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Week 8 Power Rankings

Posted on: November 4, 2009 2:24 pm
What a disappointing week for Giants fans.  I thought they'd be able to put pressure on McNabb with their sub-par offensive line, but they did nothing.  In other news... the Vikings all but locked up their division, the Broncos are mortal, and there's only one goose egg team left in the NFL!  All-in-all, a pretty fun week.  As for the power rankings...

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32).  They're the only team left without a win, and they're not getting any better.  They've had two weeks to prepare for Green Bay, which helps, but the Bucs still don't have a very good offense... or defense.  When will their first win come?

31) Oakland Raiders (29).  I know bashing the Raiders is the popular thing do to, but how can you not?  The organization is a complete joke, their coach may be facing punishment from the league, their immature quarterback can't evolve into an accurate passer, and their draft picks continue to underperform.  The only thing they have going for them is their defense, which is only marginally better.

30) Cleveland Browns (27).  It kind of seems like the bottom eight teams just keep on revolving around the bottom, doesn't it?  I don't quite understand why Derek Anderson is starting anymore.  Maybe Mangini is trying to hide how bad Quinn is, so that he can still retain some trade value for him.  But Anderson is just awful.

29) Detroit Lions (26).  After that win a few weeks ago, they've only regressed.  Losing to the Rams is no easy feat, but they managed to pull it off.  That defense needs drastic improvement during the offseason, but they can look forward to Calvin Johnson being back this week.

28) St. Louis Rams (31).  They finally won!  Stephen Jackson was a beast, and their defense actually showed up against the Lions.  They can go into their bye week somewhat satisfied, but they'll need it since they play the Saints in two weeks.

27) Washington Redskins (28).  Hopefully this mess was solved during the bye week, though I doubt it.  They play the Falcons this week, who have lost two straight and are desperate for a win.  Good luck.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars (24).  What has happened to David Garrard?  A few seasons ago, he went half a season without throwing an interception!  If it weren't for MJD, this team would have been blanked by a team without a win!  That's not a very good way to treat a fan base that's already giving up.

25) Kansas City Chiefs (25).  Who knows what this team will be like as they come out of their bye week, but they do face a very bad Jacksonville team.  It will be interesting to see how Jamaal Charles will play as a starter now that Larry Johnson won't be playing.

24) Tennessee Titans (30).  Yeah, they only beat Jacksonville, but that win said a few very good things about this team.  First, they still have the desire to win.  Second, Vince Young might not be as bad as everything thought he was.  After teams get a few more weeks worth of tape on Young, though, we might see him return to his old form.

23) Buffalo Bills (22).  They hung in there against the Texans, but eventually it fell apart.  Their above average defense couldn't hold them off for too long, although Jairus Byrd stepped up big again.  This team has the tools to be better next year, but they have to keep their injuries to a minimum.

22) Seattle Seahawks (21).  I think we can officially say that this team isn't very good.  I thought they had potential, but their offensive line just isn't very good, and having Hasselbeck back just isn't enough.  With the Cardinals and 49ers losing, however, they still sadly have a chance in the always awful NFC West. 

21) Carolina Panthers (23).  They did what they do best: run the ball.  Also, what a great defensive performance, they literally picked apart Kurt WarnerJake Delhomme played much better than he has lately, and Steve Smith finally got himself a touchdown.  This team still could turn it around before it's too late.

20) San Francisco 49ers (20).  Nobody really expected them to beat the Colts, yet they still put up a valiant effort.  Luckily, they're in the NFC West, and a few losses really don't matter.  If their defense continues to play the way it did against the Colts, they could easily win this division.

19) New York Jets (18).  That's why you don't laugh at someone who says "special teams are 1/3 of the game."  They outplayed the Dolphins, but they couldn't stop Ted Ginn on kick returns, which ultimately cost them the game.  Now with two losses to the Dolphins, they can't afford to lose another game in the division.

18) Arizona Cardinals (12).  I am very inconsistent when ranking this team, but who knows what to do with them?  They're not great, but they play in an awful division.  We'll probably see them in the playoffs this year, just like last, but can they make a run like they did last January?

17) Chicago Bears (17).  They won a game they should have won.  Does this team have what it takes to make a run at the playoffs?  Remember, they did beat the Steelers early on in the year.  They'll need to beat the Cardinals next week in order to prove that they deserve a wild card spot.

16) Miami Dolphins (16).  It wasn't pretty, but they got the job done.  They're undefeated against their division, but we'll see if that stands against the Patriots next week.  If they win, they'll be taken seriously, but until then, they really need to focus on getting that offense to perform better than it did against the Jets.

15) San Diego Chargers (19).  They have all the tools they need to be winning their division, but they can't win any big games.  Now they face an underperforming New York Giants team, with a chance to put them out of their misery.  A win and a Broncos loss against the Steelers will put them back in contention.

14) Atlanta Falcons (13).  Not many people expected them to beat the Saints, but at least they made a game of it.  Just like the Packers, they're forced to take the wild card route.  Here are their big "wild card" games in the future: Week 11 vs. Giants, Week 13 vs. Eagles, Week 15 vs. Jets.

13) Dallas Cowboys (15).  They've finally put together a string of good games, and Romo has always been great in November.  This is now a statement game against the Eagles, considering the last time they played them, they were blown out and missed the playoffs.  Bottom line, they need to win a big game, and this is certainly a big game.

12) New York Giants (9).  This is no longer a "slump," it's a problem.  Their defense can't stop anybody, and Eli Manning was awfully inconsistent.  Now they face the Chargers, who have a very good pass attack and a quarterback who would like to prove that he is worth more than Eli Manning.  Plus, is Brandon Jacobs slower than usual, or is it just me?

11) Green Bay Packers (8).  They couldn't win against Favre in Lambeau, so they'll have to take the Wild Card route.  This is still a good team, despite their problems in big games.  Plus, you can pretty much give them the win against the Buccaneers, who were their former division-mates.

10) Houston Texans (14).  Are they really this good?  They've strong together some consistency, but face a very hard test against the Colts next week.  The Colts will all but clinch the division if they win, but the Texans' offense is clicking very well.  The loss of Owen Daniels is brutal, though.

9) Philadelphia Eagles (11).  Just when the critics were ready to pounce on the Eagles, they blowout their division rival.  McNabb played like his young self, and their defense came up with a bunch of turnovers.  Their Sunday night game against the Cowboys will be their second game in a row for the division lead.  A win here would go a long ways towards their run at the playoffs.

8) Baltimore Ravens (10).  They finally got their act together, and just in the nick of time.  The game was closer than the score indicates, but they still showed that they're to be taken seriously.  With a win against the Bengals, they're fighting for the top of the division. 

7) Cincinnati Bengals (7).  These next two games will tell us how good the Bengals really are.  If they're able to win one of the next two (against Baltimore and Pittsburgh), they should be set to at least grab a wild card spot.

6) New England Patriots (6).  Two weeks to prepare against the Dolphins is exactly what they need for this important division battle.  With a win from the Dolphins, this division becomes ridiculously close, and you can never count Miami out.  Their performance against the Dolphins defense will dictate who wins this game.

5) Denver Broncos (3).  They had to lose at some point.  The problem is that they face a very good Steelers team next week, and could be staring at two losses in a row.  This should be a very physical, defensive game.  Orton has to play better if they want to win, and the running game needs to be more consistent.

4) Minnesota Vikings (5).  Brett Favre continues to impress his critics and opponents, and the Vikings defense is just dominating.  This team hasn't even had it's bye week yet, and they're still going into games with as much emotion and passion as possible.  Despite their loss to Pittsburgh, they're one of the best.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (4).  With two weeks to prepare for the Broncos, they're in a great position.  Being able to rest their players for a week, and giving Polamalu an extra week to get back to 100% will really help.  With a win against Denver, they could be considered the best in the NFL, even with 2 losses.

2) Indianapolis Colts (1).  They dropped a spot only because they did look slightly vulnerable against the 49ers defense.  Remember, this team barely won against the Jaguars in Week 1.  Okay, that's not fair, but the Colts are not perfect (though they are pretty close).  Huge game against the Texans this week.

1) New Orleans Saints (2).  They're the all-around best team in the NFL, and they showed it against the Falcons.  When one aspect of their game is off, they overcome it with another.  If you double team Colston, Shockey is open.  They also have a soft upcoming schedule.
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Posted on: November 5, 2009 10:56 am

Week 8 Power Rankings

You're probably right, but I'm not so sure that they would lose the to Colts.  Good defenses have been able to shake up the Colts offense. 

I mean, obviously I put the Saints up top because they deserve it, but I think the Steelers would have a shot against them, especially in Heinz Field.

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Posted on: November 5, 2009 10:31 am

Week 8 Power Rankings

It's all fine and good but there is no way that they could be considered the best in the NFL with 2 losses if they beat the Broncos after the bye. Sorry, but they couldn't touch the Saints right now. They barely beat the Titans in the beginning of the year, lost to the Bears, and to the Bengals (who Cleveland actually took to overtime). Not trying to hate on the Steelers, I know they are a good team and definitely worthy of top 8 material, but no way could they compete with the Saints, or probably even the Colts.

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