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Posted on: July 31, 2009 1:18 pm
So now we have 2 more names linked to infamous 2003 list. Someone is leaking information that was supposed to be destroyed. There is a feeling that someone from MLB is doing this to discredit the players union. I am not saying that this is true, just that some feel this way. It should be pointed out that there has been performance enhancers used in the major leagues for many, many years. It has been well documented the use of "uppers" have been around since the 50's. There is now this outcry to release the names, clean up the game etc. etc. etc. For as long as baseball has been around, there was always someone trying to gain an advantage. It is the nature of competitive sports. From the time kids are in high school ( and some even earlier ) they look at the professional athletes and try to emulate them. When I was younger I heard stories about many of my childhood idols, doing what needed to be done to make it as a professional. At first I thought that meant hard work and determination. How naive I was. What people need to understand about this list is in 2003, MLB was still in denial about the widespread use of PED's in baseball, so they decided to do a test ( that was supposed to be anonymous) to see how widespread it actually was. When they realized that Jose Canseco was right and 60% or more were using, they implemented a drug policy. The names on the list should never have been kept or known. However it was. Do they now release the names? Or do we do a slow simmer for the next 10 years as names start leaking out? I personally feel that from 1995 on the use of PED's was at it highest levels. From over the counter products purchased at GNC to substances obtained from places like BALCO. Do I feel all records obtained from that time on are tainted? NO I do not. Will that change the game of baseball? No. You see The owners and the union, do not care what the fans think. As long as they continue to pay their hard earned money to go to games, purchase shirts and baseball caps. Baseball will continue to allow this kind of crap to continue. As the saying goes " Chicks dig the Long Ball ". Bud Selig allowed this to happen. While they have this drug policy in place as a good public relations cover-up, it is a Band-Aid on the problem. What baseball should do now is make steroids legal. Let them all use them. Of course what they should do to correct the situation first, is to void every contract in baseball, start with a clean slate. Go back to day baseball, doubleheaders, $1.00 hot dogs at a game and tickets that you don't have to take out a second mortgage to purchase. In other words since baseball refused to think about the fans for the last 20 years. How about doing something for them now? Make them all freaks who use drugs, big headed, muscle bound jerks ( something like WWE ) who are their for our entertainment and every October we can have Worldseriesmania. "Lets Get Ready To Rumble"
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Steroids,Steroids, get your Steroids

My favorite was the 'shock' that the name David Ortiz surfaced.
Yeah, you can't hit homers in a place nicknamed the 'Homer Dome', but all of a sudden, you go to Boston  and you're jacking them out of Fenway for years - one of the most unfriendly parks for lefties.

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