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Illinois under attack by distorters

Posted on: September 4, 2010 10:45 pm
Edited on: October 11, 2010 8:39 pm

Illinois's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, is under attack by those attempting to distort him, calling him a "dork". It came from the Kentucky-Memphis scandal created by John Calipari. He was accused of recruiting Derrick Rose, who got his friend to take the SAT for him, when he accused Michael O'Brien and Bruce Weber of a recruiting scandal involving Anthony Davis, who is recruited by Kentucky.

"Doyell believes that Michael O'Brien (whom he says he does not know at all) is "tied to the University of Illinois, " and that, "...if anybody is behind this, [Illinois head coach Bruce] Weber is behind it."  His reasoning?  Weber "...doesn't lose very well, and he unfortunately loses recruits left and right.  Nobody loses more recruits than Bruce Weber.  That oughta be on his Coat of Arms."

Doyel went on to say that he thinks Weber is a bad recruiter "...because frankly, he's a dork."  He thinks that Weber fed something to O'Brien, and O'Brien ate it up."


Here are others who are trying to do the same:


"Weber is also a sore loser.....just sayin......."


"Weber is in fact a dork.  I met him a half dozen times when he was at SIUC and dork was my impression. He even laughs wrong--like Mr. Rodgers yanking one off or something.

Doyle seems to think he's also a sore loser who started the Anthony Davis rumor.  Maybe or maybe not. If he did, that's kind of pathetic. 

That aside, he does seem like a decent person and well meaning enough in the rest of his life.  But yeah, kind of dorky."


"Without a doubt.  Dork cries in the media so much it's embarrassing.  He always plays the 'victim card' too.  He also barely disciplines his players when they commit crimes.

Can you tell I have no respect for the man?"


If Calipari gets in trouble for recruiting a player who got one of his friends to take the SAT for him, he should get his 38-2 record vacated. However, instead of doing so, he blames Bruce Weber for bribing Anthony Davis to play for Illinois, and he even calls him a "dork"!. What is their plan here? Their plan is to destroy Bruce Weber's reputation by getting him accused by the NCAA for bribery and corruption, so Calipari can go scot-free. This is what they are trying to do here: blame-shifting Weber so that they can clear themselves. So we need to protect Bruce Weber and the Illinois basketball program from those imposters. We need to expose them so we can keep the integrity of the Fighting Illini and keep Weber innocent. We should not let those imposters ruin our basketball program. We must stand up and defend the Fighting Illini to keep them from destroying our basketball program, because if we stand up, then they will be exposed for who they really are.

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