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Time and Place

Posted on: June 11, 2011 9:48 am
Statement time ....
There is a time and place for everything ....
I have a lot of fun on Facebook, reuniting with long lost family and old friends. It's very interesting, AND nice to see what folks are now up to and read about their kids.
Since joining FB ... I have been a part of creating 'The Shindig Committee', which brought together a lot of people who haven't seen each other for many years, and we have had a blast with that. I reunited with my half-sister and our family is feeling complete. I am now 'FB Friends' with other family members whom I lost contact with as we were raising families and working and no longer had the time to dedicate to each other. AND .... I have made NEW FRIENDS! Some were complete strangers from different parts of the country who share a faith or an interest with me, and some were people who I went to school with, but in such a big school as AAHS, I never really got to know. I have also been a part of quite a few prayer groups that have touched my heart in a profound way.
And for those who knew me growing up, I'm a pretty easy target to bust chops on. I was definitely 'out there' with my personality and was definitely not shy about my pursuits in athletics. And I am a REALLY GOOD SPORT about all of that .... 8-). I KNOW that I was a little 'over the top' at times when I was young, and I can make fun of myself and take good natured ribbing .... not a problem.
When it comes to my friends or family posting things about their kids and their accomplishments, I only respond with encouragement and good words to their posts. IF I feel the need to bust the parents chops, I would write my own thing on their wall .... not add it to the string on their original post. Those posts about their kids are for their families & friends are meant as an encouragement to their kids, and often the child it is about is going to read that post.
No hard feelings, but when I post something about my kids, it's for encouragement or to give them due respect for accomplishing something. My son has had some ups & downs since graduating from high school, and when he chooses to do something to move on with an 'adult life', such as going to Culinary School, I am going to encourage him in this very public way. I'm proud of him for not giving up and continuing to attempt to find his path in life. And when I post something about my daughters playing sports, it's about THEM .... NOT about me. Neither showed the interest at the age of 6, and I chose not to PUSH them into it .... they began to play sports a little later than a lot of kids. They asked me to help them ... and I dedicate A LOT of time to practicing with them on our own. THEY do the work, however. We even did our own 'Fall Clinic' for softball, and invited the other girls from the area to join in ..... they got a lot out of this .... and yes, I coached it, but again THEY are the ones doing the work.
ANYTHING that my daughters accomplish in sports are from their own efforts, and we have a lot of catching up to do. WE ALL work at this.
Sooooo .... if you want to bust my chops, GO FOR IT!!! It's often funny and I'm all good with it!!! I will laugh and bust your chops back. I might even throw some of my stats back at you .... not to brag, just in fun .... but remember, YOU opened THAT DOOR, LOL!
But please do it in a separate post on my wall, and NOT as a comment onto one of my posts about my girls. My daughters deserve more respect than that. And quite frankly .... so do I.
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