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NFL Week 10 Picks

Posted on: November 12, 2009 5:31 pm
49ers vs. Chicago
Will Chicago be fired up due to Vernon Davis’ recent comments?  Sure.  Will it matter? No.  Chicago has done a nice job this season versus lesser opponents, but against quality teams they have not measured up.  A 20 point loss last week to Arizona is a recent example of this.  The defense is smoke and mirrors and any team with an offensive coordinator worth a salt is exposing them.   San Fran has not looked that much better recently and losing to the Titans on their last go around is not exactly a vote of confidence, but to their credit the Titans have been playing much better and it seemed to be a case of bad timing.  A four game losing streak to mostly really good teams has the 49ers desperate for a win. S.F. is giving 3 points playing at home versus a lesser opponent on a short week.  I’m taking the 49ers.

Jets vs. Jaguars
Coming off a bye week the Jets are taking on the up and down Jags.  The Jags are wildly inconsistent and quite frankly, I don’t know what to make of them.  They have busted me a few times with the spread this season.  Mike Sims-Walker is clearly falling into a dominant #1 receiver in the NFL, MJD has been very quiet this season, and David Gerrard looks great one week then falls flat the other.  What I do know about them is that their last two games consisted of a bad loss to the Titans and squeaking by the Chiefs.  I’m taking the Mark Sanchez freight train this week as he continues to improve and a bye week can only help him more.  Give Rex Ryan another week to prep defensively for an uncomplicated offense and the Jets will dominate this game.  Jets cover the 7 IMO.

Broncos vs. Redskins
The Broncos have been reeling lately with two straight losses.  Their only losses however are to two very top notch teams in Baltimore and Pitt.  Both defenses were able to stop the short passing game by the Broncos that is the heart of t the offense.  Look, Denver is not a superbowl contender, but they are much better than people thought they would be and are a very capable and complete team.  Even if Kyle Orton is their quarterback (there I go again, off the Orton bandwagon).  The sweet ‘stache will be at it again this week and in full force against the hapless Redskins.  Who are led by their defiant coach in Jim Zorn (he’s still the coach, right?).  Either way, that team can’t play their way out of a paper bag and they are a dumpster fire right now.  The Broncos only giving 3.5 is a joke and the Denver defense will crush what’s left of poor Portis and Jason Campbell.

Steelers vs. Bengals
If there is one bandwagon I’m happy I got on early it’s the Bengals.  I said they would beat the Ravens twice and they have.  They are a complete team and are still under the radar for the most part.  I am surprised of how well their defense has been playing.  This week will be very tough as Chris Henry has been lost for the season and that puts a huge dent into the vertical passing game.  The Steeler engine is running on full cylinders and Troy Polamalu is the NFL’s best defensive player.  This will be one of the few good NFL matchups this week and Cincy will be eager to measure themselves up against the reigning champ.  My head says take the Steelers but my gut tells me that Cincy has the capability to keep it closer than a touchdown.  I’m taking the Bengals as both teams are coming in off a big win and will be eager to prove their dominance.  At the end of the day the Pitt d-line is a little more banged up and Cedric Benson is just a stud.

Titans vs. Bills

The Vince Young lead Titans have a little more pep in their step and have won two in a row.  The fact that they are 6.5 favorites versus the Bills would have been unimaginable a few weeks ago, but the truth is these two teams are headed in different directions.  The Bills season is slipping away and T.O. is unlikely to play this week.  Would you believe he has only one offensive touchdown this entire season?  That’s what happens when you continuously open your trap and end up with a lesser quarterback year after year (McNabb, Romo, Edwards/Fitzpatrick?)  you get the point.  The Bills offense is a sputtering mess and the Titans defense has stepped it up especially after solidifying their secondary with the return of some key players.  The Bills will have no where to go this week with the ball and if your looking at the line assuming this is the old Titan team and 6.5 is too much, then you are kidding yourself.  Titans cover and crush the Bills to win 3 in a row.

Vikings vs. Detroit
Do we really have to watch this?  Thank goodness for the Red Zone.  I like the Lions, I really do and would like them to become a quality franchise.  This week however, is not the time they will get a chance to do so.  The Vikings are hitting stride and returned strong after their bye week.  They have already crushed Detroit with a healthy Calvin Johnson a.k.a. Megatron.  Not sure if he will be available this week or if it would even matter.  Vegas must hate this game and wants to put up a line big enough to discourage betting.  Jared Allen will be all over Matthew Stafford and the Viking offense is sure to run all over Detroit.  Don’t think so?  Name one Detroit defensive player.  That’s what I thought.  Now name the running back of the Vikings.  Can you say All Day?  Crazy, I know, but I’m giving 16.5 and taking the Vikes.

Saints vs. Rams
Ugh…another snoozer.  The NFL should put some collegiate teams in place of some of these terrible NFL teams.  I think they would provide a better matchup.  Vikes & Detroit, now Saints & Rams.  The Rams beat Detroit last week.  Who cares beyond the players and their family members?  No one.   Steve Spagnoulo should quit and immediately book a flight back to NY to help raise another banner in Giant land.  This team has nothing going for it besides Steven Jackson who continues to just impress me.  As for the Saints, you just can’t say enough.  They are clearly the crème de la crème.  They have so many guys on offense they could beat the Rams with their second string. 13.5 points is not enough to discourage me.  The Saints are not the Lions and the Ram offense will not look as polished.  Vegas hates yet another one and cannot find a line big enough to discourage bettors.

Falcons vs. Panthers

How the Panthers beat Arizona a couple of weeks ago is still amazing to me.  The Panther boat is taking on water fast and the banjo music is getting louder.  Good for them to make it a game versus the Saints last week.  The Saints were sleep walking through most of the game until they realized they were losing and snapped out of it to dominate the rest of the game.  DeAngelo Williams has a bum knee and may not play this weekend, LB Thomas Davis tore his ACL and is done for the season, and Dante Rosario is still up in the air for the Falcon matchup.  The injury list is huge for the Panthers and they are taking on an Atlanta team that does not take lesser opponents likely.  Just ask Washington, who was annihilated by the Falcons 31-17 last week.  After two losses to good teams in Dallas and New Orleans, the Matt Ryan lead Falcons will take care of a battered Carolina team and cover the tiny 1.5 spread. 

Dolphins vs. Buccaneers
Good for the Bucs to get their first win in last week.  They played strong down the stretch and pulled it off.  This week they get a chance to test themselves versus the Wilcat led Fins.  They saw a vanilla version of it during preseason, but now they get the whole enchilada.  The Dolphins are 3-5 which is hard for me to believe given how good this football team is, but their losses include the Patriots, Saints, Colts, and Falcons.  This is a good team, make no mistake about it.  They are in desperation mode right now and need to win games if they hope to make the playoffs.  The Bucs will be victimized this week as Miami will be angry from a loss to the Pats.  They will have little to no success stopping the Wildcat and Miami will not crumble like the miserable Packers.  The Fins cover the 10.

Raiders vs. Chiefs
If this were the last NFL game to ever be played, I may still not watch it.  This is the worst thing to happen to NFL fans since the wave.  I would rather watch that women’s soccer player kick the snot out of the opposing team.  When I say kick the snot out of, I mean it literally.  Raider fan save it.  I have spent too much time talking about how you have the worst quarterback in the NFL.  Seriously, JaMarcus Russell has worse numbers than some backups.  If you are backing up this kid that should tell you that it is time to look for work elsewhere beyond playing in the NFL.  As for the Chiefs, buh bye Larry.  Thanks for cashing in on your contract.  Your lack of effort has you watching football on Sundays like me now.  I cannot in good conscience pick the Raiders at any point to win.  Yes they beat the Chiefs earlier this season and maybe that is why they are favored this week but this is not the same Chief team and the Chiefs cover the 2 points and win this game.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Kurt Warner has been a touchdown passing machine the past few weeks and there is no reason to believe he will stop versus the Seahawks.  The Seahawks lost just three weeks ago to the Cardinals 27-3 and I have to believe they are in store for more of a beating.  The biggest reason for the Cardinals turnaround is the defense, which has looked like the D that got them to the superbowl last season. This week they get to play at home and I expect them to crush the battered offensive line of the Seahawks.  The Cards give 8.5 and I think they cover and don’t even look back.

Chargers vs. Eagles
This is a very intriguing matchup.  The Chargers have been playing remarkably better, and the Eagles have been struggling.  Both have recent wins over the Giants and this may be a good barometer on how to measure these two teams.  The Eagles are more capable of handling the rush and have proven to be a very dynamic offense when they get going.  The Chargers have won three in a row, but I’m not impressed.  They beat the Chiefs, Raiders, and Giants.  If you look at the Giants game they were pretty much dominated the whole game and had 130+ of total offense until that last drive.  And that was from a pretty bad Giants defense.  The Eagles are coming off a loss to Dallas and will not be as kind as to let them march down the field so easily to win the game.  I just don’t see this game as close as some would have it.  I think the Eagles are still a much more complete team and the Chargers defense will do nothing to intimidate an Eagles team that is accustomed to playing against the best defensive teams in the league.  Philly is getting points and I have to take it.  Philly +2

Cowboys vs. Packers

I have a love hate relationship with the Packers.  I love their rich history, I love what they mean to the NFL, I love their fans and the fact that they are the only publicly owned franchise.  Now that I have said that I can say that I hate this team.  In the great words of Bill Parcells, “You are what your record says you are.”  I’m tired of people trying to make this an elite team.  They are not.  They only have wins versus the Bears, Rams, Lions,  and Browns.  They have not proven they can beat any elite team, even if by accident.  Last week they lose to Tampa Bay.  If there is a faster sinking ship in the NFL I cannot think of one.  They have burned me in the spread all season and I will not be picking them again to cover in the foreseeable future.  Dallas on the other hand has sprung to life on the heels of a good defense and the emergence of Miles Austin.  They travel to Green Bay to take on an angry Packer team, but that doesn’t matter.  Dallas is the much better team and if this game were being played anywhere else the line would be much greater than 3.

Patriots vs. Colts
The two best quarterbacks in the NFL will go head to head yet again in this intense rivalry.  The Colts are undefeated due in large part to the unflappable Peyton Manning.  This guy is clearly the best and has to wish he had the weapons that Tom Brady has.  Both teams are great, both teams are playing at a very high level, both teams have tremendous talent, both teams hate one another, but only one team has a huge gaping hole in its defense.  That gaping hole is Bob Sanders. While the General on the offensive side of the ball may be Manning, the Colts defense goes by the way of Sanders and he is done for the season.  They will struggle with a Pats team that features several offensive weapons.   I take the Pats+3.

Ravens vs. Browns
Monday night snooze.  It’s a good thing too, because we will all be refreshed for work on Tuesday.  If you’re a Raven fan, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you didn’t watch and if you’re a Browns fan, then you just shouldn’t watch.  Go to sleep, watch a movie, do something useful with your life.  Time is precious.  What can I say here, the Browns are changing quarterbacks yet again.  Surprised? Manginius is awful.  The Browns are awful.  Baltimore on the other hand is very good.  The Ravens will beat on the Browns and just because it is Monday night and they may have a fan or two watching they will beat them by more than the 10.5 points to cover the spread.

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NFL Week 10 Picks

I know this is a little off topic but did anyone see that highlight music video after the jets vs jaguars game on cbs? there was a song and i need to at least know what they were saying to be able to find it. Please Help me

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NFL Week 10 Picks

You went 9-6 not bad. Of course you woulda went 10-5 if Kyle Orton hadn't gotten hurt Simms was just horrible. I also didn't know Dallas's line was so terrible almost cost me my fantasy game not giving Romo the time he needs.

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NFL Week 10 Picks

JMoney - It's easy to play Monday morning quarterback and point out the flaws in my picks, but at least I have the guts to come out here and post my predictions.  I try and give folks a forum  to discuss and post if folks think I'm wrong or if they like what I have to say. Funny, I don't see your predictions anywhere.  It's easy to poke at when your sitting on the sidelines.

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NFL Week 10 Picks

All I can say is, good thing you weren't in Vegas...

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NFL Week 10 Picks

Seahawks o-line is battered? How so? 

The hawks ine is in the best its been in all year and the best it will get.

3 weeks ago the cards jumped out to a 17 point lead(in part due to an onside/squib kick in the first quarter, shows allot pf confudence in your team when you do that in the first quarter HUH?). If that happens again then yes the hawks will lose by that 9+ points, if not this game will be very close.

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