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My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

Posted on: July 11, 2010 10:56 am
Last Friday night, I was so shocked to find out when LeBron James announced his choice of a team on the TV's "Decision" program.  Regardless of being a Cavaliers or non-Cavaliers fan, his decision suddenly made me very sick and very disappointed.  I felt like I was so speechless!

In my opinion, LBJ actually made a BIGGEST mistake ever in his NBA career!  What idiot he has been!  To me, it is very obvious that he is not very patient anymore.  All he wants is to win a NBA championship with at least two other superstars.  Come on, give me a break!  Let's look back at a couple of the NBA champions in the past: 2010 Lakers with only one superstar (Kobe Bryant along with rising All-Star Pau Gasol) defeating Celtics' Big 3 (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) and 2004 Detroit Pistons with no superstars upsetting Lakers' Big 4 (Kobe, Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone and Gary Payton).  Also, each of Garnett, Pierce and Allen has never averaged more than 20 points per game since the Celtics' Big 3 was formed in 2007.  What is a different story?  Well, LBJ really needs to look back at this histories!

Not to mention, like Ray Allen (prior to joining Boston), Chris Bosh used to be one of my favorite NBA players until he stupidly decided to leave Toronto for Miami Heat.  I am totally so saddened that Chris has changed his personality from a good guy to a bad guy!  I can't believe that Bosh chose Miami over Toronto because of Dwyane Wade, who I always despise very much because he is one of the baddest and most egoistic players ever in today's NBA.  Like LBJ, all Bosh wants is to win more games and NBA championship with at least two other superstars.  Come on, give me a break!  Bosh gotta grow up!!!!!!  Lastly, I no longer have any respect for Bosh at all!

To LeBron James:

Why did you leave Cleveland for Miami, huh!?!  You made a BIGGEST mistake ever I have seen!  Your team has the league's best record with at least 61 wins for two straight seasons.  What is the matter with the Cavaliers teammates?  Huh?  In truth, I completely agree with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's letter sending out to the fans.  You abruptly bolting Cleveland for Miami is totally DISRESPECTFUL!  I have lost respect for you!  You are totally an idiot!!!!!  You better watch out of CHEATER D-Wade.  Also, I still don't see that your new Heat team will be able to get past the defending champion L.A. Lakers, defending East champion Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs for at least three seasons.  Sorry, LOSER Miami Heat especially playing with cruelest and baddest D-Wade!
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Back in 2006, as if I were David Stern as NBA Commissioner, I would have declared the best-league 64-win Detroit Pistons as the 2006 NBA Champions by forfeit when the heavily favored 60-win Dallas Mavericks embarrassingly lost the NBA Finals to the heavily underdog 50-win Miami Heat in six games.  The 2006 Heat reminds me of the 2010 Celtics in many ways but the 2010 Celtics still have edges with better defense anyway.  The 2006 Heat had no defense at all!  Of course, D-Wade should be stripped of the NBA Finals MVP as well!

My rank of the 2010-11 NBA top five teams follows:
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Orlando Magic
3. Boston Celtics
4. Dallas Mavericks
5. San Antonio Spurs

Sorry, newly Heat Trio!  You are out!  Tongue out

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 6:25 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

It's just a decision. They did nothing wrong. It doesn't matter where they go. They can choose where they want to go to. Chris Bosh and LeBron James wanted to leave. They wanted to go to Miami, now stop hating on them just because of their decisions they made. They didn't want to go to the Miami Heat just because to win a championship, they wanted to go there for some other reasons.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 11:38 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

Kobe trumps Wade
Odom/Artest trump James
Gasol trumps Bosh by a mile
Bynum and the rest of the Lakers trump whatever the Heat can drag in there!
So my comments are not of any fear but of the stupidity shown by James...and his decision to leave a team closer to playoff contention an finals contention, as well as a Chicago team that was by far a better choice than Wade and an overrated Bosh!

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 6:52 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

It's not even under the table. Lebron and Bosh will both have a better marketing value in Miami, and there is no state-income tax for Florida residents. So that "pay-cut" will be more than made up for. I'm not too sure what everybody is arguing about though...If people really dislike what he did and think it was dumb then why are you posting big blogs about it only adding to his already ridiculous PR. I like Lebron. And I like D Wade. Don't care too much for Bosh, but he's a good player nonetheless. They are going to be great together and it will start as soon as this season. They will be title contenders this season. Don't try and convince yourself that something as silly as ego's will get in the way of that. Jordan had the biggest ego of anyone to ever play the game and that didn't stop his teams. They've played together before with the USA national team and they like the way eachother play. I didn't see any ego's getting in the way then? Why can't that extrapolate out for years to come? Everyone doubting it is in denial because they are either a fan of one of the teams that DIDN'T get Lebron, a Cav's fan, or a Celtics, Lakers, Magic, or Spurs fan. So basically it's obvious why the only people that like this situation are the people in Miami. Everyone else is simply pissed off or scared.

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 12:41 pm
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Posted on: July 12, 2010 6:10 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

What does "while being a terrible father", have to do with anything?  Aren't talking about basketball here?  Lots of people have terrible fathers...doesn't mean they are not good at what they do.  Try to keep your argument focused on the point and stop bashing people...who you don't even know.  Surprised

... Just another hater.Tongue out

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 5:19 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

I didn't lose respect for LeBron because he's selfish.  He made a decision in his self-interest which is what free agents do. All the time.

I've lost respect for him because of two things: the way he did it, and what the decision reveals about his character.

The way he did it was punk. It was narcisistic to do an hour long Lebronfomercial. I mean, he could just make an announcement and schedule a press conference like anyone else. It was brutal to do to his Cleveland fans. It was transparently veiled as a charity event, when everyone knows it was a LeBron the Megastar event. And he pretended like he had just made the decision when he's been working on joining his buddies since 2008. So, I don't like the way he did it.

It also damages his reputation. Not only are people slaughtering him now, it damages his longterm goal of being a global icon. He may have permanently damaged his reputation as the greatest player in the NBA (though if the Heat should succeed in winning several rings, that could change).  But here was LeBron's choice: stay in Cleveland (like other superstars have stayed with their teams) and build into a champion with LBJ as The Man. Or - if he was really brave - reach for the biggest challenge out there and go to New York, resurrect that franchise, and take it to the top. Doing that in the media center of the country would have put him into the stratosphere. That was the biggest challenge on the table.

Going to Miami is taking the easiest route, choosing to jump the lowest bar of all the choices in front of him. It was like a pirate invasion. They (with the cooperation of Pat Riley) gutted a ship, then jumped aboard it with their own crew, and elevated their flag. It just reeks of stacking the deck. Sure, it's all legal, and it's clever and creative, and there's nothing really "wrong" with it, but it reeks like a bunch of frat boys who get over by exploiting a loophole. It's a shortcut at best.

So, even if it works - and I'm guessing that in two or three years they will get their first ring - LeBron will be seen as a guy who skipped the challenge of climbing the mountain on his own, and instead his reputation will be tempered by the fact that people will think that he chartered a helicopter to take himself to a camp half way up, and then climbed from there.

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 5:08 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

The Cavs had the best record in the NBA, they really didn't need another player...and if Lebron really wanted another all-star on his team he should've took a pay cut, What do you really need $130 million for, a new jet? That's a ridiculous amount of money!

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 4:57 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

Anyone who says "What? All Lebron was take less money to win a title" doesn't really watch basketball (they'll make back any Cleveland-Toronto extra cash with income-tax laws and double it in promotions). They just think they are being cute by going against unbelievable awfulness of this. Lebron quit on his chance at greatness by saying "I can't do it. But Dwayne can and he has Chris! Oh the three of us will be so happy together cheating on our baby mamas and ignoring adulthood altogether in South Beach!" Please. These guys are Kobe pre-Colorado taken to the extreme.

Bosh did zlich in Toronto and really is what he should be, a featured sidekick on a contender. There's not much that proves he's better than Amare or Boozer. Difference is those two didn't participate in the Beijing gang-bang. Lebron's carelessness as an athlete is disgusting and this "global brand" crap will take a major hit once he's the Number 2 on D-Wade's title contender. Wade, while being a terrible father, DOES have that "put on my shoulders, run me a play or get me the ball" edge to him. Once he asserts that on a consistent basis egos will collide.

Oh and the inconvient truth in all this is that the Heat don't have a bench. Forget that, they don't even have a NBA center. They spent the remainder of their cap space on Mike Miller who can shoot and is decent on D but is way old and got a 5 year contract. Plus he plays the same position as Wade AND James. Your telling he's gonna get 6 million a year to play 10-20 minutes a night?? Mario Chalmers is the epitome of average but because Wade and James are so ball-dominant a point guard shouldn't really matter. What should worry them is Chicago and LA. Why? Both of those teams have studs at power forward (Gasol, Boozer) and guys you have to pay alot of attention to at Center (Bynum, Noah). Your telling me Joel Anthony-Bosh is better than waht those two have? Yeesh and all the good/decent FA centers are gone (J.O'Neal--Boston, B.Haywood--Dallas, B.Wallace--Mo-town).

I think the Heat are shakily the best team in the East, but clearly don't have the depth to off the Lakers (Artest would handle a 3rd-option Lebron with ease, Bryant and Wade even out, and Gasol is better than Bosh, nobody could touch Bynum or do anything to Odom). If the rest of the rotation ends up being this shaky (like say counting on the 37 year old Juwan Howard to play big minutes) then Boston, and Chicago (IF Derrick Rose continues to morph into a cold-blooded combo guard) will be hefty challenges in the East...

...oh but if you do win Lebron, your trophies are still hollow. It's sad that the twenty year old college student writing this has twice the maturity level you do. When I get my first job, I'm duck-taping you to a chair, hiring Stuart Scott to kiss my ass and ask me questions for a half-hour about which small newspaper/publishing gigs I like, then I will make my decision...and leave you duck-taped to the chair. Jackass.

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 2:03 pm

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

Did Lebron break any rules?  Answer is no.
Did Bosh break any rules?  Answer is no.
Did Wade break any rules?  Answer is no.

Stop crying because you don't like the decisions the players are making.

The players who play professional sports are right at the top of the list when it comes to  most competitive people alive.  They spend hours and hours practicing for what purpose?  The answer is to win. Yes it is great to make tons of money along the way, but make no mistake it is all about the W.

So, if these players feel that playing on the same team increases their chances of winning it is only logical that they will do it. 

Cleveland, without James, is garbage.
Maimi, without Wade, is garbage.
Toronto is just garbage.

All the cities would be hurt by losing their superstar. 

They all went to Miami...Cleveland, Toronto get over it.


p.s. (new york and chicago...cry more please) Cry

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 7:10 am

My Reaction about Miami Heat's new Big 3

Actually, James and even moreso Bosh are both making more money than they did before because the state of Florida doesn't have a state income tax like Ohio and Canada. The money isn't even a factor. The fact is, Lebron James and Chris Bosh have a better chance of winning the title now than they did with their previous teams. I don't blame either of them for wanting to get the heck out of Ohio and Canada for Miami. If these guys wanted to, they could have gone to New York. Pat Riley was the mastermind in it all, but the city of Miami is a much better place to be than any other city that wanted these guys.

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