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2010-11 NBA Picks: First Half of Feb 2011

Posted on: February 1, 2011 5:00 pm
Edited on: February 1, 2011 9:00 pm
Here are my NBA picks for the first half of February 2011.

Feb 1
San Antonio at Portland = Trail Blazers must enjoy humiliating the Spurs with its wonderful blowout by 20+ in laughter!  I would love to see the Spurs, Heat and most evil Celtics losing all remaining games in laughter!!!!!!!
Boston at Sacramento = Kings by 20+ in laughter!  Go Kings bumping LOSER, HATEFUL EVIL Celtics!!!!!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!!!!
Houston at LA Lakers = Lakers by 5-10

Feb 2
Dallas at New York = Mavericks by 1-5
New Orleans at Oklahoma City = Hornets by 1-5
Portland at Denver = Nuggets by 5-10

Feb 3
Miami at Orlando = Magic by 20+ in laughter!!!!!!!  Magic 115, Heat 88
San Antonio at LA Lakers = Lakers by 20+ in laughter!!!!!!!!  Lakers 134, Spurs 90 in laughter!!!!!

Feb 4
Dallas at Boston = Mavericks by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Heavenly Good Mavericks 111, Reddish-Eyed Devil Celtics 80 in laughter!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!
Oklahoma City at Phoenix = Suns by 1-4

Feb 5
Memphis at Houston = Rockets by 5-10

Feb 6
LA Clippers at Miami = Clippers by 10-15 in laughter!!!!!!!!!  Go Clippers bumping the most overrated Big 3 in laughter!!!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Heat!!!!!!!!!
Orlando at Boston = The Heavenly Magic enjoy humiliating the Most Wicked Devil Celtics by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Magic 122, Celtics 68 in laughter!!!!!!!  The Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce plus Doc Rivers, are true LOSERS forever!!!!!!!  Also, Celtics are actually CHEATERS with their stupidest secret tricks of defense, killing all opponents into horrible nightmares as well!!!!!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!

Feb 7
Boston at Charlotte = Bobcats by 20+ in laughter!!!!!  Bobcats 107, Celtics 56 in laughter!!!!!!!!
LA Lakers at Memphis = Lakers by 20+.  Lakers 116, Grizzlies 54 in laughter!!!!!

Feb 8
San Antonio at Detroit = Pistons by 20+!  Pistons 120, Spurs 95 in laughter!!!!!!
Memphis at Oklahoma City = Thunder by 15-20

Feb 9
Chicago at Utah = Bulls by 1-5

Feb 10
LA Lakers at Boston = It's Lakers' time to avenge their horribly embarrassing home loss to the most wicked Celtics.  Lakers 115, Celtics 82 in laughter!!!!!!!  Losing to the most hateful Celtics is NOT acceptable, period!  BOO, BOO, BOO Celtics!!!!!!!!!  Lakers gotta be aggressive to take its heated revenge on the devil Celtics.  Celtics are LOSERS, period!!!!!!!!!
Dallas at Denver = Nuggets by 1-5

Feb 11
New Orleans at Orlando = Magic by 5-10
San Antonio at Philadelphia = 76ers by 5-10!!!!!!!  Go Sixers bumping the Spurs!  Yes, I don't want the Spurs to clinch the NBA league's best record.  if so, Lakers won't have its homecourt advantage throughout playoffs unlike last two seasons.  Speaking as a Lakers fan, that sucks!
Miami a Detroit = Pistons by 15-20 in laughter!!!!!!

Feb 12
Chicago at New Orleans = Hornets by 5-10
Dallas at Houston = Rockets by 1-4

Feb 13
Miami at Boston = I don't care at all!  I am NOT rooting for either team because I strictly despite both teams this year.  Both teams are EVIL and have already humiliated my Lakers with horrible blowouts on the home floor at the Staples Center.  That is totally UNACCEPTABLE!  Both Celtics and Heat are LOSERS, period!!!!!!!
Denver at Memphis = Nuggets by 15-20

Feb 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!)
San Antonio at New Jersey = Nets by 5-10 over Spurs in laughter!!!!!!!
LA Lakers at Charlotte = Lakers by 15-20

Feb 15
Miami at Indiana = Pacers by 5-10 over Heat in laughter!!!
Utah at Phoenix = Suns by 5-10

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