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QBs man up

Posted on: October 5, 2009 4:51 pm

What is wrong with our defenses not being able to hit the QBs?  Tom Brady, MAN UP,  you barely get touched on your knee and you are crying for a flag.  I mean come on.  I thought that the QBs wear pads just as well as every other player does.  Before you know it you wont even be able to touch them.  I think our rules have gone the wrong way when it comes to QBs.  I know they get paid alot of money and the owners want to protect their investment, but come on. Not being able to graze the knee of a QB when you were pushed into him.  The refs are under alot of pressure protecting them too.  If they dont then they get bad reports.  What happened to the flag on Garrard this week when he was pile drived into the ground by a 300+ pound lineman.  Where was the flag there.  Or the Houston QB who got his face pushed down almost into the ground, Wheres that flag?  Tom Brady barely gets touched and its a 15yd penalty.  Come on QBs wear pads too let the defense play and tell the QBs to MAN UP and play football.  How did the QBs from the 60's and 70's make it?  They were some of the toughest guys on the field.  How come they cant be now? Looking forward to hearing everyones opinion.  Should they MAN UP or should the defense not be able to touch them?

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