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Posted on: August 21, 2009 10:30 am
Why are athletes never ready to retire?
In my life it started with Michael Jordan, Brett Favre and now John Shmoltz. All of these players have had great careers and are all going in to the Hall of Fame in their respective sports. Why can they not go off into the sunset with grace. They have made millions of dollars on and off the playing field. When your time is up and your career is over please just say goodbye. Why must we have retire parties 2 and 3 times before you actually leave. If you are a middle of the road player I can almost understand trying to keep your career alive. But the likes of Michael Jordan is rated as one of the best basketball players of all times, as is Favre and Shmoltz. Each time they retire and come back they do not do even half as good as they did when they played before retiring.
Michael Jordan will not be remembered for his time in Washington, Brett Favre did nothing with the Jets and does anybody believe he will take the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl this year. As for John Shmoltz he has gone from a starter to a reliever and then back to a starter after major surgery, please just say you are done, you have gone to ST. Louis in hopes of regaining your stardom and carrying them to the playoffs, but we have just watched your last year and only their explosive offense will help you make it to the 5th inning and beyond.
When it is time to retire all athletes should go out on top of their sport and say THANKYOU for a great career.
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Posted on: April 11, 2010 9:01 pm
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More than anything I think the reason these guys all struggle to retire is because of the competition and the limelight, not the money or even winning (in most cases).  I have never met Jordan, but from everything you read and hear, he sounds like an ultra-competitive person - which he has to be to be as good as he was.  Jordan didn't need the money.  Favre didn't need the money.  Sure Favre took the Jets and Vikes jobs to "win", but why not just go to the Patriots, Colts, etc. and be a back up?  Those teams were all set going into the season, and he opted to be the #1 guy with a couple of teams that have most of the parts in place.

There will never be definitive reasons for why these guys don't just retire.  I doubt even they can narrow down their reasons when they make these decisions.  But it is very addicting to have thousands of people adoring you, even vilifying you, and then all of a sudden you shut it down and no one cares what you are doing anymore. 

On another note, being married with children, I can't imagine leaving the workplace and spending majority of my time at home delivering kids to various activities and not having the comradery that you have with your teammates or competition.  There are very few Sunday nights that I don't feel like Monday 8am can't come soon enough after two full days of three kids under the age of 4!!! 

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Everything with Farve has gotten to the point where it's a joke.  I'm a New Yorker, and all of last year I couldn't stand hearing Farve's name.  After last season, I thought that I was done with it.  Now he drags it on another entire year with Minnesota.  I was a Farve fan (besides the 2007 NFC confrence game)  and now I can't stand him.  He has to make up his mind along with the others.  I also heard that there was another guy on the Pats that came back from retirement, but I don't know his name.  I understand it in certain situations, like the Islander's coach Al Arbour, who had 1499 wins and came back for one game to make it 1500, or like in the movie Mr. 3000, who was short three base hits from 3000, but in general it doesn't make any sense.  Why come back at 45 to make yourself more money when you have enough and you will only be signed becasue of you're past, not you're current, talent.

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Posted on: September 8, 2009 1:23 pm


I still get nauseous when I think about a Jordan in a Wizards jersey. I can understand why he retired the first time but the second time I thought it was final. He gave me six of the greatest years of my life and I will always love him. Heck the other 10 years he gave me weren't so bad either. But the championship years 91-93 96-98 are untouchable.

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