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College Football Top 25 - Week 7

Posted on: October 24, 2009 3:02 am

Got about halfway through, then forgot to finish the comments.  Then I forgot to post it altogether.  It is late this week, but here it is before the bulk of the schedule.

This week's rankings are tainted by quite a few bad calls by the refs.  In several cases, teams lost the game directly due to questionable at best calls by the officials.

1. Alabama (0) - Solid win at South Carolina and they keep the top spot.

2. Boise State (+3) - While they weren't necessarily that impressive against Tulsa, they at least had the excuse they were on the road.

3. Texas (+1) - Good neutral win against Oklahoma, but the offense did not look good at all.

4. Florida (-2) - Thoroughly unimpressive win against Arkansas.  They weren't beaten until the refs interfered at the end of the game, with two inexplicable penalties that completely turned the tide.

5. Cincinnati (+2)

6. Miami

7. Georgia Tech

8. TCU

9. Oklahoma State

10. BYU

11. Iowa

12. Virginia Tech

13. LSU

14. USC

15. Oregon

16. Kansas

17. Oklahoma

18. Penn State

19. Houston

20. Utah

21. West Virginia

22. Pittsburgh

23. Central Michigan

24. Ohio State

25. Nebraska

Next 5 (in no particular order):
Boston College
Texas Tech
South Carolina

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