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Week 9 Picks

Posted on: November 7, 2009 10:23 am

The Battle of the Bays.  The Packers had a tough loss against the Minnesota Vikings last week, and the Bucs are not impressive at all.  A good running back and a very solid QB will help Green Bay prevail.

The Ravens and Bengals will be a good matchup, i don't think the Ravens will let the Bengals get the better of them this time.  Ray Rice is immerging as a star and Joe Flacco is hitting his stride.

The Jags had an imbarassing loss last week and they won't let the Chiefs steal one, they will be focused and ready. Mo-Jo will carry the team to a victory this week.

  • Atlanta Falcons over the Washington Redskin

The Falcons are a much better football team than the Redskins.  They gave all they had against the Saints last week in the dome on monday night which is really something.  They have both a solid runningback and quarterback in Michael Turner and Matt Ryan.

The Cardinals lost an ugly one last week that they should have one given the matchup and the previous week's win over the Giants.  Plus it is in Soldier field, a lot different than warm Arizona.  I think the Cards will fall again.  The Bears were who they thought they were.

The Pats and Dolphins is another game that i think has a lot to do with weather.  The Dolphins will have a tough time against the Pats if it is snowing or just down right cold.  I haven't checked the forcast but i think the Pats will win.

I think this game will be closer than the records of the combatants indicated.  The Texans are a solid football team when their offense is firing.  Matt Schaub has been phenomenal this year, but the Colts combination of offense and defense will prove to be the better combination. 

  • New Orleans Saints over the Carolina Panthers

The Saints and Panthers i think may be slightly closer than expected, but the Saints really have a good chance to score 40+ again.  Plus their defense has really stepped up this year, especially with the play of their secondary.

The Seahawks and Lions would not be my first choice for a game to watch this Sunday.  But because both teams are not that great, it may be the reason to watch it.  The Seahawks, however, are a much better team than the Lions and they will win at home.

  • San Diego Chargers over the New York Giants

The Super chargers are playing pretty well and the Giants, the last few weeks have been dismal.  It starts with the play of Eli Manning, he has thrown way too many interceptions the last 3 weeks if he wants to win football games.  If he performs well they will win, but i'm taking San Diego.

The Titans showed life last week and i'm glad because i'd hate for a team to start 0-10 when they started 10-0 the previous year.

The Cowboys and Eagles are playing well right now and i think this will be the most important matchup of the week because they are division rivals both fighting for the top spot.  Cowboys win with good play out of Romo and the defense.

This is a stellar monday night matchup.  The Broncos and Steelers are some of the best teams in the league.  The Broncos at home will take this one over the defending superbowl champs.

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