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What Have You done for me lately?

Posted on: September 26, 2009 2:52 pm
It seems like that question is asked to quickly in today's computer commercial empire NFL. I mean look at John Fox. Already people want his head and the guy has never been a bad coach. He just had a twelve and four season last year and fans want the Panthers to look at Bill Cowher who couldn't win a Superbowl in Pittsburgh until over a decade of head coaching. Fans after that same impressive twelve and four season want the Panthers to fire Jake Delhomme for....nobody.
Then you get the Dallas Cowboys who can't win without Tony Romo. At least that was the case last year. The guy led the offense to put up thirty points on the New York Giants after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the fans want his head already claiming he sucks and this and that. It's only been two weeks people. Some guys get trapped in slumps. In fact...everybody does.

How long do you have to be patient with a guy and how lately back do you have to look to ask the question that everybody demands? The whole crap of "it's not personal it's just business". You're talking about People's jobs. You're harrassing them over how much they get paid. Then you resort to namecalling and passionate cheering and some even get violent at some of the games. How is this not personal?
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