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What now?

Posted on: August 12, 2009 1:57 pm

First, I would like to start by saying that I am impressed with the two games the US men won and most of all the game against Spain. What i am not impressed by was how they collapsed in the finals after leading the first half by 2 goals. Not only did they lose 3-2 but they let up a goal in the first 5 mins of play, the ultimate no-no in coming out of the locker roon with a lead.

By the end of this game they not only were hard to watch but they struggled to only lose by one. America understands the great challenge in beating both Spain and Brazil back-to-back but dont tease us with a two goal lead at half time just to prove things have not changed and the world will continue to ignore US soccer as potential threat.

America has a taste for a sport that has pysical triumph and domination. They like to watch as a hero falls or as a star rises to dominate. We apriciate hard hits fantastic skill and pure emotions. Soccer has them all yet we cannot seem to bring about more of an interest in it because the fact is we are North Americentric. We will only care if we are the best or close to the best which is a shame because it is such a great sport to be a fan of. No one is crazier, has more fun, and has more chants and cheers than that of a soccer fan.

I want this nightmare to be over in terms of its just annoying to see the US Soccer team come close to glory then waste it in an embarrasing manner.

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