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2010 Top 25 Week 9

Posted on: November 1, 2010 11:51 pm

And then there were five. Michigan St. and Mizzou go down. Oregon, Auburn, Boise St., TCU, and Utah keep humming along. Which undefeated will go down next? At least either TCU or Utah is going down. This much we know. Boise might have to break sweat with Hawaii visiting. Oregon has the spiraling Huskies and Auburn is going to eat Chattanooga cupcakes. Maybe they should have a bake sale.

Ah well, let's have a look at my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - After the dismantling of a very good USC team, in which they had 599 yards of
    offense, it looks like the Ducks have a strangle hold on the #1 spot. No time to look back now.
    Next: Washington. LW - 1
2. Boise St. - The Broncos are averaging 515 yards of offense. The Hawaii Warriors are
    averaging 491. Should be fun...if the Warriors manage to bring a defense with them. The only
    chance Hawaii has is in a crazy shootout and their D is going to have to come up with a few
    turnovers. It could happen...but just not likely. Next: Hawaii LW - 2
3. Auburn - The Tigers will probably take some heat for this but scheduling an easy scrimmage
    against The Tenn. Chattanooga Mocs just before big games against Georgia and Alabama 
    might work in their favor in the long run.  NEXT: Tenn. Chattanooga Mocs. (Exactly what is
    or are Mocs?)  LW - 3
4. TCU - Biggest Game of the week is in the Mountain West Conference. A convincing win on
    the road with Utah will be impossible to ignore. Well someone will downplay it as a couple of
    good mid-majors playing each other. This game will have an important impact on the BCS.
    NEXT: @ Utah LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - I’m just waiting for someone to say ‘how can you have the Badgers over
    Michigan St. who beat them?’ Well Wisconsin beat Iowa who spanked Michigan St. who beat
    Wisconsin. Nice little circle of love. It also means I’m tossing out the head to head for this
    judgement call. NEXT: @ Perdue (Choo choo) LW - 7
6. Alabama - Some say if Alabama beats the Auburn Tigers and wins the SEC CG they will go to
    the National Championship game over TCU and Boise State. Oh if this happens I can hear the
    screams now.  NEXT: @ LSU LW - 8
7. Nebraska - Say Hello to Mr. Roy Helu Jr.! 307 yards rushing?  Are you kidding? Impressive. 
    NEXT @ The Unpredictable Iowa St. Cyclones LW - 13
8. Utah - Utah’s shot at a BCS game comes this week with TCU. This is it because what looked
    like a chance to impress us at Notre Dame later is just another game against a mediocre team.
    They’ll get more credit for beating San Diego St. after that. Kinda sad really.
    NEXT: BYE LW - 9
9. Ohio St. - I’m glad this week is over. Block O Nation’s avatar with the dead gopher was really
     kind of gross. It was probably on the menu at the Road Kill Grill in Columbus. NEXT: BYE 
     LW - 10
10. Stanford - Remember the days when USC, UCLA, and Washington were always at the top of
      the PAC-10? Now it’s teams like Oregon, Stanford and Arizona. Next your going to tell me
     Auburn and South Carolina could win the SEC. Or Baylor, Oklahoma St. or Iowa St. could
     win the Big 12. Or Michigan St. or Wisconsin could win the Big 10. Oh wait... NEXT:
     Arizona  LW - 11
11. Missouri - Wondered last week if they could beat Oklahoma and Nebraska in back to back
      weeks. That’s a big negative. NEXT: @ Texas Tech. LW - 6
12. Oklahoma - Once upon a time a game this late against Texas A&M was nice tune up before
      an upcoming big game. But this year the Aggies are 5-3 and are easily the best of the all the
      teams called the Aggies. FBS and FCS. Impressive. NEXT: Texas A&M Aggies. (Not to be
      confused with the New Mexico St. Aggies, North Carolina A&T Aggies, UC Davis Aggies
      and the Utah St. Aggies, all of whom suck. Did you know that there are only three types of
      Aggies? Those who can count and those who can't. True story.) LW - 12
13. Arizona - Saw some analysts on ESPN make a point of mentioning if the Wildcats win the
      rest of their games they deserve a shot a the NC game. Even with one loss. Maybe, but there
      is no way Arizona gets past Stanford, USC, and Oregon. The gauntlet starts NEXT: @
      Stanford  LW - 14
14. Michigan St. - Ran out of luck. It was only a matter of time. Dantonio looks like he’s  
      building something pretty good in East Lansing. There has to be more behind it than fake
      punts and fake field goals. NEXT: Minnesota  LW - 5
15. LSU - Can Miles and the broken clock brigade hold back the Tide. Probably not. But if that
      stout LSU D can keep McElroy and company from scoring the Bayou Bengals could pull it
      off...on the last play of the game. Or so I choose to believe. NEXT: Alabama  LW - 15
16. Iowa - All hail the Sparty killers.  NEXT: @ Indiana  LW - 17
17. Oklahoma St. - The Cowboys are averaging 527 yards offense. Baylor is averaging 490 yards
      of offense. So...that means the team playing the best defense just might win. If either
      team decides to play any at all. NEXT: Baylor  LW - 21
18. Arkansas - Razorbacks and Gamecocks. Who wants to predict that game. A team that chokes
      in big game versus a team that chokes after they win the big one. NEXT: @ South Carolina 
      LW - 18
19. South Carolina - Do the Cocks got game against the Razorbacks? NEXT: Arkansas LW - 20
20. North Carolina State - Picked off the schizophrenic Seminoles. Now they must avoid
      becoming schizo themselves. NEXT: @ Clemson LW - NR
21. Baylor - Baylor is playing good football right now. I think they can beat Oklahoma St. But
      the Bears are entering uncharted territory for them. And none of their last three games will be
      easy. NEXT: @ Oklahoma St.  LW - 25
22. Mississippi St. - I’m still not sold on the Bulldogs. They just look like at any moment they
      will revert back to the crappy team with a fetish for cowbells we’re used to.
      NEXT: BYE  LW - 23
23. Nevada - Gave up 42 points to Utah State. In the second half no less. Sheesh! Learn to put a
      team away! NEXT: @ Idaho  LW - 24
24. Florida St. - What is it with schizophrenic teams in the state of Florida this season. It boggles
      the mind. Are you all off your meds. Did you know the two teams in Florida with the best
      record right now are Florida St. and Central Florida at 6-2. UCF is actually 6-2. Crazy year
      this is. NEXT: North Carolina  LW - 16
25. Virginia Tech - Ok, I’m finally starting to get over the loss to JMU enough to rank you. I still
      think it is utterly insane that a top - 25 ranked FBS team from a major conference (The ACC
      is still a major conference right?) has a loss to an FCS team. LW- NR

To the back of the line with you: USC, Miami, Fl

Waiting for their turn to get into the night club: Hawaii, Syracuse, USC, Northwestern, Maryland, Temple, Central Florida, Oregon St.

I'll leave you with this. I'm finding it harder and harder each week to leave my top 4 where I have them. They all have such different resumes. It really is hard because they all four are great teams. It not as if one of the four (Auburn, Boise St., Oregon, and TCU) is clearly weaker than the other. Hopefully every thing shakes out in the next few weeks. It would be unfair if an undeafeated team lost out on a chance at a national championship game.

Then again, who said football is fair?


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Posted on: November 6, 2010 1:58 am

2010 Top 25 Week 9


Just to help you out. Regarding insulting Purdue, and their redneck school. Using the terms Purdump, and Purdoo fit in better with the schools culture.

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Posted on: November 4, 2010 1:00 am

2010 Top 25 Week 9

Boise St averaging 515 yards of offense doesn't mean anything after you take into account who they are doing it against.  

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