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New era of buckeye football

Posted on: September 19, 2009 12:55 pm
Ok, now I know that I will catch some heat from a lot of the OSU faithful, but there is a need for a new style of football.  We can't keep looking back at the past, of losing some big games, because the truth is, while we were doing that, we supplied the NFL with last years super bowl MVP.  Granted we are not where we once were, we can get back to that level, but its going to take some adjustments.  This is not a Big 10/Pac-10 NCAA FBS anymore.  The power running and power defense are no longer superior.  The speed of the SEC and Big 12 have shown that they have taken control of the NCAA FBS with their hurry up no huddle offenses.  It has become about speed, because lets face it, what good is a lot of power if you dont have the speed to catch the player and deliver the power.  I know we create extremely high caliber NFL players, but that doesnt really help us.  We need NC's, not 1st round picks, those will happen.  I am impressed with what I have been watching so far this season.  Next year will be a very strong year for us.  Go BUCKS!
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