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2010 Top 25 Week 10

Posted on: November 8, 2010 3:48 am

Four! That is number of undefeated teams left. Except these four are all legit. Oregon, Boise State, Auburn and TCU could all very well go undefeated. I can hear the chanting for playoffs now. Except it will never happen. I guess we can hope two of these four lose. Or not and we can sit back and watch the fireworks. And don't even ask about 1 loss teams. Every week the Final Four survives the more one loss teams look like wannabees. No, cry and scream all you want, because the pool from which the National Champion will emerge is now very small.

And now it's Top-25 time.  Enjoy my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land ... or not.

1. Oregon - Thank goodness for cruise control. Even in an off game they score 53.
    NEXT: @ California and the failed Tedford experiment.  LW - 1
2. Boise St. - Stomped Hawaii so bad they looked like a WAC team...Wait... NEXT: @
    Idaho (Playing for The Governors Trophy. Wonder if it comes with a free bag of potato
    chips?)  LW - 2
3. Auburn - There is an assumption on the part of many that surely the Tigers will lose before
    the season is over. And the assumption is Alabama is the one that will do it. I’m less sure
    every week Alabama can pull it off. It is @ Alabama though. NEXT: Georgia  LW - 3
4. TCU - Thought about moving TCU up. But everyone ahead of them have great wins too.
    It’s probably going to take a loss by someone ahead of them to move up.
    NEXT: San Diego St. LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - Still the best one loss team in my mind. NEXT: Indiana LW - 5
6. Stanford - Made Arizona look stupid. This game was never in doubt. Tree mascot is still
    dumb though. I would be ashamed to put that costume on. I thought Stanford students were
    smarter.  NEXT: @ Arizona St. LW - 10
7. LSU - Les and the Broken Clock Brigade seems to have all the parts back in place. I guess
    we are going to have to face it the Bayou Bengals know how to win...most of the time.
    NEXT: La. - Monroe LW - 15
8. Nebraska - Escaped. That’s how I’d describe the trip to Iowa St. Not so sure the
    Cornhuskers don’t have another loss in them. Maybe in a couple weeks at Texas A&M.
    They shouldn’t have any trouble with the Jayhawks...I think. NEXT: Kansas  LW - 7
9. Ohio St. - You know I can’t think of one useful thing to say about the Buckeyes. Oh well.
    NEXT: Penn St. (In a classic battle of logoless helmets.) LW - 9
10. Michigan St. - I probably shouldn’t have moved them so far down after the loss to Iowa.
     But it was a pretty bad loss. But being charitable as ever the Gophers served themselves up
     pipping hot on a golden platter to make the Spartans feel better. NEXT: BYE LW - 14
11. Oklahoma St. - Had 725 yards of offense against Baylor. That is just crazy. NEXT: BYE
      LW - 17
12. Alabama - The Tide is high and I’m moving on. You use to be...number 1. Que steel
      drums. NEXT: Mississippi State LW - 6
13. Iowa - Normally a hideously ugly win, like the one at Indiana, would get you dropped a
      few spots. But a win no matter how ugly is better that the slew or losses other teams in the
      top-25 suffered. NEXT: @ Northwestern LW - 16
14. Arkansas - The good news is they finally beat a ranked team, the bad news is the team
      they beat has made choking an art form. NEXT: UTEP  LW - 18
15. Utah - Oh that was ugly. Utes laid a full on egg in their own building. A rotten, smelly, nasty
      egg. Should be able to bound back against the Fighting Irish. ND is good for that
      nowadays. NEXT @ Notre Dame LW - 8
16. Arizona - I heard a cheerleader in their game against Stanford chanting UA, UA, UA. Why
      would an Arizona cheerleader want a pee test so bad? On another note I’m not so sure
      Matt Scott isn’t the better QB. Or maybe Foles was rusty or overrated...or something.
      NEXT: USC (The end of season gauntlet continues for the Wildcats) LW - 13
17. Missouri - As fast as the Tigers burst onto the scene they are fading off of it. See ya
      Mizzou. Your 15 minutes is up. NEXT: Kansas St. (K. State will probably win. They only
      lose when I rank them.)  LW - 11
18. Oklahoma - Is it me or is there a complete changing of the guard occurring in the Big XII -
      2? Teams like Okie St., Baylor, and Texas A&M are taking over the South. Nebraska is
      bailing for the Big 10 + 2. Texas sucks. And Oklahoma may lose a couple more games
      before the season is over. A lot of conferences have seen a changing of the guard over the
      last couple of years. NEXT: Texas Tech LW - 12
19. Mississippi St. - I have 5 teams from the SEC West ranked. But none from the East.
      Weird. I do have a feeling however in the coming weeks Florida will replace Mississippi St.
      And no I do not rank a predetermined number of SEC teams. NEXT: @ Alabama
      LW - 22
20. Nevada - Enjoyed a first class beat down of Idaho racking up 844 yards of offense. The
      Vandal D must have been on vacation and they substituted tackling dummies instead.
      NEXT: @ Fresno St. (Surely the Bulldog D will provide a little more resistance.)  LW - 23
21. Virginia Tech - FCS loss notwithstanding, yes I know I keep bringing this up, the Turkey
      Birds are in full control of the ACC now. Mainly because no one else wants it. I would be
      surprised if they lost anymore games in conference play. Now that I have said this you
      watch they’ll drop their next game. NEXT: @ North Carolina
22. Texas A&M - This is a surprise ranking for me. Didn’t think the Aggies had it in them.
      They started to look like they were entering full meltdown mode against the Sooners in the
      second half. A sweet 64 yard TD pass in the 4th was the dagger the Aggies slipped
      between the Sooner ribs and stopped their own bleeding. NEXT: @ Baylor LW - NR
23. USC - I know I’m a law breaker for ranking the Probationary Trojans. But they were
      banned from playing a bowl game not from playing good football. NEXT: @ Arizona
      LW - NR
24. Central Florida - Because I am determined to rank a team from Florida. It just happens to
      be UCF’s turn. NEXT: Southern Mississippi LW - NR
25. San Diego St. - It is really a shame they play TCU next week I’d love to rank the Aztecs
      more than just one week. Ah well. NEXT: @ TCU LW - NR

Egg sucking dogs: South Carolina, North Carolina State, Baylor, Florida St.

Waiting for their turn to get into the hen house: Temple, South Carolina, Florida, Baylor, North
Carolina, Florida St, Miami Fl (Unless your dumb enough to let Jacory Harris take another snap at QB ever again.), Navy, Penn St, Hawaii  

There have been a lot of shake ups this year. I'll bet there are a few more surprises in store. Come on admit it. Hasn't this year been fun? A lot more fun than a year that has only one number 1 team all year. Or are you like little kids that want the same story read to them over and over again because they know the ending? Boring.

College football I love it.

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