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2010 Top 25 Week 11

Posted on: November 16, 2010 2:30 pm

We are getting down to it folks. Most teams have only one or two games left. Of the unbeatens, TCU has the easiest path with a game at woeful New Mexico. Your supposed to start a season against a cup cake not end it. Oregon has Arizona and Oregon St. left. The Ducks might break a sweat against them but that's about it. Bosie actually has to play a couple of games that might make them break a sweat too. Fresno will bring their A game to Boise but the real test comes at Nevada. Auburn has the hardest road. The play at Alabama and then SEC conference championship versus South Carolina. With all that's going on with Cam Newton I can't see the Tigers winning both of these games. If they do they have earned the right to play for the national title hands down.

And now it's time for what this blog is all about. Please sit back enjoy a foamy coffee and an nice pastry and enjoy my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land .

1. Oregon - Win over Cal will win the Ducks no style points. But I was Impressed the Duck D
    limited Cal to less than 200 total yards. Also an offense that is used to striking fast held the
    ball for the final 9:30 of the game. You gotta know Tedford thought for sure his offense
    would get the ball back a couple of times before it was over. But instead the Cal offense got 
    to play bench warmers.  NEXT: Bye  LW-1
2. Boise St. - Spanked the Idaho JV team in the high school gym. That’s what it looked like on
    TV. Heard Vandal fans called Boise a former Truck Driving School. Funny stuff. Maybe
    they should have talked a little less smack and played a little more football.  NEXT: Fresno
    St.  LW - 2
3. Auburn - Fact. Cam stole a laptop. Fact. Except for establishing a patten of poor decisions
    the laptop is irrelevant. Fact. Cam is a great football player. Supposition. Cam is playing for
    money. Until I hear real evidence that changes supposition to fact here they will stay.
    NEXT: Bye LW - 3
4. TCU - San Diego St lost. But there is a little manufactured triumph for the Aztecs. They have
    made it known they are ready to fill the void left by Utah and BYU leaving. If TCU stays in
    the MWC it will have TCU, Boise St., Nevada, Fresno St, and San Diego St. there playing
    good  football. Yea, the Mountain West will be fine...if they can hold onto TCU.  NEXT:
    Bye LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - Note to people who cry because they feel the Badgers run up the score. It is the
    job of opposing defenses to limit the amount of points the Badgers score not the Wisconsin
    offense. Now run off to Mamby-Pamby Land, Jackwagons!  NEXT: @ Michigan (They
    might need those 83 points against the Wolverines. Will it be running up the score then?) 
    LW - 5
6. Stanford - Got a little help from visually impaired refs. But still put ASU away. By the way
    the Sun Devils lost to three ranked teams, Wisconsin, USC, and Stanford by combined 6  
    points. They are 8 points away from being 8-2 instead of 4-6.  NEXT: Bye  LW - 6
7. LSU - Feasted on Warhawks. NEXT: Ole Missoli Rebel Bear Thingies LW - 7
8. Nebraska - Still on track to leave the BIG XII - 2 as the best team in the conference. There  
    is no way the BIG XII - 2 doesn’t become weaker with out the Cornhuskers.  
    NEXT: @ Texas A&M  LW - 8
9. Ohio St. - The Buckeyes are quietly taking care of business at #9. Is it me or do the
    Buckeyes pretty much always quietly take care of business where ever they are ranked?  
    NEXT: @Iowa LW - 9
10. Michigan St. - After their bye week I almost forgot these guys existed. But this week the
      Spartans play the Jekyll and Hyde Boilermakers. Exactly how did they beat Northwestern
      in their building and lose to the Toledo Rockets at home? Ridiculous. NEXT: @ Purdue
      LW - 10
11. Oklahoma St. - Cowboys offense keep blazing along. And it seems even the defense has
      decided to play a little too.  NEXT: @ Kansas LW - 11
12. Alabama - For a second when I saw Saban yelling at back-up QB A.J. McCarron I
      thought I had accidently switched it too the South Carolina game. Then I realized I saw no
      visor. NEXT: Georgia State (Who? Next I’ll hear there is a Texas State.)  LW - 12
13. Arkansas - I’m just not sure about Mallett. Don’t get me wrong he is a good QB. But I just
      have this feeling that just before he plays his first NFL game someone is going to slip a
      jersey that says Leaf on the back.  NEXT: @ Cowbell State LW - 14
14. Missouri - Play the Cyclones. Who mainly cycle from good team, to bad team, to good
      team, to mainly bad team. Who will show up to play the Tigers. NEXT: @ Iowa St.
      LW - 17
15. Oklahoma - Have tough last two games at Baylor and at Okie St. I just don’t see the
      Sooners pulling both of these out. They have played three away games so far and only won
      one of  them. And that win was at Cincinnati by 2 points. And we all know good Cincinnati
      isn’t this year. NEXT: @ Baylor  LW - 18
16. Nevada - Struggled at Fresno. But Fresno always brings their A game for ranked
      opponents. Still The Bulldogs reinforced in my mind how weak the Wolf Pack D is. I think
     the Auburn defense is better. That’s pretty bad. NEXT: Tune up time with New Mexico St.
     (You watch. The Nevada defense will give up 24 points to the Aggies.)  LW - 20
17. Virginia Tech - Winning 8 in a row, the Turkey Birds are flying high now after having their
      goose cook by Boise and an FCS team that is now 5-5. Yikes. Still VT has engineered, see
      how I did that, a respectable season. NEXT: @ Miami, Fl  LW - 21
18. South Carolina - I sometimes I think the Gamecocks are an enigma, wrapped in a visor,
      wrapped in an overripe banana peel. Normally you just have to wait and either they will
      trip on visor or slip on a banana peel just when they should be cruising. And then out of
      nowhere they will bring their full on A game. Gators got a taste of that A game in their own
      building. NEXT: Troy (Banana peel time?)  LW - NR
19. USC - Looking better every week. Kiffen looks like he just might get to stick around after
      the Trojans get their ankle bracelets off. It looks like the Cover None defense is learning to 
      Cover Some...times too. NEXT: @ Oregon State (I suspect the mental fog that follows the 
      Trojans to Corvallis will lift this time.)  LW - 23
20. Texas A&M - You know I told an Aggies joke a couple of weeks ago and I feel bad so
      here’s another. Why did the Aggie get fired from the M&M plant as a quality control
      inspector? He kept throwing out all the W&W's!  NEXT: Nebraska (An Aggie win could  
      make things very messy in the BigXII - 2.)  LW - 22
21. Arizona - The Wildcats get a break and the four game gauntlet continues. They dropped the
      first two. I think after their bye they get abused by the Ducks and the Sun Devils, finishing
      with four game skid. Ouch. NEXT: Bye LW - 16
22. Iowa - I can no longer on any level justify having Iowa ranked ahead of Arizona. Doesn’t
      matter. I doubt, in a couple of weeks, I’ll have either team ranked. The point will be moot.
      NEXT: Ohio St.  LW - 13
23. Mississippi St. - Can’t punish the Cowbells to much for losing to the Tide. Everyone knew
      it was going to happen. They won’t be able to survive losing to Arkansas. NEXT: Arkansas
     LW - 19
24. Utah - The Utes have now entered full on meltdown mode. The meltdown should
      continue.  NEXT: @ San Diego St. LW - 15
25. Miami, FL - I debated which Florida team to rank here. For some reason I chose Miami.
      NEXT: Virginia Tech LW - NR

Exiled from the poll for bad football: UCF, San Diego St.

Looking for a reprieve: Northern Illinois, San Diego St., Florida St., Navy, Hawaii, Northwestern, North Carolina St., Temple, Syracuse.

We are in the home stretch now. Still some good football to be played yet. But I see some good bowls, and some not so good bowls around the corner.



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Posted on: November 17, 2010 1:52 am

2010 Top 25 Week 11

Georgia St - who?

Well, the Alabama vs Georgia St game actually has some notes of interest.    Not that they are going to really challenge Alabama on the scoreboard/field, but in other ways.

Georgia St is a new team, this is their first year.    They are actually having a pretty good season considering.    Alabama is playing them as a favor.

Their head coach is Bill Curry.    Who is an ex-Alabama coach.     And their starting QB is Star Jackson, who was Alabama's backup QB until the middle of last year, he transfered to Georgia St in the summer after getting passed on the depth chart.    So Alabama will be playing against a player who was on the team less than a year ago.

Anyway, they are an up and coming team and from what they have accomplished and what they have built up so far program wise, you'll probably be hearing about Georgia St alot more in the future(FCS wise).

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