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Week 2 Power Rankings

Posted on: September 15, 2009 8:43 pm
Though it's hard to gauge how good teams really are after one week, I've drafted my Power Rankings for the upcoming Week 2.  Enjoy!

32) St. Louis Rams (28).  They could give the 2008 Lions a run for their money.  The only shining light is that their defense was only slightly below average.

31) Detriot Lions (30).  I don't care if they put up 27 points, they were playing a terrible Saints defense.  Stafford didn't play well either.

30) Kansas City Chiefs (32).  They gain two spots only because they put up 24 points against a great Baltimore team.  It will be interesting to see how Cassel does in his return.

29) Cleveland Browns (31).  AP ran all over them, but they managed to initially make a game out of it.  Quinn will only get better, hopefully.

28) Cincinnati Bengals (23).  The Broncos defense is supposed to be bad, yet they only score 7 points.  They should have won, but even if they did they would still be down here.

27) Denver Broncos (29).  Though they barely won, they still need to vastly improve in order to challenge the Chargers for the division.

26) Houston Texans (16).  Boy was I wrong last week.  They looked terrible against the Jets, and Andre Johnson almost had no effect.  They have to bounce back next week.

25) Jacksonville Jaguars (24).  I don't know what to make of this game to be honest.  Their defense heldn the Colts to 14 points, but their offense looks very bad.

24) Oakland Raiders (27).  Great showing against San Diego.  I'm still not convinced they're an above average team, but I could very well be proved wrong in the next few weeks.

23) Miami Dolphins (20).  Turnovers killed them, which is something they avoided last year.  I don't see them repeating as division champs.

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26).  Just like the Jaguars, I don't know where to place this team.  Dallas passed all over their defense, but they're offense looked better than anticipated.  Cadillac Williams looked amazing.

21) Arizona Cardinals (18).  Warner looked old.  They could easily lose 3-4 division games this year if they continue to play like that.

20) Buffalo Bills (22).  They were a fumble away from winning, and showed that their offense exists.  They should bounce back from that agonizing defeat next week against the Bucs.

19) Chicago Bears (15).  There's not a heck of a lot going for them after losing Urlacher and Cutler's terrible performance.  Less turnovers, more wins.

18) San Francisco 49ers (25).  Great win against the former division champs.  It may be them and the Seahawks contending for the top spot this year.

17) Washington Redskins (14).  They didn't show up offensively.  Campbell looked good at times, but their running game struggled.

16) Seattle Seahawks (19).  Hasselbeck is back.  Their defense really showed the Rams who's boss, but they'll face a tougher 49er defense next weekend.

15) Dallas Cowboys (21).  Tony Romo and Roy Williams showed that they meant business.  With a win next week they could be the team to beat in the NFC.

14) Carolina Panthers (6).  Wow, Jake Delhomme was bad.  If he plays poorly next weekend, they'll be looking for someone else to step up.

13) New Orleans Saints (13).  Same story as last year: their offense looked great, their defense looked bad.  They should not have let the Lions score that many points.

12) New York Jets (17).  Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan may save this team.  If they can win against the Pats next week, they could legitimately make a run at the playoffs.

11) Tennessee Titans (9).  Chris Johnson was held to minimal yardage, which hurt them.  The defense did look good, especially against the run.

10) Philadelphia Eagles (12).  What a blowout.  Their defense proved me wrong and make have taken Delhomme's starting job from him.

9) Minnesota Vikings (10).  It was close early on, but Peterson showed why he was ranked the best running back in the game.  Statistically, Favre played very efficiently.

8) Baltimore Ravens (11).  Although they played the Chiefs, Flacco seems to be avoiding the sophmore slump.  Ray Rice was stellar.

7) Atlanta Falcons (7).  Great win.  Matt Ryan looked solid, and the Gonzalez acquisition paid off.

6) Green Bay Packers (8).  Their offense should have scored more, but Rodgers clicked when he needed to.  How about that defense!

5) San Diego Chargers (4).  Though it was a close game, that will be the toughest division battle they face all year.  Hopefully LT will show up next week.

4) Indianapolis Colts (2).  I'll give them a mulligan for that close victory.  Their defense played well against MJD, but their offense needs to be more consistent.

3) New York Giants (5).  The score didn't indicate how well the Giants played against the Redskins.  They've got to improve their pass defense within the two-minute warning.

2) New England Patriots (3).  This may very well be more than they deserve, but we'll see how they fare against the Jets.

1) Pittsburgh Steelers (1).  Ben Roethlisberger was poised with no running game and constant pressure.  No matter who is injured on their defense, they have the depth to recover.


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Posted on: September 17, 2009 4:14 pm

Week 2 Power Rankings

I don't think after their defensive performance monday night, coupled with injury to MLB Mayo and the trade of Seymour, you can realistically say the Patriots are the second best team in football. Their offense has weapons, but the Bills pass rush looked decent which seems to be key to stopping brady, and the Bills defense limited them to 25 points. Teams with better offensive lines are going to run it on their defense, and teams with strong defensive lines are going to get big hits on brady rushing 4.

The Chargers were played evenly by the Raiders and suffered several key injuries during the game. I don't think they are a top 5 team.

The Colts are good, but I wouldn't say they have the 4th strongest defense. Or 4th strongest offense. I just don't see a hugely elite team besides Peyton throwing it.

I think these 3 teams rankings are too high, basically based on past reputations.

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 12:34 pm

Week 2 Power Rankings

Personally I'm rooting for the Seahawks to do well this year, but it's hard to base how good their team really is after just one week playing against arguably the worst team in football.  If Hasselbeck stays healthy and the defense continues to play well, they could very well be at the 8 spot.

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 12:33 pm

Week 2 Power Rankings

They looked very good against a very bad Tampa Bay team.  Like I said, if they beat the Giants next weekend, they'll easily be in the top 10.

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 12:10 pm

Week 2 Power Rankings

I'll be upfront with my Seahawk bias, I'm a lifelong fan... but 16th really! Thats ridiculous! The Seahawks are a top ten team! Barring any untimely injuries they will not only win the NFC West but will be a serious contender for the NFC Championship and Super Bowl this season. They have one of the most complete offenses in the NFL, and a solid and very underrated defense led by pro bowl linebacker Lofa Tatupu.

The offense led by Matt Hasselbeck is very good. A Healthy Hasselbeck is a top ten quarterback in the NFL. And he has shown no signs of the back problems that plagued him last season. His last healthy season in '07 he put up solid numbers taking the Seahawks to the playoffs for the 5th consecutive season and his 3rd pro bowl. Julias Jones averaged 4.4 yards a carry last season while splitting carries with the now departed Maurice Morris. Had he carried over 300 times last season he would have put up well over a 1,000 yards. The running game with Julius Jones will only improve with the passing game as good as it can be opening lanes for Jones. He showed his skill with 117 yards on only 19 carries with a long of 62 on sunday. Our receiving unit is great. TJ is a great number one wide receiver in the NFL. Nate Burelson and Deion Branch as with the emerging John Carlson one of the best Tight ends in the league now. This receiving unit will only continue to put up points, yards and first downs while opening the running lane for Julius Jones. The often cited problem on offense last season is the O-line. But they have showed all through preseason and in the first game now that they are vastly improved and will only get better with the addition of Chris Spencer and Walter Jones when they return to play in week two.

The defense shut out St. Louis. Now Ok, they suck! But a shut out in the NFL is still damn hard to accomplish. They have one of the best Linebacking corps in the NFL if not the best in Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill and rookie sensation Aaron Curry. The D-line is improved over last season with the additions of Cory Redding, and Colin Cole plus improved play from Lawrence Jackson in his second season and Brandon Mebane in his third. They will help create more upfront pressure on opposing quarterbacks while creating sacks from just the front four (2 from the line on sunday). Our defensive back situation is OK for now. Starter Ken Lucas is a solid back and when Trufant returns in a few weeks it will only solidify the backs as a strength on defense and no longer a weakness.

This is a team that has one 5 straight games (including the preseason) and only given up 58 points in those games while putting up 120 on offense. My other big discrepancies in your rankings are that you rank Carolina above Seattle after there performance this week! WOW! And Rookie Mark Sanchez and the Jets above Seattle. The rest of the ranking are... well opinions, and could move one or two places here or there.

The top ten as I see it should read as follows...

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Minnesota Vikings
  5. Indianapolis Colts
  6. New Orleans Saints
  7. New York Giants
  9. Atlanta Falcons
  10. Green Bay Packers

Should the Seahawks stay healthy this season and play to there abilities... look to see a possible Super Bowl XL rematch!

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 11:31 am

Week 2 Power Rankings

The Cowboys 15th? Are you kidding me? Definately should be above the Jets and the Chargers.

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