hope Nevada doesn’t lose any more games. Bosie and Nevada will put on a
      great show later in the season. But for it to means something for the Wolfpack they can have
      no more losses. NEXT: A nice leisurely scrimmage with Utah St.  LW -NR
25. Baylor - Bowl eligible for the first time in forever. And they are momentarily sitting a top of
      the Big 12 South. And it’s not even 2012 yet. NEXT: @ Texas LW- NR

Couldn’t hack it on the big stage: West Virginia, Texas, Kansas St.

Hanging out in the Green Room: Hawaii, Virginia Tech, Navy, North Carolina State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Michigan, East Carolina.

Well that's it. My brain is tired and I'll be sitting on pins and needles until the Oregon - USC game is over.

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