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LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

Posted on: July 10, 2010 12:21 am
LeBron James proved what many refused to believe; he is a small town fraud.  Growing up in Akron,  Ohio, James idolized the 1990s New York Yankees and the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls.  So wrap up in his desire to someday be a superstar, LeBron emulated the best by choosing to wear Jordan’s number 23 in high school and donning Derek Jeter's New York Yankees baseball caps around town.  And as James' legend grew, so did his make believe world.  The King?  He couldn’t even handle being the King of Akron, Ohio.  
With the attraction of bright lights and big city dreams, James privately wanted to be a native New Yorker.  When in Chicago, LeBron discovered Michael Jordan’s favorite table at his favorite steakhouse.  Perhaps he thought that doing these things made him the man.  Unfortunately, he didn’t want to be the man…he wanted to act like the man. 
So few athletes have the ability to put a city on his/her shoulders and carry them to a championship title.  Jordan did it. Magic did it.  Bird did it.  Kobe did it.  LeBron had the opportunity to do it and ran away.  Sprinted away.  Climbed onto the first thing smoking and flew away.  
Up until a few days ago when Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade announced their decision to play together in Florida, James was stuck.  He desperately wanted to be away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, so his decision had to be based on winning.  Could he win a championship immediately with the Bulls?  Probably not.  Could he win a championship with the Knicks or Nets?  Definitely not.  So it was back to Cleveland where he’d be stuck in a role that he was clearly uncomfortable with.  Showing some stones and being the man. 
So now LeBron has the opportunity to win multiple championships with the Miami Heat.  He has the opportunity to duplicate the success of the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s.  He has the chance to live up to the hype and become one of the greatest to ever play the game. Not Michael Jordan, but Scottie Pippen.  You heard it because I said it.  Scottie Pippen.  LeBron James will become one of the most glorified wingmen as helps Dwayne Wade win championships.  In LeBron James’ make believe world, championship rings guarantees his greatness.  In the real world, they don’t.  Former NBA player Robert Horry has seven championship rings and one more than Michael Jordan.  Does this make Robert Horry better than Michael Jordan?  
Let’s flash back to LeBron’s final days with the Cavs.  You remember them.  The games where he disappeared and cried about his elbow.  Shooting free throw shots left handed.  Who does that?  Not Michael Jordan.  Not Derek Jeter.  Only a small town fraud without the bongos to be the man. 

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Posted on: July 27, 2010 5:37 pm

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

"In LeBron James’ make believe world, championship rings guarantees his greatness.  In the real world, they don’t."

Aren't championship rings what seperate the Malones, Barkleys and Ewings from the Jordans, Kobes and Birds?? Lebron has the right idea about wanting to win.  Everyone always bashes players for taking money over winning (A-Rod for example), and now when a player wants to win, he gets bashed anyway.  I agree though, he went about it the wrong way if he ever wants to be in the same league as MJ, which i dont think he does.  Its one thing to be "the man" on a good team, like Magic or Bird, and its another to be the sidekick on a good team, like Pippen, Worthy, McHale, David Robinson, Kobe when he was with Shaq etc.  Lebron just put himself into the latter category. thing is, this just proved he never had the "bongos" to be the man on a championship team. so i guess good for him for planning that out and doing what he wanted to do, just too bad hes not the player we all thought he was or could be

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 2:54 pm

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

He didn't join anyone he couldn't beat.  I don't think the Heat or the Raptors were any threat to win the NBA championship.  If he would have joined Boston, Orlando, or LA then you could say he joined them because he couldn't beat them.  What Lebron, Bosh and Wade have done now is in an effort to beat those teams and until they formed together those 3 teams were the only ones with a shot at the championship.  Now, those 3 teams still have a chance, but so do the Heat.

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Posted on: July 20, 2010 7:39 am

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

You are flat-out wrong about that.  Every one of those people mentioned would do whatever it took to BEAT THE OPPONENT.  They were ruthless competitors.  Prince James. instead of beating them, chose to join them.  The coward's way out.  Jordean himself said that they could do whatever they wanted as free agents, but to be honest about himself, he was trying to BEAT the other guys (Magic, Isaiah, Malone, Barkley), every year.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 7:04 pm

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

Would Magic, Bird, Jordan, or even Kobe have ever said anything close to something like that?No but I bet at least one of them would've given it some, or even a lot of thought. Just sayin

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 11:26 am

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

     What some people don't get is that it isn't business with Cleveland fans, it is ALWAYS personal.  Personally, I can't stand Cleveland sports teams and root against all of them, but I do respect the loyalty and conviction of the Cleveland fans.  I don't think there is another city in America as wrapped up in the success of its teams as C-Town.  Cleveland has been waiting for a title, ANY title, for over 50 years now.  Things just keep happening to the teams, forces from without (Elway, Jordan) and from within (Byner, and now PRINCE James).  I mean, the Browns have organized game watches in bars in California, for God's sake.  The fan base is rabid and expansive, and they get more and more desperate every single year.  LeBron knows this.  He was from the Cleveland area, and understood the passion of the sports fans.  It isn't like any other city in the country.  He accepted it.  He promised that he would be the one to end the Cleveland championship drought.  Adding further insult to injury, he called the TV show "The Decision", which now goes on the list with The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, and The Bloop Single for Cleveland sports fans.  
     When he dropped the city of Cleveland on national television, and treated them to the equivalent of ending a loving marriage with kids by sending his spouse a text message, it was worse than a sucker punch to the gut.  Cleveland has been through it so many times before, and it never gets easier to accept.  What did anyone think the reaction would be?  If you think the reaction was too much, then you are not from the state of Ohio or even the Midwest.  Ask Steelers fans about the Browns fans and how intensely they follow their team.  This isn't LA, which has had 2 NFL teams and lost them both and couldn't care any less about it.  Cleveland lost the Browns and Art Modell couldn't show his face in Cleveland for years.  The NFL recognized the situation and took the team name away from Modell so the new team in C-Town would still be the Browns!  This is not just business with Cleveland sports fans.
     For all the people who say the Cavs never surrounded Prince James with enough talent, was that ever an excuse for anyone else?  An excuse you heard from those players?  Maybe the problem is Prince James himself.  When he held his "event", the things he said should have raised some eyebrows.  Things like how he's kind of relieved that he doesn't have to go out every night needing to score 30 points a game and pull down 10 rebounds to win, and how at the end of the game when the team needs a big basket that there will be other options besides him.  Would Magic, Bird, Jordan, or even Kobe have ever said anything close to something like that?  That shows who he truly is.  Some say he could have played it safe and stayed in Cleveland, but instead he took the hard choice and went to Miami.  I couldn't disagree more.  Going to Miami was the easy way out, and if you are a champion, you never take the easy way.  Prince James chose to gravytrain a championship by going to Miami, joining Dwyane Wade's team instead of staying in Cleveland.  IF the Heat win a championship, and I don't think they will because Boston was the best team in the East and got better by adding Jermain O'Neal, it will not be close to the experience of winning a championship in Cleveland.  Miami has an NBA title and Super Bowl titles and World Series titles.  Cleveland has been starving for years with none for generations.  LeBron, instead of stepping up, chose to step back and go to Miami.  A King steps up; a Prince sits on the sidelines and waits.  All hail Prince James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 2:33 pm

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

No one is hating Lebron, I just realize he has no pride as a baseketball player and will drink yankee formula to win. WEAAAAAAAAK!

I remember there was talk about Jordan going to the Lakers when things were not that great for the Bulls. Im fortunate from a fans stand point that I got to see the greatest teams ever assembled on the hardwood, and had the opportunity to watch pure cohesiveness on the court. The Bulls proved that to win ,  you did'nt need a lot of superstars just players that knew thier roles and played as a team. Dont get me wrong Pippen was a super star, after that it was role players.

Im just waiting for the stars to collide in Miami.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 4:18 pm

LeBron James: A Small Town Fraud

O.K. people this hating needs to stop. Lebron and Chris did what they wanted because they wanted to win championships. It wasn't about the max deals or the celebirty status. In my eyes Dan Gilbert did nothing to surround Lebron with the help he needed. Come on I am a big Shaq fan but he's near the end of his career. Had they made the deal for Amare instead Jameson things might be different but no they hesitated because they didn't want to give up J.J. Hickson. I want to ask everyone something else. Did Kobe ever win one by himself. No he didn't you bring in Gasol, you bring in Odom, and Artest. Jordan didn't even win until Pippen came onlong. Look at what happened to Barkley he tried to win one by himself and failed. Lebron knew that he would recieve no help in Cleveland had he resigned there and he would continued to be critcized for his failures. Now picture yourself in his shoes and ask yourself one question would you have done the same thing. What Dan Gilbert and Cavs seem to forget that it was nothing personal and just business.

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