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2010 Top 25 Week 12

Posted on: November 22, 2010 5:33 pm

Well its hate week in the SEC. Quite a few rivalries being played this week around the country in fact. None will have more eyes on it than the Iron Bowl. Cam leaves his ear plugs in to drown out distractions and travels to Tuscaloosa. I think the Tide will be ready for him.

Other big games include Arizona @ Oregon, Boise St. @ Nevada, Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St. and Michigan St. @ Penn St. All of these games will have a huge impact on who we see in the BCS games this year. And all of these games have upset potential.

So buckle up people, strap on your leather helmets, and be careful not to spill that beer because we are in the home stretch of the 2010 college football season.

And while your waiting take a gander at my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Had a successful bye week. Hey, I'm sure it's possible to screw up a bye week. 
    NEXT: Arizona  LW - 1
2. Boise St. - Fresno St couldn’t complain about the Bronco uniforms blending in with the turf.
    Those orange unis were definitely obvious out there on the blue. NEXT: @ Nevada LW - 2
3. Auburn - The Tigers bye week wasn’t as much fun. The stories about War Cam Eagle are
    not going away. And neither is the Tide. Could be a tough week for the Tigers. Then again  
    Cam seems to be deaf to all the noise. NEXT: @ Alabama LW - 3
4. TCU - The Frogs can do nothing else to help themselves. They are stuck behind Boise St.
    They could put up 100 points at New Mexico and it will do no good. NEXT: @ New 
    Mexico (If Mexico actually cared about college football they would ask the state of New  
    Mexico to change it’s name and the name of its colleges.) LW - 4
5. Wisconsin - The Baadgurzzz do can nothing more, at this point, than to just abuse their
    remaining opponents. Which is exactly what they have been doing. Say what you want 
    about Michigan’s defense but it gave up less points to Wisconsin than Indiana. It’s a good 
    thing I’m typing this I’d never be able to say it with a straight face. NEXT: Northwestern 
    LW - 5
6. Stanford - Luck is playing his way into the Heisman race. More importantly they just might
    find themselves an at large pick in a BCS bowl game. Not bad for a bunch of tree hugging  
    brainiacs. NEXT: Oregon St. LW - 6
7. LSU - No offense to the Fighting Mad Hatters, but they have no business playing for a
    national championship having not even won their division. I would rather see a one loss 
    Auburn, Oregon, or Wisconsin there. NEXT: @ Arkansas LW - 7
8. Ohio St. - Face it Buckeye fans, Wisconsin is not going to lose to Northwestern. Your
    chances of winning a Big 10+2 conference championship died with Dan Persa’s Achilles 
    tendon. NEXT: Michigan LW - 9
9. Oklahoma St. - All off season all we heard was how Nebraska was going to play
    Oklahoma or Texas in the BIGXII- 2 championship. Someone forgot to tell Oklahoma St. 
    and Missouri. NEXT: Oklahoma LW - 11
10. Michigan St. - Spartans trying like crazy to stave off a late season meltdown. Fortunately
     for them Purdue has meltdowns down to a science. NEXT: @ Penn St. LW - 10
11. Alabama - Defending national champs find themselves in odd territory this week, as
     spoilers. NEXT: Auburn LW - 12
12. Arkansas - I know I have been on the Razorbacks all year about winning the big one.
     Beating a team, like LSU, that seems to win against all odds would make it easier to believe 
     in them. NEXT: LSU LW - 13
13. Nebraska - Bo Pelini seemed to be doing his best Nick Saban imitation with Taylor
     Martinez. Except Saban looked like he was doing some zealous coaching and Pelini was  
     having a zealous meltdown. Blaming the officials every week is getting old too. You can’t 
     tell me the officials were the primary reason the Cornhuskers scored only 6 points. NEXT: 
     Colorado (I’ll laugh if Colorado gets the benefit of some questionable officiating calls since
     the Buffs are also moving out of the BigXII-2 too.) LW - 8
14. Missouri - Finishes the season with the biggest love filed rivalry since the crusades.
     Sometimes I wish they would stop just playing around and finally nuke each other. 
     NEXT: @ Kansas LW - 14
15. Oklahoma - The Sooners last regular season game with Okie St. features two of the best
     offenses in the country. So naturally it will be the team that plays the best defense that 
     will win. Makes sense to me. NEXT @ Oklahoma St. LW - 15
16. Nevada - I think the Wolf Pack has a real chance to beat Boise St. A real small one that is.
     NEXT: Boise St. LW - 16
17. Virginia Tech - The Fighting Tyrod Turkey Birds are still waiting to see who, from the
     Atlantic division, wants to offer themselves up as a sacrifice in the ACC championship game
     NEXT: Virginia LW - 17
18. Texas A&M - After a 9-6 win over the Cornhuskers I can’t help but tell at least one more
     Aggie joke. The Aggies were playing Baylor. It was near the end of the game and Baylor  
     was ahead by 4. Someone threw a firecracker and the Bears thought it was the gun and 
     ran off the field celebrating. Three plays later the Aggies scored and won!! NEXT: Texas 
     (Remember when Texas was the good team rubbing the Aggies noses in their mediocrity? I 
     think A&M is going to take out a lot of frustration on the Longhorns.) LW - 20
19. South Carolina - Hopefully the Gamecocks will avoid looking ahead of Clemson to their 
     show down against Auburn. History says otherwise. NEXT: @ Clemson LW - 18
20. Arizona - Arizona and Iowa have been best buds hanging around each other in the polls.
     After this weekends showdown with Oregon the Wildcats will have the opportunity to join 
     the Hawkeye’s in the unranked section. NEXT: @ Oregon LW - 21
21. North Carolina St. - You know every time I rank these guys they promptly lose. But the
     football gods appeared to be with the Wolfpack this week. So I’ll give them another try.
     By the way. Has anyone noticed that N. C. State spells Wolfpack as one word, and 
     Nevada spells it as two words? My spell check only complains when I spell it as one 
     word. Just saying. NEXT: @ Maryland LW - NR
22. Florida St. - Every week it is getting harder and harder to find a team from Florida to rank.
     It’s FSU’s turn. They will of course blow it versus Florida. Then it will be the Gator’s turn 
     to be ranked. NEXT: Florida LW - NR
23. Utah - I was all ready to pull the Utes from my top-25 until they went all shootout on the
     Aztecs. NEXT: UNLV LW - 24
24. Northern Illinois - NIU’s debut in my poll my may have more to do with my unwillingness
     to rank a 4 loss team than how I feel about the Huskies. But here they are. We will see if 
     they stay. NEXT: @ E. Michigan LW - NR
25. Hawaii - You know the Warriors have a killer offense. In fact they have the #1 passing
     attack in the country. Bryant Moniz threw for a school record 560 yards this week end. 
     More than Colt Brennan passed for. And they beat Nevada. So they have earned the final 
     spot in this weeks top-25.

End of season meltdown fully in progress: USC, Iowa, Mississippi St., Miami, Fl

Looking for a last chance gas station: USC, Iowa, Mississippi St., Navy, UCF, West Virginia, Florida


You all have to admit this has been a different kind of year in college football. Mixed in with the big power house teams we see Non AQ teams and teams that are just now coming into their own. It's been a fun year not just talking about the same old teams. Change is good. And college football is the greatest sport there is.



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