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NFL Week 9 Picks

Posted on: November 6, 2009 5:32 pm
Jaguars vs. Chiefs
Larry Johnson will not be in pads for the Chiefs this weekend when they take on the Jags.  Not that it matters though, as the guy averages only 2.7 yards per carry when he’s not busy making gay remarks about his coach.  Not smart at all, and reminds me of T.O. talking about Jeff Garcia, “Like my boy tells me: 'If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.”  Jamaal Charles will get the carries this week and is averaging 5.0 yards per carry, so there is hope in Chief land as they take on a Jags team that rates among the league worst in defense.  The Jags are an up and down team and just got crushed last week 30-13 to the Titans who rushed for over 300 yards.  This game is a coin flip, as you never know which team will show.  The loss was so bad, Del Rio had these guys if full pads on Wednesday.  With that said, I think Jax bounces back this week after an embarrassing performance and takes it to the Chiefs covering the 6.5

Ravens vs. Bengals
Wow, I was surprised by the whooping the Ravens put on a very good Denver team.  They were all bully all the team.  This team as I have said is one of the best and balanced teams in the league.  This week they have a must win game at Cincy.  Usually this would be a no-brainer but the Bengals have already beaten the Ravens and have shown to have a balanced attack of their own.  The game was closer than the score if it weren’t for the D-stud in Reed.  With Cedric Benson as the leagues fourth best rusher, I think the Bengals will put up another good fight.  The Bengals are getting 3 at home and you have to love a home dog with a better record.

Colts vs. Texans
The Colts barely escaped last week with a win versus the ‘niners.  It appeared as though they were going through the motions and expected to win, only to be surprised of the dog fight they were in.  The Texans on the other hand have been getting better and better.  They are truly fun to watch.  Too bad they are going into Indy this week.  The Colts own anyone who comes in this place.  The Texans defense is no match for the great Peyton Manning.  Not to mention Steve Slaton was benched last week, after fumbling yet another ball (someone get this guy some stickum) and replaced with Moats.  To make matters worse, the Texans will be without their second biggest weapon in Owen Daniels, who will be out for the rest of the year after suffering a knee injury.  I give the 9 points and take the Colts.

Falcons vs. Redskins

Matt Ryan has been eating a ton of turf lately and has to be just sick with how this team has played in the past couple of weeks.  Playing against a motivated Dallas team coming off a bye week and at the Saints will put you in a really bad spot.  Let’s not forget how good this team is though.  They did hang in there versus the Saints and this team is capable of beating anyone.  They will have a chance to remedy their woes against the hapless Redskins who can’t get out of their own way.  Washington with nothing to play for, and who can’t wait until the season ends ventures to Atlanta this week.  I expect the Falcons to exact some revenge and just dominate this game.  They will easily cover the 10.

Packers vs. Buccaneers
Aaron Rodgers will be more than happy to see the Bucs pass rush after being hammered by the Vikes last week.  The poor Bucs have little going for them other than the fact they will be playing at home this week and won’t have to travel to another country for a butt kicking.  The passer rating versus the Bucs is over 100 and Rodgers will be more than happy to keep the trend up with two fantastic receivers that will continue to expose a porous pass defense.  The Bucs are starting a rookie QB in Josh Freeman.  With that said they should continue the trend of allowing more than 5 double digit losses for the season.  I take GB and give the 9.5.

Bears vs. Cardinals
Both teams are 4-3 and look every bit as such.  I can understand Chicago being 4-3.  They have taken care of lesser teams and have played valiantly versus some good teams, but the reality is they are just not that good.  A nice team yes, but a contender, absolutely not.  Arizona on the other hand is just inconsistent and drives me nuts.  They look like world beaters one week, then lose to the lowly Panthers at home.  Warner threw 5 picks and even managed to throw in a fumble for good measure, just to make sure his team had no chance of winning.  They visit the Bears this week and are getting 3 points.  I’m going to take the more talented team here getting 3 points, as I just don’t see Chicago beating a better Arizona team despite their inconsistencies.

Patriots vs. Dolphins
The Patriots are shaping up to be the class of the AFC again and Brady is once again shaping up to be that top tier QB we all love to hate.  The pretty boy, with a cannon for an arm who has super models at his beckoning call, gives us all the more reason to despise him.  This team is coming off a bye and is taking on a really tough Dolphin team that I have really come to respect this season.  I was surprised with their win against the Jets as I thought the Jets would have a better showing against them.  They have proven they are the better team, and despite that hurtful collapse against the Saints they have been rolling.  This is going to be a good game this week.  The Pats are giving 10.5!!!  Yes, they are a juggernaut, and yes they beat the hell out of people, but 10.5?  For a divisional rivalry, against a team that has proven they can match up against a high powered offense?  I’m taking the 10.5 and the Fins.

Saints vs. Panthers
The Panthers absolutely shocked me last week with that victory over the Cardinals.  I don’t think this team has turned it around.  Chalk that up to Warner just having a terrible day at the office.  The Saints are an elite team with Drew Brees at the helm with the likes of Marques Colston, and the reemergence of Jeremy ShockeyReggie Bush seems like an after thought in this offense, which speaks to how good they are.  The Panthers have some talent of their own, but with Jake Delhomme struggling this season, I think the Saints are going to have a field day when the Panthers get behind and have to start flinging the ball.  This does not bode well for the Panthers who are in for a long day.  I give the 13 points and take the Saints.

Seahawks vs. Lions
Wow, the NFL has be so proud of some of their matchups.  Who wants to sign up to see the 1-6 Lions take on the 2-5 Seahawks?  They must be giving tickets away to see this thing.  Seattle was trounced last week at Dallas and the Lions lost to the Rams.  That’s all you really need to know here.  As Bill Parcells says, “you are what your record says you are”, and these two teams are bad.  If the Seahawks are spotting you 10 points then you know things have gone from bad to worse.  Poor Stafford can’t seem to complete a pass without Megatron (Calvin Johnson), great nickname by the way.  I take Seattle and give the 10 points.  If you lose to the Rams and only put up one touch down and your best player is out, then I have to believe your in for a tough week.

49ers vs. Titans
The 49ers have lost four in a row and are beaten up.  Nate Clements is now out with a broken right shoulder blade and their tackle Joe Staley will also be out this week.  Alex Smith has looked better, but doesn’t seem to have much help beyond Frank Gore.  The WR’s still need some time to develop.  With that said, they will be happy to see the 1-6 Titans come to town to heal their losing ways.  The problem is the Titans are sporting the freshly minted Vince Young who appears to have over come his psychological issues enough to show some promise.  Can you believe this guy is 19-11 in his career?  Say what you want, as ugly as he plays, this guy is a winner.  Add to this that Chris Johnson looked like a stud RB again, makes this team very dangerous.  Despite having won only 1 game this season, this team has talent and doesn’t have anything to lose.  They bring in a rare swagger for a 1-6 team and are getting 4.5 points.  I have to take it and roll with that Young/Johnson train combo.

Giants vs. Chargers
My beloved Giants have looked just terrible.  They have given up more points than defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan can count.  Yes, the Giants have lost some key guys in the secondary, but every team has injury problems.  This guy is no Steve Spagnoulo and is just terrible at calling a game.  With no ability to stop the passing game I find it hard to believe that they will be able to stop the great passing game of Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, Gates, etc.  Tom Coughlin can make all the speeches he wants, and the Giants can vow to all the things they should be doing, but in the end until it happens, there is no reason to think they are going to stop a good passing team.  They are giving 4.5 this week and much of that has to do with what they are capable of, not how they are playing.  I’m taking the Chargers +4.5 and hope I’m wrong.

Eagles vs. Cowboys
Two teams playing at very high levels right now.  The Eagles are fresh off their win over the tumbling Giants, and the Cowboys dishing out a beat down of their own over the Seahawks. The Eagles bring back Brian Westbrook this week and the offense looks very healthy.  The Cowboys are playing very well with Miles Austin taking over as the number one WR, despite what Roy Williams says.  I just don’t like Tony Romo against teams that provide a good deal of pressure and the Eagles are going to bring it all day.  They are one of the league leaders in sacks and will be playing at home.  Dallas has been very comfortable at home, but on the road I expect them to struggle.  There has been a ton of chatter between both teams leading up to this game, but the only one who can really back it up is the Eagles and I expect them to do just that.  I give the 3 points.

Steelers vs. Broncos
The Steelers will be coming into town fresh off a bye week.  The Broncos are home licking their wounds after a whipping at the hands of the Ravens.  The Steelers are tough and disciplined, but should have lost that game versus the Vikings.  This is a much better match up than most would expect at the beginning of the season.  I think the Broncos at home are the pick here despite some of the pundits.  The Steelers haven’t won in Denver in almost 20 years.  Pittsburgh’s defensive line is put together with duct tape right now and I think they have some serious problems in this match up.  Kyle Orton is no Joe Montana, but he will pick you apart with Eddie Royal.  Not to mention they have no one to stop Brandon Marshall (does anyone?).  So with no pass rush and a good running game provided by Knowshon Moreno, I think Pitt’s defense is going to be on the field a long time in that thin air.  Big Ben is awesome and his receiving corps are as well, and with a big o-line they will be able to move the ball running with Mendenhall.  What makes the difference is Denver’s motivation, and the home field advantage.  Denver is a home dog this week getting 3 points and I have to take it.

Hate to Read? Here you go:
  • Jaguars -6.5
  • Cincy +3
  • Colts -9
  • Falcons -10
  • Packers -9.5
  • Cardinals +3
  • Dolphins +10.5
  • Saints -13
  • Seahawks -10
  • Titans +4.5
  • Chargers +4.5
  • Eagles -3
  • Broncos -3

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NFL Week 9 Picks

I'm excited for the NFL game event. Cool This kind of event is good for my service.

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NFL Week 9 Picks

With the Chiefs vs Jags match up: J Charles will do much better than L Johnson will do in the running game and J Charles is a much better receiver too! L Johnson did the Chiefs a favor by getting himself suspended! But, I think your missing the real change in KC Chiefs! That is the WR C Chambers coming from the SD Chargers to the lineup of the Chiefs. Making D Bowe and C Chambers a tag team like NE Patroits has with R Moss and W Welker. This will make KC Chiefs passing game much better too. So if the Chiefs cannot win now then KC Chiefs need a new QB!


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