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Drekbay, Wisconsin

Posted on: September 7, 2009 3:15 am
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This message has been removed by the administrator.I am in green bay wi watching the packers hand it to the buffalo buffalos. At the same time I am in the dells searching for clues to free a trapped sorcerer. While in the same moment my mind is being blown by a the world's largest carousel. Yet during the same instant blog entry deuce is being rattled off. You see it has been discovered that all moments occur in the same space and time. This was realized at a 4D ripley's believe it or not viewing. As I unlocked a secret door to free the earth sorcerer a homophobic sconi called every single huddling football player a fagot. I realized the world view had not changed because it all happened the instant knife went into a succession of vomiting and no one lost.

re: Bander Inc
Osakis football > Green Bay football
re: dedman
You are punching a hole in that cow right now.
re: Mr. Pea
I am a homer.

PS I hope this title doesn't get me banned from blog wars.

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