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2011 NFL Power Rankings, Week 14

Posted on: December 15, 2011 10:45 pm
Another really quick turnaround as the Thursday night game is just about to start.  My bad!  All in all, a pretty nondescript week as the only unexpected results occurred in Cincy and Dallas.

Here are the standings for Week 14:

Prisco: 12-4
Red: 11-5
King: 11-5

I missed out on Tampa, Miami, and San Francisco, in addition to the aforementioned Cincy and Dallas.  The NFC East is really annoying; had the Cowboys won, they would control their own destiny.  Now they probably have to win out to get the division title, since it's looking unlikely a Wild Card will come from the East.

Here are the Rankings for Week 14:

1.) Green Bay (14-0) [no change]
 This train keeps rolling, even with the (temporary?) loss of Greg Jennings.  With as many receivers as they have, it shouldn't adversely affect the Packers, but stranger things have happened.  The schedule is quite favorable too.

2.) New Orleans (10-3) [+1]
 It's looking more and more like that Week 1 matchup highlighted the two best teams in the NFC.  I thought it was San Francisco, but losses to Baltimore and Arizona (seriously?) seem to have exposed them.  The Saints, for their part, had a bit of trouble with Tennessee, but finally pulled away late.

3.) Houston (10-3) [+1]
 Thanks to Tennessee losing, the Texans are AFC South champs for the first time ever.  That means they'll get a playoff berth for the first time ever as well.  I didn't see that coming.  Nor did I think T.J. Yates would be as successful as he has.  Other teams have replaced their starter for various reasons, and none of them have performed like Yates.

4.) Pittsburgh (10-3) [+1]
 Ben Roethlisberger looked good after what seemed to be a really ugly injury.  I'm not sure they'll catch and pass Baltimore to win the AFC North, but a Wild Card seems to be sewn up.

5.) New England (10-3) [+1]
 As expected, the cupcake schedule is benefitting the Pats, though their defense isn't making it any easier.  They get the feisty Broncos this week, and I'm expecting good things all around when Brady shuts everyone up.

6.) Baltimore (10-3) [+1]
 After a cupcake game against the winless Colts, the Ravens take on San Diego in Week 15.  Funny how much winning games has covered up Joe Flacco's previously inconsistent play.

7.) San Francisco (10-3) [-5]
 I certainly didn't expect the 49ers to drop one to a not particularly good Arizona team.  And now that they have, I have to wonder whether or not they should still be considered an elite team.  I'm leaning toward no right now.  They've come back to the pack with the rest of the good teams, but they're no longer separate from them like Green Bay is.

8.) NY Jets (8-5) [+1]
 The last three teams in this week are part of the amorphous group just behind the good teams.  All three look a bit more questionable to some degree.  The Jets get Philadelphia this week, and I'm not sure I like that matchup.

9.) Atlanta (8-5) [-]
 It's looking good for the Falcons in the NFC.  Hard to see any of the teams behind them catching up for a Wild Card.

10.) Detroit (8-5) [-]
 Similarly, the Lions seem to be just good enough to gain a Wild Card while other teams are dropping off.

Tennessee and Oakland dropped out this week, but I have a feeling that one or both of them might come back shortly.  You never know with how some of these teams in the bottom part of the Rankings play.  Not a whole lot of consistency to be found outside of the top 5-7.

Thanks for reading.  See you next week! 
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