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Land of the free...ish

Posted on: July 28, 2009 10:31 am
Michael Vick did a terrible thing. Something that most people can not possibly even consider, let alone actually participate in. He was caught and punished, as he should have been. He was sentenced to jail time and used as a whipping boy for animal abuse for the last three years, probably deservingly so.

Furthermore we live in a time when 18-22 year old KIDS are given millions of dollars to play a game, many of whom come from tough neighborhoods and we expect them to never make mistakes. At the age of 21, who among us hasn't made a terrible decision, or gotten caught up in something that he saw as wrong only after we got caught? To say that you have not done something of this sort is to have not lived. People make mistakes, we are imperfect by nature and Michael Vick is a perfect example of this.

In my lifetime I have seen people turn their life around from addictions to alcohol or drugs. I have seen people come out of prison and become model citizens. I have also seen them come out only to end up right back on the wrong side of the law. They all deserve one thing though and that is a second chance; and Michael Vick is no different.

The road for him is going to be tough and there is no reason that it shouldn't be. He has earned every bump and hurdle that he comes across. He has also earned the right to a second chance to be the person he wasn't ready to be before this. At one time I'm sure that Vick felt "untouchable", but that day I'm sure has gone. There was a time I'm sure when Vick thought that his status and more importantly, his money, could keep him insulated from things like this...not anymore.

I have two dogs myself and I can't even watch those animal abuse commercials because they make me sick to think about it, so believe me I hate Michael Vick with every fiber of my being; but what good comes from him being cast off, never given his second chance?

We live in America, were killers of animals and people are given the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and get another chance at life. Football is the only path for Michael Vick that DOESN'T lead right back down the road to jail. Football is the only avenue for him to repay society for what he's done by using the money he makes to help other young kids headed down the same path he took; and if he can stop just one young person from going down that road, isn't it all worth it.

Go to the games and boo him, I will. Let's just make sure he's there to be booed.
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