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Week 3 Picks....

Posted on: September 27, 2009 12:40 pm
Full disclosure - I am 21-11  straight up so far for the season and 18-14 against the spread, so take that for what it worth.  Just like to post and evoke some discussion and happy to hear your thoughts.  Here are the games:

Titans @ Jets - Jets defense has been awsome this season and the offense has managed to be mistake free, thus copying the Ravens formula for success last year.  This one I think who goes to the Titans who are just desparte for a win and still have more talent than the Jets.  I pick the Titans straight up for the win and take the 2.5 in points as well.

Giants @ Buccaneers - Even with the Jints hurting a bit on the D-line and Kenny Phillips out for the year.  I take the Giants who still have a stout D line with a statue QB in Leftwich to tee off on.  They don't have a recorded TD this year either.  Reluctantly I'm giving the 6.5 to TB.  Kind of a big # for me.

Packers @ Rams - Rams = awful.  Steven Jackson is unbelievable, but one man is not a team.  Green Bay is obviously a better team and I take them straight up and give the 6.5.  I think Jennings who was blanked out last week or Driver who had a huge day is going to blow the secondary up as the Rams have one quality secondary guy in Atogwe.

Chiefs @ Eagles - Eagles will crush the Chiefs with or without McNabb.  Cassel will be without Bowe, and is still getting used to people in his face and throwing to WR who are not named Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  Eagles are all about the blitz and will dominate this game.  I take the Eagles straight up and give the 7.5.

Falcons @ Patriots - yes the Falcons are great, yes they are loaded with guys on the offensive side like Gonzalez, Roddy White, and Michael Turner, but...yes I said but, they have yet to see a motivated Patriot team that has been thrown to the side by critics and bandwagon followers.  They still have to face a veteran defense, Belichick, and a potent offense.  Brady, Moss, and Welker will come alive and crush their critics this week.  They are not facing a Rex Ryan Defense and I'm sure they are tired of hearing how bad they are.  I give the 4 points to the falcons and take the Patriots.

49ers @ Vikings - San Francisco has looked very solid this season but they have not seen a defense like the Vikings.  Not to mention playing at the Vikings is a tough task for any team let alone a young one.  Also, there is a guy named Peterson that will break one or two free by the end of the day.  Look for the Vikings to get the win, but I will take the 7 points and take the 49's on the spread.

Jaguars @ Texans - Houston at home will step up the Defense against a pathetic Jag offense and the Houston offense came alive last week.  The return of Walter will only add to the weapons of Owen Daniels and probably the best WR in football.... a little guy by the name of Johnson.  The passing game will help Slaton get on track.  Houston wins big and covers the 4.

Redskins @ Lions - Redskins are awful, Lions have had some heartbreaks.  Who really wants to watch this game let alone write about it.  I will take the Lions to break their winless record and I will take the 6.5 points that come with it.

Browns @ Ravens - Ravens all the way.  Has Cleveland announced their QB yet? lol. Does it matter?  The Ravens will crush Quinn this week and Falco will continue his flawless play.  The Ravens may be one of the best 3 teams in the NFL right now and have little weaknesses.  I'm giving the 13.5.  Crazy number, but I think they will cover.

Bears @ Seahawks - Hasselbeck's ribs are hurting, Julius Jones has looked like...well, Julius Jones.  While I have been drinking the Seattle kool-aide I'm taking the Bears who appear to be getting better and confident with Cutler.  I also give the 2 points.

Saints @ Bills - Surprise, surprise...I'm taking the Bills and the 6 points.  Yes the Saints have the best offense in the NFL, but clearly not the best defense.  Buffalo is a terrible place to play and the Bills have looked very good.  Their offense will exploit the week pass coverage of N.O. and the Saints will be one dimensional on offense without a running game due to injuries, making them easier to deal with.  I think this is an upset in the making and I'm calling it.

Dolphins @ Chargers - The Chargers have looked very pedestrian for a team that some thought would be going to the Superbowl.  After watching everyone run all over San Diego, I don't think that will stop this week and the disappointment of Miami crushing the Colts yet still losing has left them a little angry.  I'm taking Miami because they will control the ball and the clock. To me its a pick'em but I will take the 6 points.

Broncos @ Raiders - JaMarcus Russell is awful.  Period.  A completion rate around 30 percent.  Despite this Oakland has a very nice offensive line and will run all over a  Broncos defense that has been playing well, but hasn't seen any real quality teams.   Raiders will make win with a solid defense themselves with outstanding coverage forcing the also terrible Orton to make mistakes. I give the 1.5 points to Denver and take the Raiders for the win.

Steelers @ Bengals - The Bengals offense is coming around and the loss of Polamalu for the Steelers is huge.  Chris Henry is a stud who will continue to blossom.  I'm calling the upset here as the Bengals just want it more and will take out the better team who is injury plagued and reeling right now.  Getting 4 points too helps.

Colts @ Cardinals - Colts are lucky to get than win last week as they were man handled by Miami.  working with less rest and the defense still tired from staying on the field for 45 minutes does not bode well for them considering they are facing one of the most potent offenses in the NFL.  Now those tired backs have to cover the best WR corps and a running game back in full swing.  Cardinals full of confidence again will beat the Colts easier than people think.  I also give the 2 points.

Panthers @ Cowboys - Cowboys will handle the Panthers easy on this one.  I don't like the way the Panthers have looked. Even though Steve Smith could have a great day  I think the Cowboys are still mad at losing their home opener and are looking to exact some revenge.  I'm giving the 9 as well as Williams and Smith are not enough to keep them in it.
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Posted on: September 30, 2009 1:56 pm

Week 3 Picks....

I am so happy someone else took Chad Ochocino and Carson Palmer to win this game.  I took it straight up and people thought I was crazy, without Willie Parker and a younger Hines Ward they aren't going to be a dominate team.  Limas Sweed isn't doing anything and Santana Holmes needs to be a larger factor if Pittsburgh Steelers want to make it back to the playoffs.  I really enjoyed watching that final drive by Carson Palmer and the hard work by Cedric Benson.  I really hope the Bengals can keep up the good work, I am not a fan of Marvin Lewis but I think it is time for the "bungels" to shine.

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