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A Tribute to Famous Screen Names here (CBS MLB)

Posted on: October 31, 2009 5:56 pm

[ This bit of doggerel was prompted by the online banter around the World Series between heated fans with screen names offering double entendre possibilities.  Folks were bored between games 2 and 3.  I'll update the entry with worthy replies. ]

Dept. of Boredom prevention:   Let the games begin!   While we wait for the endless intros to WS game 3, here's a game everyone can play.  Read on and help celebrate (and/or spoof) your favorite friends (and/or rivals) around the board.

** A Tribute to Famous Screen Names here **

To readers scanning threads for fun, considering this item
So many topics promise lots and then have zip inside 'em.
Instead you'll find a different kind of time-consuming humor:
A tribute to a chosen few made infamous by rumor.

Who lives behind the avatars, odd icons most confusing?
A sudden joke from just plain folk surprisingly amusing
<-- That nickname sitting on the left hides talent overflowing
in every thread you'll find a shred of wit inside worth knowing.

Like fellow posters here, I trust the golden Rule of thumb,
It's Taylor-made for WalkOffWins unless you're really dumb:
I won't throw Rock s or gore the Ox , just CrazyFolks would try it,
SomeJerk attacks a Pure Steel Axe , it's bound to start a riot

500 Million Warriors is not the Casey way,
unless you're downright Nasty or a WiseGuyInGA .
I think I'd Sooner Magic than believe in Dr. Phil ,
Bigheart ed posts bring Pay Dirt when you Stash the overkill.

It's certainly FlawedLogic to take on the RSNation ,
from Tribe to RSGalaxy it's quite a population.
Intangible TenAC ity, a NYFan might say,
but then he'd end up buried underneath the YawkeeWay .

Avoid a BigD isaster when Uno your post's IRON ic,
'cause even JobasMom would miss a byzantine mnemonic.
And though you say with wry aware it's acci-dental floss
It's juStatGuy and who knows why (he must be on the sauce).

My nature's not to brag or boast of assets here, it's true
great nicks aren't made by Hype I trust, but rather what they do
Let Halos grow from little deeds extended through your posting,
and heroes crowned by other's thanks, not SCPB roasting.

But since you've asked my bona fides (this thread among the oddest),
I've rhymed a few misshapen lines despite the risk immodest.
So please excuse my word-play ruse in iambic septo-meter
to show there's more enjoyment here than diatribes on Jeter!

(copyright 2009, all rights deserved. Contents may settle during shipping. Some assembly required. Batteries not included.)

Forgive omissions, too many great folks to include but you can IMMORTALIZE your Favorite Screen Names in an easy format. Post your favorites in an unlikely (bash-free) one-liner... like:

Filene's promise:  Your socks just sit in the drawer, but RsoxRule .
Former Governor Eliot Spitzer did the NYNasty .
Ok, THIS time I be beer drinker, U B Brewer .
Does the carnival give Groucho Marx a free MoustacheRide ?
My daughter loved art class - she drew and drew Andrew .
At birth, my baby's feet were a little yellow, but now he is PinkToad .
The recipe says saute lightly, so don't let Steve Brown .
The famous Hollywood sign ends with a very BigD .
To spell "oughnut" correctly, you have to put a Deion .
A caterpillar becomes a butterfly, but the Maltese falcon is a BlackBird4Life .
Leif and his brother Bret don't look anything alike, but they're actually TwinVikings .
SachelPaige -age-187 never met bobby-age-10 .
The minus end of my magnet can't face Positive Hype .
His friends at Yellowstone park call Old Faithful by his real name: Joe Khyser
  -  (ok... sound it out a few times and you'll get it)
Although I've found the A through G files, I don't C H, John .
Major recalls of tainted beef require an Oxecutive order.
[ insert yours... ]

Just pick a ripe screen name, play with a new angle on how it sounds (or is spelled) and try it in a sentence. 
For fun, not flaming!


Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: November 15, 2009 9:48 pm

A Tribute to Famous Screen Names here (CBS MLB)

I still think is awesome stuff..
JC (sigh)  I need to hit preview before post  lol

I still think that this is awesome stuff.

Since: Nov 12, 2006
Posted on: November 15, 2009 9:47 pm

A Tribute to Famous Screen Names here (CBS MLB)


I still think is awesome stuff..

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