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Week 4: Tomorrow's Game Day, Baby!

Posted on: September 25, 2009 11:13 pm

It's Friday night, and I'm getting pumped up for tomorrow.

I'm very glad I have tickets for two reasons.

1) Bryant-Denny is awesome.

2) I don't have to listen to Verne Lundquist make Alabama sound like trash all day. Everybody always says all the sports broadcasters hate Alabama, but Lundquist is the only one who I think truly isn't fair to the Crimson Tide.


Over the week, I have grown completely confident that Arkansas won't be able to move the ball against Alabama - in general. Look to see the Razorbacks have a few breakaway plays that will make up for about fifty percent of their offense and lead to some scoring drives. Maybe this will be the first week we don't allow a big kickoff return, but don't be surprised if we do. We may yet need a couple more weeks to get the special teams coverage sorted out, especially as we enter SEC play.

Tomorrow you're going to witness Greg McElroy personally hand the Razorback secondary a major ass-kicking. Only the Tide's initial rushing game concerns me. I stand by what I said earlier in the week; we will eventually wear down the Arkansas d-line. Until that happens, however, Ingram and Grant might struggle a bit due to the generally powerful Arkansas line.


All-in-all, I both hope and expect Bobby Petrino to be embarrassed when he goes to shake Saban's hand after the game.

Alabama 31

Arkansas 20

Don't forget, double digit wins in the SEC are big. Wink


A reminder of things I'll be particularly interested in:

Mallett matching up against the toughest defense he has faced yet

Arkansas' ability to lock down Alabama rushing late in the game

Alabama trying to gain some yards on the ground before the opposing defense wears out

Alabama's special teams coverage



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