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A League of His Own

Posted on: September 12, 2009 3:39 am
Derek Jeter is one of the most talented players to have ever played the game of baseball. He quite possibly can be considered the "Golden Boy" of this generation of players. He has been consistent, loyal, and most importantly, productive. Michael Kay said that he cemented himself into the history books tonight and while he is right, I feel Jeter was already in the books before tonight, (although its significance should now move his monument into the center of monument park), Jeter just did what he always does and thats play baseball.

Jeter has been blessed by being drafted by the Yankees, just as the Yankees are blessed to have been able to draft him. Jeter is one of only a handful of players (in this PED infested era) to accomplish major feats all on his own. The championships he[Jeter] and I will both admit is a team achievement but his World Series MVP and Rookie of the Year and countless All-Star games are to his credit. After accomplishing this feat tonight Jeter has moved himself into a space of his own but shared with many. The most recent player I can compare him to is Cal Ripken Jr. mostly because they surpassed one of the greatest baseball players of all time (Lou Gherig). Other worthy mentionable names that will either preceed or join Jeter in the HOF inductions; Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, John Smotlz, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson just to name a few.

The one thing Jeter has over most of these players is the amount of time left. Jeter quite possibly could have near say 5-7 years left (especially if he stays healthy). So now we must look to the future and probably by next year (maybe 2) he will have 3,000 hits and quite possibly one or more rings...and so the celebration will continue.
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