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nanding power rankings(NBA)

Posted on: October 1, 2009 11:04 am

Here is the POWER RANKINGS of all the power rankings:

1.Los Angeles Lakers-Getting Ron Artest replacing the departed Trevor Ariza is a humongous upgrade.Forget about the off court distractions.The Lakers are all business inside the court.

2.san Antonio Spurs-Yes they are number 2.I'll take Tim Duncan,Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli over LeBron James and shaq any game of the season.Not only these three regulars are the reason why they are this high.THey have Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess now.Bruce Bowen WOn't be miss.

3.Cleveland Cavaliers-Lebron James is one hell of a player but getting Shaq does not guarantee championship.I admit that Shaq will be needed most in the playoffs but the best addition to this team are Jamarion Moon and Leon Powe.Now about Delonte West,I'd rather not comment on that.

4.Boston Celtics-Paul Pierce said that they will win it again.Hard to disagree with him.but this team is not getting any younger.Good thing they have Rajon Rondo who will be the glue that will hold them.Rasheed Wallace addition is like the Artest experiment in LA.

5.Magic-One comment only,Vince Carter is not an upgrade over Hedo.

6.Denver Nuggets-One thing I like about this team is they are contented with what they have.The management are smart enough to know that they already have a good unit.Resigning the birdman is a good move.

7.Utah Jazz-If Carlos Boozer focus on playing instead of thinking about being traded,this team will be a force.

8.Portland Trailblazers-Young team and still improving.Andre Miller is a perfect addition.Brandon Roy was the leader of this bunch.Having Miller as another leader will make Roy concentrate more on scoring.

9.Dallas Mavericks-Mark Cuban maybe thinking every night what he should do next to finally win the elusive trophy.Well adding the matrix should help.If Josh Howard can stay healthy,they will be a contender.

10.Phoenix Suns-Now that the diesel is gone maybe they can return to their run and gun style.Amare we need your dunks to keep us awake.

11.New Orleans Hornets-They said they are planning on easing the load off Chris Paul's back.but who is going to carry it.David West is capable but he should be more aggressive.

12.Detroit Pistons-Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey can be another version of Thomas and Dumars.Now who is going to be Rodman,Laimbeer,Salley and the rest of the bad boys.

13.Chicago Bulls-Ben Gordon is a big loss.But Derrick Rose will step up.

14.Atlanta Hawks-Jamal Crawford should learn to play like a pure PG.Mike Bibby is aging and Having Crawford and Joe Johnson on the floor can give headache to oppositon.

15.Washington Wizards-Now this depend on the health of Gilbert Arenas.If Arenas and Antawn Jameson are healthy,we can hear  from agent Zero again.

16.Miami Heat-One thing is for sure,the Heat will do a blockbuster trade before the season is over.Mark my words.

17.New Jersey Nets-Carter is gone but the emergence of Devin Harris give the Nets some hope.

18.New York Knicks
19.Toronto Raptors.
20.Indiana Pacers
21.Milwaukee Bucks
22.Memphis Grizzlies
23.LA Clippers
24.Minnesota Timberwolves
25.Golden State Warriors
26.Houston Rockets
27,Charlotte Bobcats
28.Philadelphia 76ers
29.Oklahoma Thunder
30.Sacramento Kings.

Now don't be mad if your team is at the bottom of the list.This is only a pre season ranking.You can do your own also.Enjoy!



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Since: Jul 23, 2007
Posted on: October 1, 2009 8:55 pm

nanding power rankings(NBA)

go SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Jul 23, 2007
Posted on: October 1, 2009 8:55 pm

nanding power rankings(NBA)

go SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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