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Week 13 Picks

Posted on: December 4, 2009 8:49 pm

The Jets are doing better as of late and they will win this division game.

The Falcons and Eagles are both decent to good teams and I think the Eagles with concussion ridden Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson will prove crucial in this game.

The Steelers are struggling considering they are coming off a Superbowl win, but they are still a good football team without Big Ben and they will be focused and win this game.

The Panthers are better than the Bucs because they have more of a running game.  I think DeAngelo Williams will lead this team to a win.

The Saints are a great football team, and even with the Redskins having the number one pass defense, they haven't gone up against a team of this caliber.  The Saints will roll because of their running game with Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell.

The Broncs fell quite a bit since their 6-0 start but they came back with a good win over the Giants and they will win this division game.  They need it if they want the playoffs.

The Bengals will not lose another game to a bad team like they did against the Raiders.

The Bears and Rams are both not having the greatest seasons, but if they Bears wan't to be considered  a decent football team, then Jay Cutler needs to get a grip and suck it up to win some games.

The Colts are a focused football team and we saw that against the Texans last week.  They will stop the streak of the Titans under Vince Young.

  • Houston Texans over the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Texans are a good football team even though their record isn't great.  After their loss to the Colts they will comeback and win this football game.

The Dolphins have seemed to spoil the end of the season of the Pats in recent years.  The Pats coming off a loss to the Saints and they will roll in this one.

The Chargers are doing well under the radar and they can't let this game slip by.

  • Dallas Cowboys over the New York Giants

The Giants have really fell since their 5-0 start, and they Cowboys must win this division game.

The 49ers are playing pretty well and they need this division win.

The Vikings are 10-1 and they really need to keep winning for a 2nd seed in the NFC. Under the leadership of Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson they will win handily.

The Packers are really playing well as of late and the Ravens are slipping a bit.  The Packers need to win this game.

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