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Love Or Hate The Lakers.

Posted on: October 6, 2009 7:09 am

Everybody loves a winner.But we know that for every winner their is a loser.That is why the even if their are many Lakers followers you will find more people hating them.They hated them more when they signed one more hateable player in Ron Artest.With all the anti-Lakers doing all their best to downgrade the Lakers,I have to say that they are the Yankees of basketball.And like the Yankees they don't want to be the second best team.They will do by any means neccesary to win the championship.

Now the haters favorite topic is Lamar Odom's marriage.Which they think is one of the reasons why the Lakers will not repeat.If you are Lakers fan all you can do is laugh but if you are a hater,for sure you will ride this bandwagon.Well the Lakers are too good to let this be a distraction.

Remember that this team is the champion.They don't have Trevor Ariza but Ron Artest is a big upgrade.Ariza only played well if he is playing with good players.Artest proved long time ago that he can play everywhere.Plus of course his defense is a headache for opponents.

The point guard position is my main concern this coming season.I know that Derek Fisher can be relied upon during clutch time.But he can't run with the Tony Parkers of the game anymore.Jordan Farmar is not the anwer.He cannot be a point guard who can direct plays inside the court.While Shannon Brown can be more effective as an offguard.But my worries are not that much because of Phil Jackson.If he can win with the Bulls using RonHarper asthe ballhandler,he can do it with the Lakers also.Kobe and Lamar are more than capable of directing plays.

The forwards are for sure the envy of every team in tha NBA.Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are giants ready to wreak havoc under the ring every night.Josh Powell is a strong benchplayer.And of course Odom and Artest.

Now tell me if you are not a Lakers fan.Aren't you going to hate them also?

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