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What do the Eagles do now?

Posted on: September 14, 2009 2:10 am
With Donovan McNabb out for a presumed 2-4 weeks, likely 2 or 3 games with a bye in week 4, what do they do with the quarterback situation? AJ Feeley has not been picked up by anyone, but in order to sign him they'll have to release someone from the 53 man roster. They can't go into next weeks game against the Saints with just Kevin Kolb and McNabb has a #2 with the hopes that Kolb can get through the game without injury. They need to bring in a QB, preferrably someone familiar with the offense. That really leaves 2 options, Feeley and Jeff Garcia. Since McNabb should be back in a couple weeks, Feeley is the best option as they should probably carry 4 QBs for the remainder of the season with Michael Vick nowhere ready to start, if necessary, and Kolb having shown nothing to give fans confidence in him. Feeley has shown he can run this offense and run it well against good teams and on the road in tough environments. The Eagles need to sign him ASAP before the Rams make a run at him, assuming those rumors are true.

But who do they let go of? If it were me, I'd try and get what I can for WR Reggie Brown or just release him. He's rarely going to be active since he doesn't play special teams and he was a ghost in the pre-season with just 5 catches. Bring in a 4th quarterback and run the offense with the other 5 WRs on the roster; DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant, Jeremy Maclin and Hank Baskett. The Eagles offense flowed much better late last season when they stopped trying to get all the receivers playing time and just went with a consistent group.

Defense played great today. Big props to Sean McDermott with a great game plan. Rough first drive, but fantastic after that. 169 total yards with just 86 yards rushing and only 31 after that first drive. Hastled the QBs all afternoon resulting in 5 sacks and 7 turnovers. Just a great job. Gotta forget about it though and get ready for a great New Orleans Saints offense.
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Posted on: September 15, 2009 7:14 pm

What do the Eagles do now?

If you want to understand what is happening with , you must not listen to what the are telling the media, you need to consider their actions. When McNabb got benched last year, Reid thought it would be a great time to get Kolb some reps. Kolb failed and returned to his job as a backup.

With the addition of Michael Vick this offseason, the Eagles made it clear that they wanted to upgrade their backup QB. If the Eagles were confident that Kolb was the QB of the future, why bring in a guy and pay him one million this year and 5 million for next season? This is the first time the Eagles tipped their hand.

When McNabb broke his ribs on Sunday, Kolb got another chance to showcase his skills, or lack there of, in a non-pressure situation. During the game, Kolb looked uncomfortable and he proved, yet again, that he doesn't have the skills to be an NFL QB.

In comes Jeff Garcia. If the Eagles thought that Kolb could lead the team, until McNabb is healthy enough to return, why would they bring in Garcia? It is evident that the Eagles don't see a future with Kevin Kolb.

Instead of holding onto a guy who can't play QB in the NFL, the Eagles should admit they made a bad choice, drafting Kolb in the 2nd round 2 years ago. Everyone knows that this organization doesn't admit their mistakes, but it's clear by their actions that investing in Kevin Kolb was a big mistake.

Here is the funny part: the Eagles have 3 pro bowl QBs and one 2nd round drafted QB. With McNabb and Vick unable to play this sunday, shouldn't they play the proven QB (Garcia)? Cut the chord with Kolb and admit that the guy has no talent.

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