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2010 Top 25 Week 13

Posted on: November 29, 2010 5:04 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2010 1:09 pm

Crazy week end in Football. I'm stunned Boise lost. The best I thought Nevada would do is toy with us and pretend to make it a game. Of course for it to happen a kicker normally money turned into a shankapotomus x2. So unless Oregon St. pulls off the impossible and South Carolina pulls off the barely possible we are going to see an Oregon / Auburn National Championship game.

It ticks me off though that Oregon is number 2, two one-thousandths behind Auburn in the BCS now. Not because I'm an ego maniacal Duck fan. But because being number one will give Auburn first choice in what jerseys to wear. That will limit what Oregon can choose. Since The War Cam Eagles will wear their dark blue jerseys that means Oregon will probably wear all white unis with white helmets. I'm partial to the black unis and black helmets.  

But I get ahead of myself. There is still one more game to play. And if there is one thing I've learned from the Boise St. / Nevada game it's one more game means one more chance to choke. Choke and all you dreams go up in smoke. 

So say hooray for multiple uniform combinations. Get ready for a Civil War that's no where near the south. A SEC championship game that doesn't involve Alabama or Florida. And keep your eyes on the guys wearing Zebra stripes in the BIGXII-2 championship game.

And don't forget to enjoy my my top 25 ballot for The Best D@mn Poll In The Land.


1. Oregon - Cal game is ancient history now. Duck offense just fine. In fact I think one thing
   was learned by the Ducks in the Cal game has carried over. Grinding it out on the ground  
   isn’t necessarily a bad thing. LW - 1 NEXT: @ Oregon St.
2. Auburn - My new solid number 2. But can they beat the Gamecocks again? I hard to beat a
   team twice in one year. LW - 3 NEXT: South Carolina (SEC conference championship  
3. TCU - I was wondering what it would take to get TCU in the 3 spot. Boise losing worked
   like a charm. LW - 4 (Regular Season Over)
4. Wisconsin - Are they running up the score or does their competition suck so bad that even
   if the Badgers were in a coma they’d still slice through opposing defenses like a hot knife 
   through butter? LW - 5 (Regular Season Over)
5. Stanford - The two best teams in the PAC-10 will be in the same division in the PAC-12.
   I think I sense a new rivalry developing. Not that they liked each other before.
   LW - 6 (Regular Season Over)
6. Ohio St. - Cool red helmets. Welcome to the dark side. LW - 8 (Regular Season Over)
7. Michigan St. - Something just seems a little off with the Spartans. Plus that loss to Iowa
   looking worse every week. In fact Michigan St. is the only team in my top-9 that has a loss
   to a team that is no longer ranked. LW - 10 (Regular Season Over)
8. Boise St. - This was a tough one for me. But I couldn’t take them completely out of the
   top-10. Anyone who saw the game knows that the football gods were against Boise that  
   night. I’ll credit Nevada with the win. But who in the world would have thought a kicker that  
   was 13 of 16 in kicking field goals this season would shank two chip shots. I’ve already 
   started to hear his name spoken in the same breath as Scott Norwood. Such is football. Still 
   I think they can hang with any team in college football. Don’t tell Nevada though. 
   LW - 2 NEXT: Utah St.
9. Arkansas - Solved the Mad Hatter puzzle with some magic of their own and won a big
   game. As long as Auburn doesn’t blow it these little piggies will be bowling for sugar cubes.
   LW - 12 (Regular Season Over)
10. Nebraska - Their plans to steal the BIGXII-2 trophy and run away to the Big10+2 right
   on track...sort of. They’ll need Taylor Martinez to get past the Sooners.  
   NEXT: Oklahoma (Last BIGXII-2 conference championship game ever) LW - 13
11. Nevada - A lot of people believe there are no good teams in the WAC but Boise. But I
   believe when you have a totally dominant team like Boise in your conference you have two 
   choices. You can just roll over and bow to the dominance of that team or you can elevate 
   your play. Recruit better. Practice better. And work to knock off that team. Teams like 
   Nevada and Hawaii are surely sick of hearing Boise this and Boise that. But lets face it 
   Bosie has forced some teams in it’s conference to improve to compete. The WAC is no 
   longer a one team conference. Of course next year it probably won’t be a conference at all.
   NEXT: La. Tech LW - 16 
12. Missouri - Why do I have the Tigers ahead of Oklahoma? Because they beat the Sooners.
   And I think if they played again Missouri would win again. (Regular Season Over)
   LW - 14
13. Oklahoma - Well the team with the most BIGXII championship game appearances is
   going back again. Nothing like consistency. If you like re-runs. By the way the Sooners 
   have been there 7 times and are 6-1. Doesn’t look good for the Cornhuskers. 
   NEXT: Nebraska (BIGXII-2 conference championship game) LW - 15
14. LSU - Smoke and mirrors only works so long before someone sees though the ruse. Best
   way to combat smoke and mirrors is with smoke and mirrors of your own. I wonder if right 
   now Les Miles is complaining about how lucky that Arkansas team is? 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 7
15. Oklahoma St. - Did you know the Cowboy’s pass defense is ranked 110th in the nation.
   That five places worse than Michigan. And the entire state of Michigan is calling for the 
   Wolverine defensive coordinators head. Okie St. will never get past a pass happy 
   Oklahoma Sooners in the future to win the BIGXII-2 without improving that pass defense. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 9  
16. Virginia Tech - The Turkey Birds have definitely saved a season the was a smoking wreck
   a few weeks ago. But I gotta say I’ve seen some voters ranking VT as high as 7th. 
   Really!?! I’m mean come on, Really!?! And then ranking a one loss Boise, who beat VT by 
   the way, Seven spots lower. Even the Coaches poll put Boise ahead of VT. And don’t get 
   me started on ranking a two loss team who lost to an FCS team in the top -10 at all. Sigh.  
   LW - 17 NEXT: Florida St. (ACC conference championship game)
17. South Carolina - Note to the Ole Ball Coach. Bench Garcia again and the result against
   Auburn will be the same. You WILL lose. NEXT: Auburn (SEC conference championship 
   game) LW - 19
18. Alabama - Probably the best 3 loss team in the country for what it’s worth. But gotta rank
   them behind South Carolina. You know that whole head to head thing and all. Just a tip for 
   the future. You receivers can support your freshman QB coming in at the last second by 
   catching the ball. Just thought I’d pass that on. (Regular Season Over) LW - 11
19. Texas A&M - >Insert Aggies joke here.< (Regular Season Over) LW - 18
20. Florida St. - Contractual obligations require me to rank a Florida team. NEXT: Virginia
   Tech (ACC conference championship game.) LW - 22
21. Utah - That was one heck of a Holy War. Notice how I put heck and holy in the
   same sentence? The game didn’t look to holy to me. Doubt the Utes care. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - 23
22. Hawaii - The Warriors win over Nevada looking pretty good right about now. Yes that
   loss to Colorado wasn’t their most glorious moment. But the Buff had flashes of greatness 
   this year. Like when they beat Georgia and Kansas St. NEXT: UNLV LW - 25
23. Northern Illinois - Laid a Wisconsin like beat down on E. Michigan. NEXT: Miami, Oh
   (MAC conference championship game) LW - 24
24. West Virginia - Finally we’ve have a Big East sighting in the top-25. Funny thing is
   with one week to go there is still a chance 5 of the 8 teams in the Big East could finish in a 
   tie for first. This conference has got to get it’s act together or give up it’s AQ status.
   NEXT: Rutgers LW - NR
25. Maryland - The Turtles saved their best for last beating a ranked N.C. State team who
   clearly hated to be ranked and was in a hurry to return to obscurity. 
   (Regular Season Over) LW - NR

Teams in a hurry to return to obscurity: N.C. State, Arizona

Arrived too late to get on the top-25 bus: UCF, Mississippi St, UConn, Navy, San Diego St, Tulsa, Arizona


Has anyone noticed all three of the current independent teams wear gold helmets. I think they should just find five more teams wearing gold helmets and form a conference called the Golden Dome Conference. Or GDC for short. Just a thought. Till next week. Last top-25 before teams go bowling.






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