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Week 4: Prepping for Arkansas

Posted on: September 20, 2009 10:14 pm
For my first blog post ever, I feel like I should have something special to say. Yet, as I continue to recline on my bed procrastinating from writing a paper (writing online is how I justify my procrastination), I really have nothing terribly special to say.

Good job locking down the victory against North Texas early. It's always extremely pleasing to see the Tide start a game strong and finish with big numbers. This isn't because I just like big numbers and beating the opposing team like a dead chicken (cough Carroll, Stoops, Brown…), but because in recent years Alabama has failed to have the intensity to be able to do so. Granted, we do have a few such victories in the past few years: Western Kentucky, Western Carolina, Arkansas. Additionally, who doesn't like to see a second-sring quarterback in Star Jackson take snaps in the second quarter as the first-string healthily calls in plays?

The Arkansas battle against Georgia was exciting, one of the highest scoring pure-SEC contests I can recall that didn't involve overtime. Bobby Petrino knows how to score, and I look forward to seeing his game plan against the tide.

I don't know much about the Razorback tailbacks, but I don't think Petrino will effectively use them as the focal point of his play calling. My guess is Bobby Petrino will try to beat Alabama how we expect him to try to beat us, relying on Mallett's arm. At that point it becomes a play-calling battle, one I predict will be futile, in the end, for Petrino going up against a seemingly-overlooked Nick Saban defense. Mallett will score, but he won't score big.

I expect our handoffs to be often but unproductive… in the first half. Arkansas generally has a tough D-line but one that will wear down over the course of a game, especially against a well-conditioned Crimson Tide. Greg McElroy is wonderful at getting the short passes in a tiny window, so I don't doubt our ability to be able to move the chains throughout the game, especially because the quarterback has adjusted to the pressure of games since the first half against VTech.

I'm not going to predict a score, at least not at this point in the week, but I do predict Alabama will outscore Arkansas.

Things I'll be particularly interested in:
Mallett matching up against the toughest defense he has faced yet
Arkansas' ability to lock down Alabama rushing late in the game
Alabama trying to gain some yards on the ground before the opposing defense wears out
Alabama's special teams coverage

Thanks for reading!

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 7:10 pm

Week 4: Prepping for Arkansas

Alabama 35 - Arkansas 7

Either Arkansas offence is not as good as I thought or Alabama Defence is better that I thought. Either way it was a good win for Alabama. The kicking game still needs some work and the offence line didn't look that good when we ran the ball but I'm sure that we will get those thing worked out in time.

RTR  Cool

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Posted on: September 23, 2009 12:14 pm

Week 4: Prepping for Arkansas

Thanks for your comment.

Within the last decade or so, Arkansas has had a really solid defensive line. It's hard to know how representative the GA/Ark game was of their team in general. When two strong offenses get rolling, it can be tough for a defense to regain its composure.

I hope you're right about McElroy; long passes excite me.

As for your projected score, something around that area seems about right. On the contrary, i wouldn't be surprised if both teams score more. We might get rolling and outscore your estimated thirty-five points. On the other hand, we might give our second and third string defenders some experience in the event that we do exceed thirty-five points, and I could see Arkansas breaking seventeen if that indeed happens.

I still don't know enough about either of these two teams this season, so I probably won't be calling the score this week. I promise I will next week though. ;)


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Posted on: September 22, 2009 1:44 pm

Week 4: Prepping for Arkansas

Good job for your first blog post! It's hard for me to tell if Arkansas is any good or not. I watch the game with Georgia this week and neither team looked like they had a defence so both offenses looked very good and lit up the scoreboard. Alabama has a very good defence so I don't look for Arkansas to score a lot unless the Tide makes a lot of mistakes like turning the ball over ect. ect. ect. With that said I agree with what you said about the Tide wearing down Arkansas and by the final quarter being able to run at will. Greg McElroy is a very good QB and will make enough of the throw that matter to keep the chains moving and will go deep at least once for a TD in this game!!! The kicking game has been a problem so far this year. I hope we have got all the speical team problems behind us now. This should be a good game with Alabama winning 35 - 17.

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