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The NewAge Vampires of Gloating

Posted on: May 29, 2010 8:29 pm
[ This idea occurred to me from a thread (by Under Your Skin, a long-timer) titled 'Remember when...".  I noticed that many replies weren't about fond memories but rather digs at rivals about when they were better or didn't fail (but haha, now they do).  Black humor? Maybe.  A trend?  Certainly.  And therefore worth a comment. ]


Remember when...

Posters enjoyed talking about the talent on their teams  and the good wins and the clutch hits, instead of revelling in the losses of *other* teams , goading opponents about their failures, and wallowing in the disappointment of others - shadenfreude .  Sucking up the real feelings of others (even sadness) to compensate for an emptiness they themselves can't deal with and must deny.   Living off the 2nd hand misery as if it were life-giving, instead of dead.  The newage vampires of gloating - unbecoming and so very temporary, unsustaining and empty.

I miss the cheering a great catch, hit or performance by an opponent - by *baseball fans*, very unlike the vampires of gloating.  Remember when fans felt great when the team beat a tough rival and that feeling of accomplishment, pride and achievement came from knowing the rival was very good... instead of the classless trend of spouting that your rival s*cks?  So if that's true, you're beating a worthless bag of bums - again, empty gloating vampires .

I doubt that Mickey Mantle thought Ted Williams s*cked.. much less ever took any joy in his hitless days.  Much less ever teased a rival on his failure.

Don't misunderstand - as a Yanks fan, I root for my team and feel great when they beat, say.. the RedSox.  But jumping on a Sox tread to "neener-neener.. you blow"  after a loss isn't the same.  It's ugly.  And I don't believe respect here is earned by gleeful threads on others misery.  Is self-esteem so fragile that the only way a poster can feel "better" is by demeaning another?  Again, don't misunderstand - I get "trash talk"... smack down, bravado, even put downs.  Yup, when called out, I'll defend and even dissect a poster spouting off.  But slapping a knucklehead is way, way different than jumping on the disappointed fans leaving a game thread, heads down and feeling low (we all have been there) and taunting, gloating or provoking a rival.  Most good people grew out of that after they developed a conscience and any sense of empathy.  Or not, as the case may be.

You don't have to look far for examples of the newage vampires (and by the way, more a guy thing, much less among women... capacity to feel empathy and better self-esteem?)   Read the thread titles and initial replies.  I'm curious about what others think on this - post examples, reaction or whatever.    I strongly believe it's at the heart of enjoying this board - both ways, strangely enough.  Our bipolar love-hate reason to be here?


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Posted on: June 1, 2010 11:42 pm

The NewAge Vampires of Gloating

Must have struck a chord when the vampires are talking the language.


[ NewAge Vampire Alert:  classic example ]

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Posted on: June 1, 2010 11:35 pm

The NewAge Vampires of Gloating

< Reply to santa-blade >

So, you admit to being controlled. Trolls win again. Idiot.

Hmmm. No, santa.  That's not what gdnp actually said.  Re-read and concentrate:

What he said was (bold italics mine)....  "...the board is, to a large extent, controlled by those whose defining trait is their hate..."  Not that he was being controlled. 

...which I took to mean thread creation #s, provocative titles, post volume (not substance), and backlash vehemence.  So that a cursory review of titles gives a user a sense of the views of the vituperative few, not most members (vs. an in-depth reading of the underlying individual posts).  And that creates a misleading idea of who else is here, beyond the vitriol.

Controlled?   Consider - This sentence is the thought you are now thinking.    And you replied to this thread...  which, despite the fact that it opens like a two-pronged pitchfork - or rather, because of it - resembles a double-edged sword.  Who's the eager poster rising to who's bait?   Just a thought.  Or a sentence? 

This sentence may scroll past and fade from your buffer.. but its *soul* is planted in your mind, growing even now.

[ Fans of self-reference will recognize the form of these last few sentences as "self-aware", infectious and special.  e.g.: "This sentence was in the past tense."  See Douglas Hofstadter, "Gödel, Escher, Bach", and his former column in Scientific American.  Many hilarious examples of self-reference are on the web, I find them oddly appropriate because of the "who's using who" nature of the bipolar love-hate going on here each day. ]

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Posted on: June 1, 2010 11:32 pm
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The NewAge Vampires of Gloating

Valid blog Statguy.  As an old dude, I find it interesting to observe the rants, slurs, and even stalking of folks on the boards.  It's as if the thoughts are posted from one's inner child, with nary a worry that Mom will see.........

Sometimes, the restraint of pen and tongue is appropriate.   I will paraphrase as usual, but, as Ben Franklin feels...." Tis better to be thought of as a fool than to speak and confirm the same...."

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Posted on: May 30, 2010 12:32 pm
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The NewAge Vampires of Gloating

< Reply to JVNootz >

JV;  Props for the honesty.  I take your several points: Just message board, about just a game, styles hardened over time, and especially the escalation aspect  to ..err..  extreme posts.  No question on passion .  I don't think the majority automatically head downhill, rather that they react to what they see.  There are a few folks (sharks) who lay chum.. and then feast on the replies that rise to the bait.  As though the fun here (for them) is provocation.  The more heated the struggle, the lower the blows.

That's part of my curiosity: 
  One side of the bipolar base likes the action, apart from the sports/team/player/winning/whatever

.  Just the smash . 
  The other half primarily likes, I think, the company, humor, comradery, variety, new perspectives, etc.

I'd like to learn more.

< from NYNasty >

I think you've got the wrong board.
Shadenfreude is the gas for the engine of this puppy.


Nasty:  Succinct as always, core of the issue.  As to wrong board, I never expected it to go away ... ( last line was -> "I strongly believe it's at the heart of enjoying this board - both ways, strangely enough.  Our bipolar love-hate reason to be here? " )   And I don't expect it to change much.

the gas  <- Word

But how fans react might change, by seeing it cleary and not rising to the bait.  Starve the newage vampire sharks ?

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